Support Human Rights Organizations

10 Human Rights Nonprofits To Support Today

Learn how you can support these human rights organizations to help spread awareness, enact policy changes, report human rights violations, and offer direct assistance to the vulnerable.

Autism Charities to Support Today

Best Autism Charities to Support Right Now

Help support one or all of these top Autism Charities who are making a difference by building a more inclusive society and advocating for autistic individuals and their families.

Breast Cancer Charities Making a Difference

12 Breast Cancer Charities to Support Today

Below are some breast cancer charities and nonprofits that support Breast Cancer awareness and treatment. Learn more about how they are crushing breast cancer and how you can help too.

Childhood Cancer Charities to Donate to Today

7 Childhood Cancer Charities to Donate to Today

These childhood cancer charities are working around the clock to bring courage to the frightened, resources to the stretched-too-thin, joy to the tired, and fun to the weary. See how you can help too!

Homeless Organizations You Can Support Today

13 Homeless Charities You Can Support Today

There are nonprofits at work that are helping to both prevent homelessness, and help people escape it. Check out these 13 homeless charities who need your donations and support today.

Animal Charities to Donate to Today

Best Animal Charities to Donate to Today

These animal rights organizations continue to fight the good fight for those who deserve more of our attention. Please use the list below to help find animal charities that need your help now.

Best Literacy Nonprofits to Support

Reading and writing are essential to self-expression, creativity, and reaching your life goals. However, across the U.S., many people are illiterate or lack

Nonprofits Fighting Hunger to Support Today

13 Charities Fighting Hunger

Today hundreds of hunger charities across the nation will feed food-insecure people and their families while working towards solutions to end stateside and global hunger for good. Here's how you can help.

Education Nonprofits to Support Today

15 Education Nonprofits to Support Today

Education nonprofits have made monumental strides in closing the education gap & providing additional funding for students. Here are 15 educational nonprofits to donate to today!

Giving Tuesday - What You Need to Know

Giving Tuesday: What You Need to Know

Giving Tuesday is designed to create an intentional pause and think about how you can make the world around us a little better. Anyone can get involved – learn more here!