La Casa de las Madres nonprofit spotlight

La Casa de las Madres: Nonprofit Spotlight

We're shining a spotlight on one of the longest-running domestic violence shelters in the country: La Casa de las Madres. Learn more about their efforts and how you can help too!

No Kid Hungry Nonprofit Spotlight

No Kid Hungry: Nonprofit Spotlight

We're shining a light on No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit campaign working to end childhood hunger and to provide all kids with the nutritious food they need every day to thrive. Learn more.

Wine to Water Nonprofit Spotlight

Wine To Water: Nonprofit Spotlight

Wine To Water is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to “support life and dignity for all through the power of clean water.” Learn more here.

ASPCA Nonprofit

The ASPCA: Nonprofit Spotlight

The ASPCA is dedicated to preventing animal cruelty and neglect across America. Find out how they give back and how you can help too!

Trees for the Future Nonprofit Spotlight

Trees for the Future: Nonprofit Spotlight

Trees for the Future is dedicated to ending poverty and hunger through training programs that help farmers bring back nutrients to their soil to grow a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. Learn more!

The Trevor Project Nonprofit Spotlight

The Trevor Project: Nonprofit Spotlight

The Trevor Project has evolved into a leading organization of hope & life-saving support, developing from a 24-hour crisis intervention hotline into a global effort inspiring hope & saving the lives of young LGBTQ people. Learn more!

Dog Tag Inc Nonprofit Spotlight

Dog Tag Inc.: Nonprofit Spotlight

We're excited to introduce you to Dog Tag Inc., an organization helping veterans with service-connected disabilities and their families find fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.

Active Minds Nonprofit Spotlight

Active Minds: Nonprofit Spotlight

Active Minds offers support through many types of programs designed to address the challenges that high school and college students face in various aspects of their lives. Learn how you can help too!

She's The First Nonprofit Spotlight

She’s the First: Nonprofit Spotlight

She's The First nonprofit organization teams up with women-led, grassroots organizations to ensure girls everywhere have access to quality education and are heard and respected. Learn more about how you can support this organization!

Oceana Nonprofit

Oceana: Nonprofit Spotlight

Oceana is a nonprofit built to exclusively protect and restore the oceans on a global scale. Learn more about how they are making an impact and how easily you can too!

B Lab Nonprofit Spotlight

B Lab: Nonprofit Spotlight

B Lab creates standards, policies, and tools to help people build ethical businesses. Find out more how B Lab is making a difference and how you can help!

Mindfulness First: Nonprofit Spotlight

May is Mental Health Awareness month, and Giving Assistant is shining a light on mental health nonprofits like Mindfulness First: an organization working hard

Caitlin's Smiles Nonprofit Spotlight

Caitlin’s Smiles: Nonprofit Spotlight

Giving Assistant is shining a light on Caitlin’s Smiles, a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit inspired by a little girl who, throughout a 3 ½-year-long battle with brain cancer, found joy in creating art.

First Descents: Nonprofit Spotlight

First Descents: Nonprofit Spotlight

The First Descents nonprofit aims to help give life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults (ages 18 – 39) impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions.

One ATTA Time

One ATTA Time: Nonprofit Spotlight

One child dies every two minutes from drinking contaminated water—that’s nearly 900 children lost daily to something completely preventable— and one of the

Generations Against Bullying: NP Spotlight

Generations Against Bullying: Nonprofit Spotlight

1 in 4 teenagers claim they’ve been bullied. The good news is that most acts of bullying can be stopped within 10 seconds when peers take action in a supportive, non-threatening way. Learn more…

Drawn from Valor

Drawn from Valor: Nonprofit Spotlight

Drawn from Valor is a nonprofit animation studio that uses the power of animation to educate and empower children and families who are facing life changing physical or mental health issues.

Right To Play Nonprofit

Right To Play: Nonprofit Spotlight

Each week, approximately 1.9 million children around the world benefit from Right To Play programs. Right to Play connects more children to quality education and peaceful communities.

ACE Fitness: How They Are Giving Back

ACE Fitness: How They Are Giving Back

ACE Fitness is a powerhouse when it comes to the education, certification, and support of professionals in the health and fitness industry. Learn more here!

Waves for Water

Waves for Water: Nonprofit Spotlight

Waves for Water is a nonprofit that provides water filters to those in need. Find out more Waves for Water is making a difference and how you can help!

Tostan Nonprofit

Tostan: Nonprofit Spotlight

In December of 2016, something incredible happened in West Africa—something Tostan founder, Molly Melching could have only dreamed about.

Pencils of Promise: Nonprofit Spotlight

Pencils of Promise: Nonprofit Spotlight

Pencils of Promise makes a difference as a “for-purpose nonprofit” on a mission to reshape the landscape of education by building schools from the inside out

Camp Kesem Nonprofit Spotlight

Camp Kesem: Nonprofit Spotlight

“We are so grateful for our partnership with Giving Assistant and their impactful support of children touched by a parent’s cancer. The need for Kesem’s