Cyber Monday: 16 Super Savings Cash Back Deals!

Cyber Monday: 16 Super Savings Cash Back Deals!

No lines to wait in and no crowds to brave.

After the dust of Black Friday settles, there are still plenty of ways to save money that don’t require you to sit in a lawn chair for hours until the doors of your favorite store fling open.

There are endless sales ready for the taking at an online-only party that you attend without ever leaving the comforts of your own home. So…get comfortable, sit back, relax, and take advantage of these Cyber Monday cash back deals like the ones offered by the following brands below.

1. Ancestry | Up to 15% Cash Back

How deep do your roots run? Ancestry DNA kits uncover a branch of your family tree amid some of the 200 million+ photos, scanned docs, and handwritten tales that represent the genealogy and history of individuals in the U.S. and abroad.

Gift box displaying Ancestry DNA holiday sale tag

2. Blue Nile | Up to 5% Cash Back

If you’re looking for ‘bling’ that stops time, then a good place to start is probably with one of the biggest, online diamond retailers. You’ll also find plenty of gemstones to keep you busy, as well as birthstone jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands.  

Pair of diamond earrings to buy from Blue Nile

3. Eileen Fisher | Up to 9% Cash Back

Effortlessly pull off a casual vibe with the classic, elegant look of women’s clothing that blends comfort with eco-friendly designs and business practices.

4. Etsy | Up to 5% Cash Back

Get lost in a wonderland of handmade creations that include art, personalized jewelry, food and toys. People from all over the world make, buy and sell one-of-a-kind, artisan goodies and vintage swag that offers a lil’ something for everyone. And note that all sales made on Etsy help support human creativity!

5. Farfetch | Up to 9% Cash Back

‘Luxury’ is this fashion retail hub’s middle name. Come find out why it has a reputation for attracting the masses with a lineup of clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories that represent more than 700 brands and boutiques from all over the world.

6. FitFlop | Up to 12% Cash Back

Want to feel like you’re walking on air? Ergonomics really do make a difference in the way your shoes feel, and FitFlop is a master at it when making shoes, sneakers, clogs, boots and sandals equipped with Microwobbleboard™ comfort.

7. Foreo | Up to 13% Cash Back

Tap into the power of European beauty secrets and skincare with a Swedish brand that markets “For Every One.” Award-winning facial cleansing solutions, sonic toothbrushes and eye massagers are just the tip of the iceberg.

8. GearBest | Up to 5% Cash Back

It’s time to get your geek on! This is the place to browse when you’re in need of satisfying a craving for new electronic gadgets, cool toys, cell phone accessories, and creative apparel at affordable prices.

9. Gilt | Up to 3% Cash Back

Become a member to unlock the savings for leading fashions. You’ll have your pick of luxe Italian labels, designer shoes and handbags, leather goods, jewelry, exclusive services and much more.

10. Groupon | Up to 7% Cash Back

Explore something new with discounted vouchers that connect consumers to local businesses and a never-ending supply of goods. There’s literally a Groupon for everyone, whether it’s for a restaurant, nail salon, spa, hotel, museum, bowling alley, concert…you get the picture.

11. Home Depot | Up to 8% Cash Back

Known as power tool heaven and a dreamland for construction plans, this home improvement headquarters provides goods and services that satisfy everyday needs. It’s one of the first places people go when they want to fix, enhance, upgrade and update “home sweet home” and beyond.

12. Jane | Up to 8% Cash Back

Spend a bit of time on this daily boutique deal site, and you’re sure to fall for some of the hottest trends in home décor and fashion on the market. You won’t be able to ignore the hundreds of goods frequently featured with deeply-discounted prices.

13. Oakley | Up to 6% Cash Back

Top-notch eye protection can’t be beat…just ask the extreme athletes who wear Oakleys as they snowboard, ski, ride, cycle, surf or golf. In addition to cutting-edge eyewear, the company also sells top-notch clothing, accessories and sports equipment.

14. Ray-Ban | Up to 8% Cash Back

A leader in the premium eyewear market, you don’t always need a prescription to get a hold of these eyeglasses. And…when you want to set trends, make sure to choose a pair of iconic frames, like an eye-catching pair of Aviators.

15. Tempur-pedic | Special Holiday Offers!

Your entire body will thank you. Say ‘goodbye’ to a hard night’s sleep and make sure you catch some solid zzz’s when buying high-end memory foam mattress sets and pillows from one of the most well-known bedding companies in the business.

16. World Market | Up to 8% Cash Back

It’s time to upgrade your home décor with the kind of furniture that no one else you know has. Global designs and other goods from this store also include pillows, imported rugs, food, beverages, candy, kitchenware and incredible gift ideas.

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The 15 Best Black Friday Deals Online

The 15 Best Black Friday Deals Online

It’s that time of year again! You’re trying to save the most money on holiday gifts and there seems to be ‘deep discounts,’ ‘can’t miss sales’ and ‘super buys’ at every turn.

We got you covered. Your favorite brands are offering insanely low prices on everything under the sun so act fast!

Below are some of the best Black Friday deals we have seen in 2017, but hurry before something on your to buy list sells out!

1. Eileen Fisher | 15% Off Purchase (New Customers) + Cash Back

Settle your eco-conscious mind by shopping sale items that feature a sweet lineup of clothing, shoes and accessories representing organic, sustainable, artisanal, and fair trade goods.

2. Gearbest | 10% Off Sitewide + Cash Back

Electronics and gadgets on sale make some of the best gifts and stocking stuffers, don’t they? This week, fall deep into a rabbit hole filled with retro toys, fun novelties, drones, outdoor entertainment, and remote control excitement.

3. Etsy | Cyber Sale + Cash Back

In search of unique gift ideas…the ones you don’t see in a department store? Find the ‘best present ever’ (that you never knew existed) when you browse a creative collection of handmade treasures from artisans featured on Etsy.

4. Net-A-Porter | Up to 50% Off + Cash Back

Shop luxe fashion and gifts for less! You know you want to snag discounts on designer clothing and other splurges, like runway-ready shoes, flashy accessories, jewelry, and beauty must-haves.

5. Farfetch | 10% Off Purchase (New Customers) + Cash Back

Fashion + luxury + Black Friday sales = spectacularly selfie-worthy finds that include vintage styles, handbags, crowd-stopping footwear and designer clothing for men, women and kids.

6. Groupon | 20% Sitewide + Cash Back

Sound the alarms! One of the most popular online marketplaces is now offering a chance for you to save money on literally anything – from dinner at a Thai restaurant to craft beer delivery to Swedish massage for two.

7. Healthmate Forever | 15% Off Orders $200+ & Cash Back

Overdoing it at the gym? Need New Year’s motivation? Rehabbing an injury? There’s a sale on wellness devices that stimulate the muscles and knocks out pain that you don’t want to miss.

8. | Up to 50% Off Your Complete Order + Cash Back

Things are looking up for you this holiday! With designer eyewear from the likes of Burberry, Coach, Ray-Ban and Oakley, don’t miss a sale that takes up to half off frames and lenses.

9. T-Mobile | Additional $100 Off Select Smartphones + Cash Back

Stop hiding that cracked screen or complaining about old tech glitches! Stay current with Black Friday savings, and save a cool hundred on your next purchase.

10. Gilt | 70% Off Vince Sale + Cash Back

Everyone likes saving on designer threads, right? When a closet is in need of cashmere, suede or silk, consider shopping a sale that offers laidback, modern styles for women and men.

11. Home Depot | Up to 20% Off Home Accents + Cash Back

Who knew the largest home improvement retailer in the world sells faux fur mink throws, hand-painted vases, and musical jewelry boxes? Take home décor to the next level by shopping here for special values this Black Friday.  

12. eBags | Up to 70% Off Deals + Cash Back

You can never have too many bags. Shop the lowest prices of the season, and find extreme deals for fashionable handbags, luggage, backpacks, travel accessories, and sports gear.

13. Nike | Extra 25% Off Sale + Cash Back

Caked-on mud, worn bottoms, and shoelaces hanging on by their last thread…these are the signs of someone who needs a new pair of trainers. Take advantage of Black Friday deals to save on footwear and other select sportswear featuring that iconic Swoosh.

14. Pier 1 | 25% Off Sitewide + Cash Back

Turn a room from ‘blah’ to ‘boom’ with Black Friday savings on a sophisticated new piece of furniture – from hand-painted bird chests to wooden organization cabinets with character.

15. Backcountry | 20% Off 1 Full-Priced Item + Cash Back

When that insulated puff jacket or pair of yoga pants has seen better days, it’s time for a lil’ bit of wardrobe elevation. It’s now easier to outfit future outdoor/active adventures by cutting costs on regular-priced, gearhead-approved apparel, footwear and accessories.

Change Makers: Marine Conservation Institute

Change Makers: Marine Conservation Institute

These responses were provided by Marine Conservation Institute’s Communications Coordinator, Matt Coomer. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your organization!

Q: Tell us about the Marine Conservation Institute

We’re based in Seattle, Glen Ellen (Bay Area CA), and Washington D.C.

Since Dr. Elliott Norse founded Marine Conservation Institute in 1996, we have been a major player in efforts to save our ocean. We help bridge the gap between scientists, who understand marine ecosystems, and policymakers who determine their fate.

In 2000, at our urging, President Clinton called for a national system of marine protected areas, or MPAs.

In 2006 and 2009, we built the scientific support for President Bush to establish three colossal MPAs in the tropical Pacific Ocean. This move was a game-changing moment for conservation: it marked the first time a vast ocean area was strongly protected from fishing – a significant impact that humans have on marine ecosystems. This momentum led to more strong MPAs being created in recent years.

Since seeing marine conservation biology become a vibrant science worldwide, we have shifted our attention to increasing the quantity and quality of protection for the ocean’s best places. To realize this dream, we launched a major initiative, the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES, pronounced “glories”). GLORES is dedicated to building a network of marine reserves that strongly protect 30% of the global ocean. It is a collaborative effort working to save marine life and protect biodiversity through effective measures on the water.

Our President Dr. Lance Morgan, GLORES Science Fellow Dr. Sarah Hameed, and Board Chair Dr. David Johns with Global Ocean Refuge managers after our awards at IMPAC4.

We are also dedicated to providing the world’s most accurate assessment of MPA coverage and strength through the Atlas of Marine Protection, or As countries race to reach globally established levels of marine protection, it is important that MPAs be planned and managed to achieve real conservation benefits. Because some places are called MPAs but still allow destructive activities like fishing and oil development, has gained widespread recognition for assessing protection on the water, rather than simply showing declared space. Our interactive map and analyses offer a true picture of marine protection progress, showing successes and how far we still have to go.

Q: What is your organization’s overall mission?

Our mission is to secure permanent, strong protection for the ocean’s most important places.

Q: What are a few goals your organization has been focusing on this year?

This year, our team has been focused on fighting attempts to remove protections for U.S. marine national monuments and sanctuaries, tracking new MPA developments on the Atlas of Marine Protection, and welcoming our first Global Ocean Refuges to the GLORES network.

We are also involved in raising public awareness about the California seamounts, which are underwater volcanoes and deep-sea mountain ranges off the coast that support rich, fragile ecosystems. These undersea mountains are home to ancient corals, delicate glass sponges and chemo-synthetic communities. The more people we reach about their natural value, the more likely it is that they can be protected in the future.

Our scientists are also busy researching other vulnerable ecosystems in the deep sea and ways to protect their biodiversity as well as maintain their resilience.

Q: Can you discuss some of your major successes?

Our biggest recent success was awarding the first Global Ocean Refuges at the 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC4) in Chile.

Our distinguished GLORES Science Council used science-based criteria to evaluate promising MPAs and found that three sites met our strictest standards for protecting marine biodiversity:

  1. Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary (Colombia)
  2. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park (The Philippines)
  3. Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (U.S.)

It was our privilege to honor their conservation achievements and recognize each site with the Global Ocean Refuge Platinum award. We will continue promoting their success and help other marine reserves follow their shining example.

The Atlas of Marine Protection was also recently recognized, as National Geographic Explorer-In-Residence Dr. Enric Sala used its data to show the state of marine protection at the Our Ocean conference. The resulting Malta Declaration was signed by prominent marine scientists from around the world and called for stronger MPAs with verifiable conservation measures, a point we strongly support and echo in our mapping work. As nations hopefully listen to this message and create more effective MPAs, will continue showing the real marine protection situation on the ocean.

A simplified version of the MPAtlas global marine protection map as of December 2016. Unfortunately, not all of the MPAs shown provide the same level of effective protection for ocean ecosystems.

Q: Can you share a few alarming stats that have low awareness?

We want to make everyone aware that, in spite of increasing numbers of MPA announcements, only about 3% of the world’s oceans are protected today. And, of that small amount, approximately 1.5% is strongly protected in no-take marine reserves, which is, according to leading scientists, the most effective design for protecting ecosystems. As an example of the urgency for marine protection, 60% of coral reefs are currently threatened by human activities and it is likely that 100% of coral reefs will bleach by 2050. Our oceans are in decline and they need more protection if we’re going to stop or reverse these sad trends.

Modern boats now fish in every ice-free ocean region. Despite their new technology, some studies show that global fish catches peaked years ago and that up to 90% of large tunas and billfishes may be gone. When you mix in human-caused habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change impacts, our ocean’s ability to sustain life is threatened. As renowned marine biologist and Marine Conservation Institute Board Member Dr. Sylvia Earle famously said, “No ocean, no life. No blue, no green. No ocean, no us.” The Global Ocean Refuge System will help us reverse the trend of ocean degradation and ensure a healthy ocean that supports the planet’s amazing biodiversity.

Q: What can we do in our daily lives to help support your cause?

In addition to donating to our organization, we welcome the public to nominate great MPAs for Global Ocean Refuge awards and to help spread the word about GLORES. We’re always looking for new organizations and businesses to partner with as well, so if you know another group that would be interested in collaborating on GLORES, please let us know! Also, tell your friends about the best place to find accurate MPA information,!

We always appreciate communications support online and invite you to follow, like, and share our posts:

Please consider signing up for our monthly newsletter as well!

Shark swimming in sea with fish around it

Global Ocean Refuge Platinum award-winner Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary protects abundant marine life, including this Galapagos shark. Edited here, original photo courtesy of SFF Malpelo.

Q: How important are donors for the Marine Conservation Institute?

Donors are essential to fulfilling our mission and we put every dollar received to good use. Our Board Member and Treasurer Burgess Raby likes to describe us as, “… a ‘lean and mean’ organization, with a focus on applying every possible cent of its income to its mission of securing permanent, strong protection for the ocean’s most important places.” We especially appreciate our Ocean Guardians, donors who give over $1000, and give them special access to our work and recognition throughout the year. Membership in this program makes the perfect gift for any ocean lover in your life!

Q: How has your experience been with Giving Assistant?

Our Giving Assistant experience has been great; it gives a nice return to our organization when users shop at its many popular stores.

With the holidays right around the corner, the support we receive through Giving Assistant is helpful in boosting our year-end donations. We really appreciate its focus on giving to charities and nonprofits that are working to protect our world!

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

GLORES will keep growing in 2018 and beyond, so please tell everyone you know and keep an eye out for new Global Ocean Refuges!

Two masked boobies birds

Masked boobies in the Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary. Edited here, original photo by Ramón Pulido courtesy of Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia.

Feature photo by Bo Mancao.

Want to make recurring donations to the Marine Conservation Institute? Shop at Giving Assistant’s 3,000+ trusted brands and donate a percentage of your cash back to the Marine Conservation Institute.

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $200 to Buy

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $200 to Buy

Ready to spend a couple hundred on a gift?

You are now officially entering into splurge-worthy shopping territory. Gifts nearing the $200 price range often provide wide-ranging and exclusive options that tend to feature some of the latest trends.

Below are a few items to get you started as you consider treating a loved one to something extra special for the holidays.

1. Sonos – Alexa Integrated, Voice Activated Speaker | $199 + Cash Back

Turn up the music without pressing a button and play specific songs on command. Dubbed “the smart speaker for music lovers,” the Sonos One provides hands-free control with the help of built-in Amazon Alexa.

2. Henri Bendel – Double Wallet Crossbody | $198 + Cash Back

A girl can never have too many wallets. This Bendel creation provides the flexibility of having two that snap together to form a glamorous designer handbag that demands attention.

3. Johnnie-O – Montauk ¼ Zip Pullover | $195 + Cash Back

It’s all about options! A balanced mix of fabrics allows this knit jersey pullover to achieve a sporty-casual style, or a more dressed-up look when paired with a button-down shirt underneath.

4. Neiman Marcus – Chanel Twist and Spray Perfume Set | $172 + Cash Back

The freshness of Chanel’s blend of white musk, citrus, ylang-ylang, and cedar now comes in a refillable, on-the-go spray that makes the perfect gift for sophisticated mover and shakers.

5. Macy’s – The Pantry Foodie Gift Crate | $195 + Cash Back

Treat a foodie to an exclusive gourmet gift. This treasure trove of edibles includes the deliciousness of espresso nib nut butter, white truffle honey, and exotic Japanese olive oil.

6. Home Depot – Dewalt Cordless Drill Kit | $199 + Cash Back

There’s many ways to ‘cut the cord,’ and this speed drill/driver combination set is just one of them. Gift the handyman in your life a kit that comes with batteries, charger and contractor bag.

7. Farfetch – Oscar De La Renta Gold Earrings | $185 + Cash Back

Go for the gold! Surprise her with these pair of gorgeous, eye-catching earrings and we guarantee this will definitely brighten up her holiday!

8. Michael Kors – Michael Kors Men’s Sunglasses | $159 + Cash Back

You are now entering a stress-free zone. Pairing the classic shape of aviators with a more modern design, this gift offers a sporty, sexy, cool gaze that radiates the ultimate laidback vibe.

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $100 to Buy

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $100 to Buy

It’s all about the Benjamins! With tons of clothing, accessories and housewares priced under $100, it shouldn’t be too overwhelming to find moderately-priced gifts that fit your budget. If you’re drawing a complete blank, just gain a little inspiration with some of the items listed below – all priced under a hundred dollars.

1. Johnnie-O | Button Down Shirt | $98 + Cash Back

Just let it all hang out! A tapered, clean cut provides just the right amount of casual convenience that eliminates the need for a man to ‘tuck in’ this signature-buttoned shirt.

2. Henri Bendel | Triple Leather Bracelet | $88 + Cash Back

Designer bling makes heads turn! Gift this versatile trio of leather bracelets adorned with Swarovski crystals, which shine beautifully both on their own or worn together.

3. Personalization Mall | Personalized Tan Leather Toiletry Bag | $59.99 + Cash Back

Who says your traveling partner can’t be stylish and organized at the same time? Add that extra personal touch by including their initials on this beautiful leather. We guarantee this gift will be their go-to toiletry bag in 2018.

4. Related Garments | Men’s Boxer Briefs and Sock Package | $90 + Cash Back

The Mr. in your life is all set for the weekend with this travel-ready trio of matching boxer briefs, socks and no-show footies. A washable garment bag is also included.

5. Groupon | 2 Personalized 1.5 Liter Wine Bottles | $89.99 + Cash Back

It’s the wine gift that keeps on giving (and giving). Serving as a huge reminder of special events, these hand-etched bottles are decorated with striking designs, emblems, text and other details.

6. 23 & Me | 2 Ancestry Service Kits | $98

Shake the family tree a little! This mail-in kit taps into the surprises that DNA reveals by giving a voice to the 23 pairs of chromosomes that make individuals their unique selves.

7. Best Buy | KitchenAid Stand Spiralizer Attachment | $79.99 + Cash Back

Make it easier for a health nut to embrace their low-carb life with a KitchenAid attachment gift that peels apples with ease and transforms zucchini into zoodle lo mein.

8. Nike | Flex Supreme | $80 + Cash Back

Help someone put their best foot forward and crush their New Year’s resolutions with a pair of lightweight trainers equipped with an ultra-flexible outsole.

9. Urban Outfitters | Crosley Velvet Bluetooth Record Player | $99.99 + Cash Back

Time to bring out the 45s! This vintage-inspired turntable is an exclusive gift item that reverbs with sophistication, and lets a music lover play their vinyl LPs in style.

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50 to Buy

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50 to Buy

Budget shoppers seeking gifts delivering just a little more ‘umph‘ in the presentation department often tow the $50-line. An app-happy electronics gift for less than fifty dollars?

Yes, please! Clothing, accessories and home goods that don’t break the bank? Hello! Browse the following suggestions to see the kinds of options that belong in the under 50 club.

1. Barnes & Noble – Nook Tablet 7 | $49.99 + Cash Back

Help clear some shelf space! This book lover’s gift keeps bestsellers close by via a portable library of favorite reads that delivers full access to Android apps from the Google Play Store.

2. Etsy – Personalized Charging Dock | $35 + Cash Back

Say ‘goodbye’ to a jumble of cords and gift a stylish solution for owners of Apple products. This handcrafted, eco-friendly docking station includes an impressive, custom monogram. 

3. Henri Bendel – Vanilla Bean Signature Candle | $25 + Cash Back

Who doesn’t like the sweet-smelling scent of vanilla with hints of jasmine and patchouli? This candle makes an excellent romantic gift – perfect for filling a room with the fragrance of sensuality.

4. Target – 5 Piece Monogram Wine Decanter + Tipsy Tasters | $49.99 + Cash Back

Rack up cool points at the next party by gifting a custom engraved decanter and set of low ball whiskey glasses with weighted bottoms that helps prevent guests from spilling the ‘good stuff.’

5. Dick’s Sporting Goods – North Face Pullover Hoodie | $45 + Cash Back

Don’t let heavy material get in the way of an intense workout; this lightweight hoodie is just what runners, gym rats, and athletes need to stay quick on their feet.

6. Bed Bath & Beyond – KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer | $39.99 + Cash Back

Available in a handful of vibrantly trendy colors, brighten up a kitchen with a gift that stylishly brings baked goods, mashed potatoes and Sunday morning pancakes to life.

7. Backcountry – Sorel Toddler Snow Boots | $49.95 + Cash Back

Toddlers should be able to build a snowman without fear of frostbite, making a pair of these ‘pretty in pink’ Sorel boots an ideal gift for keeping little feet and toes warm and dry.

8. GearBest – Planet Boy Robot | $26.70 + Cash Back

Where geeky parents see an R2-D2/Pokemon Ball mashup, the over 8-year-old crowd will pay attention to this battery-operated toy’s entertaining dance moves and colorful, flashing lights.