Top 10 Hot-Off-The-Runway Trends You Should Try In 2018

Top 10 Hot-Off-The-Runway Trends You Should Try In 2018

Every year, fashion shows in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, and London give us clues to the clothing styles and designers we should anticipate and pay attention to. As a fashionista on the prowl for the latest looks that impress, it’s important to keep up with the trends that turn celebrity heads, cause a commotion, and set a precedent for what you should be wearing this year. When you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe, here’s a heads up on the runway trends you should explore in 2018!

1. Stand Out in Lace or Sheer Sleeves

Expect lace and sheer sleeves to flourish in 2018 as a year-round option – worn on its own, or paired with fur vests in colder weather. Warmer months call for styles that are lightweight, like lace dresses or tucking in a sheer top into a pair of shorts. Don’t want to commit to sleeves, but love the sheer look? Find plenty of lace styles at GILT

2. Make Them Blush

One of the street styles to make its mark on this year’s fashion forecast is the oh-so-bashful color: blush. Whether you want to go for a casual everyday look or need a power suit for the office, blush or pale pink is a great color to choose versus the usual black, grey, or navy.  From blazers to high heels, Lord & Taylor is well-stocked with many pink-tone styles that should definitely make its way into your closet this year. 

3. Embrace the Dark Side (of Denim)

From classic-style jeans to mid-rise shorts, dark wash denim will be a favorite look in 2018. Runway trends also suggest that two pieces of denim are better than one, so if you pair a jean jacket with a coordinating skirt – you’re good to go. Kate Spade not only offers darker shades of denim jackets, shirt dresses and skirts, but also has a line of embellished denim accessories (handbags, wallets, and iPhone cases).

4. Frame Your Face with Micro Bangs

Wispy, blunt, short and/or choppy, micro bangs are cut a couple inches above the eyebrows, and create a retro-chic look that channels the confidence of pin-up sweetheart, Bettie Page. This modern take on the bang opens up the face more, and lets you make an edgy statement that still oozes with femininity. A celebrity pro tip for achieving a fringe that lies flat is applying mousse at the base. Kerastase has a range of luxe products packed with Moroccan Argan Oil and Samoan Coconut Oil to help revitalize your beautiful locks through out the week, like “Bain Micellaire”  or “Soin Fondamental”. Tres chic. 

5. Make a Strong Statement with Footwear

This year, trends in footwear will focus on shoes that speak for themselves. From eye-catching metallics to extra-shiny patent styles, look for an abundance of ‘statement’ sneakers and boots. There’s even a continuance of last year’s sock sneaker trend because their comfort level and creativity cannot be denied. Platform shoes will take on bolder prints and shapes. And, a fierce pair of stilettos still does the trick in making a statement that’s loud and clear. Stuart Wietzman is a red carpet favorite that comes in suede, leather, woven fabric, silk satin, and snakeskin.

6. Choose a Paler Shade of Pantone’s Color of the Year

You can take a cue from Pantone and embrace the official color of 2018 (ultraviolet), but runway trends suggest that for this year – the softer shade of lavender will make quite the impression. You’ll see this pastel hue in pantsuits, dresses, and oversize knits. And, don’t forget that lavender and other pink and purple tones, like the ones offered in Shu Uemera pressed eye shadows, can help achieve fun retro look that keeps all eyes on you.

7. Be Loud & Proud with Bold Print

Bold print year after year is always put into a box that only a certain personality can get away with wearing it. Yet, this year we dare you to try on a few patterns, and even mismatch your prints! you might be surprised on how well it compliments you and actually boosts your confidence. It can be intimidating for some, but don’t count it out of your wardrobe this year just yet. To lock in a more everyday look, Trina Turk designs colorful suits, flirty sleeveless tops, beach-ready shirt dresses with loud and proud bold prints everyone can get on board with.

8. Go Full-On Checks and Plaid

Men, it’s time to step away from boring solids and get ready to dive head first into a pool of lively shades of checkered and plaid jackets, fleecewear, and button-up, collar shirts from brands such as Rag & Bone, Polo Ralph Lauren, HUGO, and Obey. Checks and plaids will rule menswear in 2018. Expect suits, especially wool ones, to rely on geometric prints and plaid patterns. Add plaid to formalwear with pocket squares, ties or a cashmere tartan scarf from East Dane. You’ll also see vintage checks playing a prominent role in this year’s men’s trousers, jackets and caps.

9. Explore the Fringe Benefits of Fashion

Fringe is a fashion trend that’s made endless comebacks, and this year, there’s more to love. In 2018, you’ll definitely encounter plenty of dramatic looks and intensely glam interpretations of fringe inspired by the latest runway looks. Not one to rock fringe on your main garments or dresses? How about adding this style into your accessories like earrings, handbags, or a pair of eye-catching Saks 5th Avenue stilettos. Va va voom!


10. Feel Super in a Wedding Day Cape

One of the trends that’s made a lasting impression is the cape. Nearly every designer unveiled at least one wedding dress featuring a full-length cape or striking capelet. It doesn’t matter if it’s long, mid or mini…the look gives off serious queen vibes. BHLDN is more than happy to make your fairy tale dreams come true with a lineup that includes sheer capes containing pearl embellishments; bohemian-like embroidered capes; and lace-adorned, floor-length tulle capes. Whether this is for your wedding day over a simple white dress or for a night out in town over a plain tank top with a pair of jeans and heels—this look demands attention. 

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2017 Impact Report: Celebrating $4.2 Million Raised

2017 Impact Report: Celebrating $4.2 Million Raised

We’re on track, more than ever, to transform everyday shopping into charitable giving, which has been Giving Assistant’s top mission since 2014! You helped us accomplish amazing milestones in 2017 and we’re excited to share them with you through our Impact Report. These numbers are proof that real change can happen for real-life causes that impact thousands of lives through consistent, automatic donations from Giving Assistant’s shoppers and the power of community.

The Giving Assistant Team is so excited to conquer our 2018 goals and to see what we can accomplish this year alongside our shoppers and partnered nonprofits! Here are a few examples of how our shoppers’ donations have helped nonprofits create a direct impact.

Hope for Haiti
$10 helps treat 10 patients with Malaria.

Yellow Feather Fund
$10 a month helps cover the cost of developing free apps,
online games, and download activity sheets for children of all ages.

She Should Run
$25 supports a new woman in our Ask a Women to Run program.

Childrens Music Fund
$50 covers one session of music therapy.

Norcal Boxer Rescue
$25 can provide some vaccines or one night of boarding for one dog.

To help make a difference today, log into your account settings and search for one of the nonprofits mentioned above or any nonprofit that is registered as a 501(c)(3). From 1% to 100%, you can decide the amount of your cash back earnings you’d like to donate to your selected charitable organization. For reference, check out the image below. 

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9 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Has Cupid’s Approval

9 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Has Cupid’s Approval

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means it’s time for you to start ironing out your plans! No need for grandiose ideas or to even break the bank to show that you really care. Try out one of these 9 budget-friendly, thoughtful date ideas and you’ll definitely score some major points with your honey!

1. Prepare a delicious treat-hopping adventure downtown.

Is your lover a big time foodie or has the ultimate sweet tooth? The search for chocolate ganache heart-shaped tarts, strawberry cannoli, and red velvet cherry cheesecake is on! Restaurants, bakeries and cafes have a knack for whipping up creative edibles for Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect time for you and your love to indulge in a unique assortment of fun sweets, treats, and drinks! Hop around from bakery to cafe to food trucks and stroll through parks in between to enjoy all of your tasty finds. Pinpoint all the spots you want to hit on a map and gift it along with a pair of Toms shoes to ensure they will definitely be comfy walking from place to place! Pro tip: Save room for the next stops by splitting the heavier desserts. 

2. Create an intimate concert of your greatest hits.  

Making mixtapes filled with love songs might be a thing of the past, but the warm memories you feel when listening to music that means something to you isn’t. This year, create a digital playlist with songs that pay homage to the experiences, moments and milestones that have helped shape your relationship. Include prom hits, old school jams, favorite tunes, your wedding song, and of course, the track dubbed ‘our‘ song. Set the mood for the night by playing your special collection of jams on a new Bluetooth speaker from GearBest. And, since Bluetooth speakers are portable, it means you can enjoy your musical trip down memory lane anywhere. A picnic in the park. A rented cabin by the lake. Dancing under the stars. 

3. Take lessons to prepare for a steamy dance battle at home.

Taking dance lessons on Valentine’s Day is a fun way for couples to stay active and explore new things together. For instance, the rhythm and movements of Latin music allows sweethearts to let loose and move their bodies in ways that definitely brings heat to the bedroom. Salsa dance gets the heart pumping and blood flowing. Tango is full of passion. And how can we forget the Forbidden Dance, lambada? Once home from your dance lesson, it’s time to test out your new moves…in the bedroom. Put on music and challenge your love to a seductive dance battle dressed in something a little more comfortable from

4. Arrange a rose-themed scavenger hunt.  

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to give a Valentine’s Day gift to your love, consider organizing a scavenger hunt that makes them work a little bit for it. First, you’ll need a unique way to build anticipation and announce the challenge. Arrange for the delivery of a bouquet of roses from 1-800-Flowers to serve as the official invitation or first clue of the scavenger hunt. Next, you’ll need to write out and hide clues that incorporate significant relationship memories, keepsakes, and favorite spaces about your home. In keeping with a floral theme, rose petals can be an impressive way to ‘spell’ out clues and give hints. Use them to create specific words or simply arrange in the shape of an arrow pointing towards their next destination. As he or she gets closer to their gift, you could also create a trail of rose petals leading to their surprise.

5. Plan a passionate staycation surprise.

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy an overnight adventure for Valentine’s Day. Embrace the concept of a staycation, where you get to enjoy a getaway within driving distance! Get out of the house to spice things up and to interrupt your usual day-to-day routine. Make arrangements to meet for after work drinks at a hotel lobby or nearby restaurant or bar. When the time seems right, slip your love an envelope with a message, room details, and key for accommodations that you booked through Tell them to open the envelope in a few minutes. Give them a wink, and tell them ‘see you soon’ as you make your way to your hotel room. When they arrive, it’s up to you how you’ll surprise them. Champagne and strawberries? A gift on the bed? Lingerie and party games? The ideas are endless!

6. Get lost in a night of music, vintage style

If you really want to please a heavy music listener for Valentine’s Day, consider blowing their mind with the superior sound quality of their favorite tunes. Somewhere between online downloads and YouTube videos, the record player often gets forgotten. Vinyl has a reputation of delivering riveting bass lines and the emotional details of song much better than a digital copy. So, when you tell them it’s time to take a trip to the local record shop to select vinyls with songs that represent your relationship, also surprise them with a record player from AliExpress as a gift. Make a night of it, as you hunt for the first vinyls added to a collection that you create together.

7. Turn your dining room into a romantic bistro.

Holiday celebrations are even more special when food is involved! But this year, avoid crowded restaurants (where privacy is nonexistent) and ban takeout for the night. Let’s get creative with a home-cooked meal made from the heart. Transform your dining room into a French bistro. Write the name of your ‘restaurant’ on a chalkboard. Use fancy fonts to create a printed menu. Prepare a candle-lit seating arrangement with your finest tableware. Set the mood with playful jazz tunes. Need a little help tapping into your inner chef? Uniquely colorful and healthy meals are just a subscription away when you sign up with HelloFresh, which sends fresh, pre-packaged ingredients and simple recipes directly to your front door. The meal kits fit nicely in the fridge, making them a convenient solution for many bistro dinners to come.

8. Plan a simple outdoor rendezvous with wine and chocolate.

If you’re a laid-back couple that doesn’t need the frills, stick to the classic Valentine’s Day indulgences: chocolate and wine. Chocolate creates the kind of endorphin rush that puts lovers in just the right mood to have a very happy Valentine’s Day. Wine also has a stimulating effect that’s perfect for February 14th. The two aphrodisiacs together are a sexy pairing that elevates date night, for sure. Try different Ethel M Chocolates varieties, from dark chocolate to creme liqueurs to sea-salted caramel. Sit atop a hill overlooking the city as the sun sets or pitch a tent in your back yard and toast to the two of you.

9. Cross off local hot spots on your to-do list.

If you’re single, there’s nothing wrong with seeking a little companionship for Valentine’s Day. It can be exhausting trying to sift through potential dates for a casual night out. That’s why eHarmony comes in handy. They match you with local singles who want to explore the latest and greatest that your city has to offer. Once you’ve arranged a date, have a list of places you’ve always wanted to visit handy. Make a day (or night) of it. Check out that new restaurant that just opened. Attend a modern art gallery show. Sample craft beers at a quirky microbrewery. Enjoy sweet conversation over croissants at a popular Parisian bakery. You just might make a new best friend, or even better, find someone to enjoy all of your future Valentine’s Days with.

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7 Ways to Save Time & Money that The Self-Employed Tend To Forget

7 Ways to Save Time & Money that The Self-Employed Tend To Forget

Run your own small business? Selling crafts on Etsy? Freelance for local media outlets? There are definitely a lot of benefits that come with being your own boss. However, being self-employed also means you’re the one in charge of calculating a budget, keeping track of costs, and making sure your invoices are paid. The less time spent on becoming tax ready and maximizing your deductions means you can focus more on growing your business, making money, crossing items off your to-do list, playing with the kids, traveling, and just plain ol’ enjoying life.

What really helps out is using something created specifically to make life easier for small business owners and freelancing creatives, like QuickBooks Self-Employed – it just might become the only tax tool you need to manage all your income and expenses. Known as one of the best finance apps and accounting programs for the self-employed, it’s accessible anywhere where there’s an Internet connection.

Now, let’s get down to some of­­­ the self-employment tax deductions and time-saving tips you don’t want to miss:

1. Trade in crumpled receipts and chicken scratch for easy-to-read reports

Imagine all the time wasted deciphering and sorting monthly credit card statements, bank records, mountains of receipts, and tons of handwritten reminders. Lengthy paper trails usually lead straight to a headache. To make things easier, take snapshots of receipts from expenses, and use software that pulls the data and digitally categorizes it. QuickBooks Self-Employed does this, plus organizes your income and expenses to create monthly, bi-weekly, and quarterly finance reports that include profit and loss reports, tax summary PDFs, and tax details in Excel.

You’ll also be able to sync all of your credit card and bank accounts; as well as import transactions from applicable financial accounts, like Chase, Capital One, Discover and PayPal.

2. Use a dedicated room or space to claim home office expenses

One of the largest deductions available to a self-employed individual is having a home office. And, we’re not talking about the dining room table you use to pack shipments. You can only claim expenses related to a workspace or dedicated spaces reserved exclusively for your self-employment activities, including rooms used for the storage of inventory, product samples, art supplies or equipment – think spare room, basement or attic. No one else can sleep, eat or work there. Home office expenses also include utility costs, rent, mortgage, and homeowner/renters insurance.

3. Claim more than just gas mileage

The gallons of gas and miles racked up traveling back and forth for supply runs and client meetings aren’t the only business expenses related to a car or truck that self-employed individuals can claim. In addition to using an app that puts your smartphone’s GPS to good use (automatically tracking mileage and logging in business-related road travel), QuickBooks Self-Employed also categorizes deductible expenses you probably never thought of into subcategories that include auto repairs, vehicle loans, car insurance, parking/tolls, and even wash/road services.

4. Advertise your heart out, and then deduct the costs

Business cards, flyers, and other visual shout-outs used to promote and sell your services and products are deductible advertising expenses. Online sellers, you’ll be happy to know that listing fees also fall under this category.

Other examples of advertising that small business owners and freelancers can claim on taxes:

  • Website advertising, like banner ads and pay-per-click fees
  • Business logo design
  • TV commercials, billboards, newspaper inserts, and magazine ads
  • Promotional giveaways, like hats, T-shirts, cups and pen

5. Quit playing guessing games with client invoices

Did you know that studies have shown that around 60% of invoices are paid late with more than one-third of clients taking at least 2 weeks to pay up? That’s why it’s important to clearly state (in writing) your payment terms, time frames, late-payment penalties, and upfront fees. Something extremely helpful that makes QuickBooks Self-Employed shine are the notifications sent to let you know when an invoice has been viewed and when payments are being processed. No more guessing games! And, if by some unfortunate chance you’re never paid by a client, you can still deduct out-of-pocket expenses associated with the work you completed.

6. A full stomach is tax deductible (when it’s a business meal!)

Treating a client to fancy Italian restaurtant or discussing a potential partnership over a game of golf are types of expenses directly related to current and future business endeavors that are deductible at 50%. You don’t need to save receipts for these expenses when they’re under $75, but it’s highly recommended to keep solid records on the reasons why you’re claiming such events and food.

You can also claim:

  • hosting a group business dinner at your home
  • meals bought at conferences, trade shows, and conventions
  • court and greens fees for activities with business associates
  • the costs of meals and entertainment for a business associate’s spouse

7. Try before you buy, and then deduct purchases as a business expense

As a self-employed individual, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the tools and services promising to save you money and time. So, why not take them for a test run? For instance, QuickBooks Self-Employed is free for 30 days. You don’t even need a credit card to try it out. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can sign up as an official monthly subscriber, and take advantage of multiple benefits. Business subscriptions are deductible expenses too!

Another way to keep your occupational pursuits running smoothly is to download the Giving Assistant Button, which connects you to the latest ways to save money on the products and services that help expand your self-employment dreams.

6 Things to Do to Make this Your Healthiest Year Ever

6 Things to Do to Make this Your Healthiest Year Ever

Want to enjoy a longer, happier life? Making just a few tweaks in your daily routine and a couple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference in successfully transforming into the healthiest version of yourself. Paying attention to both the health of your body and mind is essential, and below we’ll introduce 6 ways on how to improve yourself across the board!

1. Move that body…and stay motivated

From stress reduction to a healthier heart, the benefits of exercise are undeniable. Losing just 5-10 pounds can have a significant effect on your overall well-being. You can definitely work it all out on your own, but what fun would that be? You have a better chance of staying motivated when you surround yourself with people trying to achieve some of the same goals as you. Sign up for a studio fitness class, like the small groups led by instructors from Class Pass, which offer inspiring spaces for workouts in strength training, cycling, barre, yoga, and even rock climbing.

2. Get colorful with your meals

One of the best ways to increase the amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that a healthy body needs to function at full capacity is to eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Challenge yourself to add foods that represent the five main color groups (as identified by the American Heart Association): red & pink; blue & purple; yellow & orange; green; white & brown. And, when you’re running low on time to shop for and plan meals that motivate, let a delivery service like Hello Fresh do the work. They provide easy-to-follow recipes with healthy ingredients that include meat, fish, grains, plant-based proteins, and seasonal produce.

3. Power up with superfoods

Healthy food swaps provide that extra boost you need when you’re trying to lose weight, get or stay fit, and feel more energized. Add superfoods to your diet to get a mega dose of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other benefits for the body. This is why you’ll see online shops, like Puritan’s Pride, stocked with goji berries, acai, cacao powder, chia seeds, flaxseed, hemp seeds, maca powder, quinoa, coconut oil, turmeric, raw honey, and matcha green tea.

4. Take time to pamper yourself

To melt away the negative effects of stress on the mind and body, forget a trip to the spa and instead, choose in-home pampering with specific bath and body care, skincare, and scented products. Set a calming scene with aromatherapy candles, L’Occitane diffusers, and other rejuvenating home fragrances. Soak in a bubble bath filled with essential oils that promote relaxation, like lavender, which also helps you sleep. Other scents to note: rose (soothes and uplifts your spirits), ylang ylang (calms the mind), mandarin (eases anxiety), and vanilla, cherry blossom, and jasmine to elevate your mood.

5. Take your daily dose of ‘D’

If you don’t get enough of any kind of vitamin, you run the risk of developing a deficiency and unwanted medical conditions that you can avoid. Vitamin D is a disease-fighting, mood-improving, immune system-boosting powerhouse also linked to appetite control, weight loss, and having an active metabolism. We get vitamin D from sunlight and eating tuna, salmon and mackerel. But, that’s not enough because nearly 75 percent of Americans are vitamin-D deficient. Supplements, like the ones sold at the Vitamin Shoppe, can provide that daily dose of ‘D’ you need to stay on the go and healthy.

6. Add color to your wardrobe

Treating yourself to a new piece of clothing not only has a positive effect on your mood, but also contributes to shaping a healthier self-image. Did you know that wearing just the right color can make you look 10 years younger or 10 pounds lighter? To achieve a slimming effect, use bright, bold colors to accentuate your favorite assets. Also, incorporate colorful accessories for a more vibrant look, like eyewear with lively frames, patterned scarves, and jewelry from Gilt in bold hues that add youthful pops of color to an outfit.

Lastly, if you’re looking for more products and services that make it easier to achieve your get-healthy goals, download our Giving Assistant Button to keep up with the latest ways to save money and give back to good causes.


Happy New Year: Double Cash Back from 34 Brands You Love

Happy New Year: Double Cash Back from 34 Brands You Love

We have a new year of savings upon us…how will you start it off? There are tons of extra savings, red-hot deals, and double cash back to earn in 2018. And the best part? You’ll have the opportunity to achieve two times the good that you normally do when shopping Giving Assistant with this week’s New Year Double Cash Back event!

1. Alternative Apparel 12% Cash Back

Soft and simple, this brand is dedicated to clothes that make you feel at home. Shop and save on an inventory of styles that not only stand the test of time, but also promote sustainability through select fabrics and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

2. Sperry | 14% Cash Back

You don’t have to man a boat or lounge around seaside to appreciate the style and comfort of Sperry’s deck shoes, loafers, sandals and nautical apparel made for women, men and younger adventurers

3. Gearbest | 5% Cash Back

When’s the last time you took a peek at one of the best tech/gadget/home goods hotspots online? From espresso machines to RC pocket drones, enjoy a ‘kid-in-a-candy-store’ experience with discounted electronics, toys, computer equipment, gaming, outdoor accessories, and apparel.

4. Bed Bath & Beyond | 8% Cash Back

Need a new dinnerware set? Want to replace those dingy towels in the bathroom? Running low on K-Cups? Find all this and more when shopping this ultra-popular home goods retailer.

5. BioClarity | 20% Cash Back

Kick off the New Year with a fresh-faced perspective! Harness the power of plants and save money on skin care that produces clearer, more balanced results backed by smart science.

6. BuyBuyBaby | 6% Cash Back

Say ‘hello’ to the joys of parenthood! Browse a collection of baby essentials that include 4-in-1 strollers, convertible car seats, designer diaper bags, and adorable nursery furniture.

7. Chaco | 16% Cash Back

Where will you find yourself in 2018? Gear up for the next adventure with savings on outdoor shoes, hiking sandals, water footwear and flip flops made for year-round escapades.

8. Coordinates Collection | 8% Cash Back

Celebrate milestones and unforgettable memories with jewelry customized to commemorate special locations in your life. Each piece features the longitude + latitude coordinates of where unforgettable experiences have taken place.

9. FitFlop | 18% Cash Back  

Step into the New Year with a pair of shoes that represents the epitome of fashionable ergonomics. The boots, sneakers, clogs and other footwear sold here are made with your feet’s best interest in mind.

10. GelPro | 5% Cash Back

Your feet deserve comfort and T.L.C. throughout the day– especially when you have to stand for long periods of time. So…why don’t you treat yourself to an anti-fatigue floor mat for your kitchen or office, and put an end to achy arches?

11. Grasshoppers | 16% Cash Back

Looking for footwear that offers just the right balance between comfort and style? The mostly neutral-toned lineup of slip-ons, lace-ups, wedges and sandals is quite versatile, and perfect for wide-ranging wardrobe coordination.

12. Online Shoes | 16% Cash Back

Looking for a warm fleece? In need of a solid work boot? Pair already attractive deals on footwear, apparel and accessories with double cash back to reap added savings on brands such as Sperry, Merrell, Wolverine, Harley-Davidson, and Hush Puppies.

13. Groopdealz | 20% Cash Back

Add to your winter wardrobe! There’s a fresh crop of deals every day at this discount boutique, which offers clothing, children’s items, and home décor for up to 85% off retail prices.

14. Intimina | 20% Cash Back

Just leave it to the professionals! From menstruation to motherhood to menopause, let feminine care experts lend a hand and supply the essentials made to ensure women’s intimate health.

15. Harmon | 12% Cash Back       

Who doesn’t like to save money on health and beauty products? Shop here to enjoy double cash back after stocking up on bath & body must-haves, personal care products, vitamins, lotion, lipstick, styling tools and everyday household goods from your favorite brands.

16. Keds | 16% Cash Back

Embrace the original style of ladies’ shoe that’s been around for 100+ years, or opt for a more contemporary look. Browse the floral prints of the Kate Spade collaboration. Trade in heels for the sparkle and shine of the Wedding Collection. Or, express yourself with an eye-catching Keds x Rifle Paper Co design.

17. L*Space | 12% Cash Back      

Upgrade your coastal fashion options with the help of sexy swimsuits, trend-setting shoreline apparel (like rompers, dresses and cover-ups), sandals, and accessories such as woven hats that fashionably shield you from the sun.

18. Microsoft | Up to 5% Cash Back

What’s better than elevating your tech and electronics clout with a new Surface Pro laptop, XBox One, or Harman Kardon Invoke with Cortana? Getting double cash back for these purchases!

19. Beauty Bakerie | 20% Cash Back

Satisfy your sweet tooth without gaining an ounce! And, take care in knowing that the fabulous eyeshadow palette, liquid matte lipstick, and bronzer you buy from this bakery-inspired beauty shop does not involve testing on cute and fuzzy critters.

20. Motiv Ring | 17% Cash Back  

Don’t worry…that trend-setting ring that just tracked your daily run, follows your heart rate, and calculated your sleep activity last night, is waterproof. Wear it in the shower, and get ready to tackle another day with one of the smallest fitness trackers that you can buy.

21. NA-KD | 30% Cash Back

Craving a new look for the New Year? Satisfy your hunger for cutting-edge fashion with a serving of creativity from more than 100 international designers and brands.

22. Personalization Mall | 16% Cash Back

Score cool points with a gift that delivers an extra special touch! Offering thousands of unique options that celebrate and commemorate every occasion, it costs nothing to have them personalized with a name, monogram or thoughtful message.

23. Saucony | 16% Cash Back       

As you meet your New Year resolutions head on, stay motivated with colorful layers and trail runners for intense winter runs and trips to the gym. Shop high-performance goods from a brand with a reputation known for meeting the needs of runners, walkers and fitness enthusiasts.

24. Quickbooks | 7% Cash Back

Attention self-employed entrepreneurs, small- and mid-sized business, you’ll appreciate just how easy it is to ‘balance the books’ with this online lifesaver. Just in time for tax season, get an extra boost with double cash back that helps sweeten the overall fruits of your labor.

25. Project Juice | 8% Cash Back

The next time your doorbell rings, it could be a delivery of nutrient-filled cold-pressed juices, juice cleanses, and plant based edibles made with ingredients from certified organic farms. Explore a wealth of health benefits such as creative Wellness Packs (like the Modern Bride Beauty Kit) or smaller Wellness Shots that provide energy, boost the immune system, and rejuvenate important bodily functions.

26. Staples | 5% Cash Back

Shopping for a new laptop? Running low on printer ink? Desk chair on its last leg? Sounds like you need to check out the latest deals from an office supply retailer that stays well-stocked and ready to meet all of your office, school and business needs.

27. Wolverine | 6% Cash Back

When durability and comfort really matter in a boot and beyond, turn to a company that sells footwear made with sturdy soles and waterproof leather, as well as apparel ready for extreme elements.

28. Sleefs | 10% Cash Back

Be bold and expressive with custom compression gear, such as arm and leg sleeves, which join a collection of colorful T-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, headbands and bandanas. Available in sizes for adults and kids, there are over 200 designs to consider.

29. Tours4Fun | 6% Cash Back

The next time you’re on vacation, a staycation or celebrating a holiday in the New Year, take a moment to experience local attractions by booking a sightseeing tour, cruise, or small group outing that offers double the cash back through us.

30. Stride Rite | 14% Cash Back  

If you notice your lil’ one’s toes are pushing the limits of his or her shoes, don’t worry. Stride Rite has your back with shoes, sandals and boots that accommodate the needs of constantly growing feet.

31. Chrislie | 24% Cash Back

Sometimes the world is harsh, but your makeup doesn’t have to be. Don’t miss the chance to shop cruelty-free cosmetics for feel-good skin care and beauty paired with exceptional cash back rewards.

32. Swanson Vitamins | 16% Cash Back

So, you want to lose weight, get fit, and eat healthier, eh? Supplement your quest to keep up with New Year’s resolutions by stocking up on the vitamins, natural health products, and organic foods that definitely help you stay on track with newfound, healthy lifestyle changes.

33. PhoneSoap | 20% Cash Back

Think about it. A cell phone is covered in 18x more bacteria than a public restroom. Let that sink in for a moment. This might be the best time to invest in the first and only phone charger that uses UV light to disinfect one of America’s most favorite ways to communicate.

34. TaylorMade Golf | 12% Cash Back   

A trip to the driving range may call for a new putter, wedge, iron, and other golfing accessories. You can count on TaylorMade Golf to equip you with high performance essentials that keep you prepared and competitive.

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