Travel Coupon: Book Your Next Destination Hotel and Save $110

Travel Coupon: Book Your Next Destination Hotel and Save $110

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean your future travels have to! If you’re looking for a more affordable way to travel the world, then you’ve landed in the right spot. When you take advantage of the Passport Discount Coupon, you can travel anytime between now and the end of 2017 with a discount worth $110 and earn up to 7% cash back savings from Giving Assistant. 

Why $110? is giving back the price of a passport to encourage more Americans to apply for their passports and travel internationally! 

It’s simple to use. When you book your hotel with a price tag of at least $800, type in the coupon code Passport2017 at checkout and you’ll receive $110 off your booking price. And voila! You’ll be one step closer to your dream vacation. Toss the “I still need to apply for my passport” excuse out the window and check out these top destination hotel deals below.

7 Nights at 7 Top Destination Hotels

The following are seven hotel booking examples for seven nights, yet the Passport Discount Coupon works for other hotel options and it can be for 1 to 28 nights as long as the price tag hits at least $800. Please note that the prices mentioned are after the Passport Discount Coupon is used.

  • Royal Hotel, Paris, France. Just $716 for 7 nights at this four-star hotel on the famed Champs Elysee in Paris. Enjoy the charm of this hotel within sight of the Arche de Triomph and feel like you’re staying with friends in a private home.

  • Urban Lodge Hotel, Amsterdam. $667 for 7 nights in the hotel billed as the place for Urban Cowboys. Located in Sloterdijk Station portion of Amsterdam, Urban Lodge mixes city and country life with spacious guest rooms and restaurants serving a variety of Dutch foods.

  • Abbey Court, Notting Hill, London, England. $723 for 7 nights in this Victorian Villa first built in 1860 as a private residence. You will be at the center of it all in central London near Notting Hill and Paddington Station. The very best place for the big city experience, whether you travel on business or pleasure.

  • Artist Hotel, BnA Koenji, Tokyo, Japan. $674 for 7 nights at the hotel that connects you to the art world for “a creative cultural experience” where an individual artist designed each room. If you love art, you will never forget lodging in a work of art while you support local artists.

  • Retrome, Barcelona, Spain. $896 for 7 nights at this hotel with a lobby decorated in art nouveau. Just a short walk to the beach from this home away from home and yet you will have all the advantages of a big city. You will enjoy the five-minute walk to shopping in Passeig de Gràcia and ten minutes to Plaça Catalunya (the busiest square in Barcelona) and the Sagrada Familia Basilica.

  • City Garden Hotel, Hong Kong. $653 for 7 nights, this hotel offers special deals on traditional Chinese wedding ceremonies that care of everything for you. If you’re not getting married, you can relax in the Jacuzzi, work out at the hotel’s fully equipped gym, or enjoy spicy Malaysian and Singapore cuisine at the Satay Inn.

  • Kingswood Hotel, Dublin, Ireland. $821 for 7 nights at Dublin’s newest four-star hotel, formerly the Maldron Citywest Hotel. Just 9km from Dublin’s city center Kingswood has large rooms with modern appointments. McGettigan’s Cook House & Bar handles large events with special wedding menus, BBQ events, and locally grown meats/fish and produce. If you would rather just relax in the bar, you’ll enjoy the surround sound music as well as the modern setting.

And remember, on top of Passport Discount Coupon that’s worth $110, you can also take advantage of Giving Assistant’s cash back and earn up to 7%.

Caveats: These prices are only good if you use the passport coupon offer, book before August 31, and travel before the end of 2017. The $110 discount only applies to the first room in the booking. You will pay the full price for the rest of the rooms. The coupon will activate whether you own a passport or not.

Hotels participating in this promotion are Price Guarantee Hotels. The Passport Coupon is only good for your first five bookings and the coupon terminates after 2,000 bookings by all customers. There is a limit of one coupon per booking. The discount does not apply to taxes, fees, or additional costs of your stay. One more thing: you must pay for all bookings at the time you reserve the rooms.

Bon voyage!

Happy to Announce that We Are Now a Certified B Corporation!

Happy to Announce that We Are Now a Certified B Corporation!

The ultimate mission for Giving Assistant has always been to do good, give back, and be better.

Not just for the sake of looking good…

…but to genuinely make a positive impact in the world.

Yet, writing an earnest mission and slapping it on our website wasn’t enough, we knew that our growing company eventually needed to be held accountable for what means the most to our team. This is why we are proud to finally announce that Giving Assistant is officially certified in the field of doing good!

Certified B Corporations, called B Corps for short, are companies that go through a rigorous certification that measures their impact on the environment, their employees, their customers, and their community. Little over 2,000 companies in the world today have successfully become B Corps, which makes the label one of the most prestigious ones out there. (Go us!) 

But it wasn’t an overnight process. In fact, you could say that the journey began when we decided to launch a social enterprise; we had to spend years building a company that was even B Corp worthy. Take a look at the goals of B Corps, the process of becoming certified, and how Giving Assistant meets the requirements with excellence.

The Giving Assistant team and the trash collected after cleaning up Ocean Beach.

What B Corps Are All About

In one sentence, the B Corp title is “like Fair Trade certification but for the whole business, not just a bag of coffee.” This perfectly describes the community of B Corps across the globe–companies that treat the people and the world around them fairly, while at the same time remaining a profitable business. A few of B Corporations’ values are:

  • Businesses should compete not only to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world.
  • All business ought to be conducted as if people and places matter.
  • World business leaders must realize that everyone is dependent on each other for the well-being of our global community and natural resources.
  • A company’s products can and should benefit society in their production, practices, and profit.

Our Head of Charity Advocacy, Isabel, serving lunch at St. Anthony’s Dining Room during one of our company volunteer days

How to Become a B Corp

As you can see from these goals, not just any business can become a B Corp. It takes a thorough vetting process to filter through unqualified organizations and find the ones that are truly making a difference. As their requirements state, the process is “rigorous but straightforward.”

The first part of the process is called the B Impact Assessment. This assessment measures a company’s positive impact and sustainability. Once this initial test is complete, businesses receive a detailed score report that shows their strengths and weaknesses. If their score is high enough, B Lab verifies their answers to make sure that they are accurate. And, if all goes well, a company is eligible to become a B Corp.

Even after getting certified, a company must demonstrate that they are still worthy of the title. Every two years, all companies must get re-approved through a concise version of the initial assessment. Additionally, 10% of companies are randomly selected for an extra check up each year. All of this goes to prove that being a B Corp is not only an honor, but also a responsibility.

In May of 2017, Giving Assistant passed the B Impact Assessment on the second try and went through all of the required steps to become a B Corp! The process was long and filled with both successes and failures. It took over a year for us, and we had to formalize many of our unwritten policies. But in the end, here’s how our scores stacked up against other companies that took the test.

  • We scored 24 in the area of employee treatment, where the average applicant scores 18.
  • Our governance earned us a score of 16, 10 points higher than the average.
  • In the community category, our score of 22 beat the average score of 17.

Why Giving Assistant is a Perfect Fit

Not only did Giving Assistant become a B Corp, but we handily outdid many other companies in a variety of fields. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that we did well on the exam. Recall that B Corps split up their impact into four categories:

1) Employee Impact

  • We offer health benefits and stock options to 100% of our employees.
  • We hold quarterly Fun Days and corporate volunteer activities.
  • Every employee has the ability to work-from-home on Fridays.

The team enjoying some beers at a Giants game

2) Customer Impact

  • Our services are an easy way for customers to save money.
  • We offer benefits for shopping on a wide variety of stores, which lets every consumer get involved.
  • We help people get more involved in their global community by making a positive impact when they shop.

3) Community Impact

Zinc and Zidisha posing with their cash back donations earned through Giving Assistant

  • Through Giving Assistant, our users had the ability to donate over $250,000 to Zidisha, which has allowed them to fund over 9,000 microloans in developing countries.
  • Our users have donated over $17,000 of funds to Camp Kesem, an organization that provides a summer camp for kids whose parents have cancer.
  • Giving Assistant shoppers gave more than $15,000 to Pencils for Promise, allowing underdeveloped communities to build proper schools for their children.

4) Environmental Impact

  • Our offices are located in a Platinum LEED certified skyscraper.
  • We recently switched from paper checks to e-checks, drastically reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Much of our donations go toward responsible nonprofits that are good stewards of the environment and natural resources.

Considering all that goes into becoming a B Corp, the Giving Assistant team is incredibly proud of our progress. It is an honor to be considered part of this elite group, and we work every day to keep up our positive impact and reach even more communities around the world. Thank you for being part of our success!

Host the Best Backyard Bash with these 5 Items Under $99

Host the Best Backyard Bash with these 5 Items Under $99

Ahhh summer. There’s no better time to host a backyard bash, whether it’s for:

  • A back-to-school gathering
  • A wedding or birthday celebration
  • Or simply a good excuse to get together with friends and family

Before you put your party hat on and start up the grill, be sure your backyard is party-ready. No one wants to run into the house multiple times searching for extra seating during the middle of dinner. And you don’t want your guests complaining it’s too hot or too cold. With the right backyard furniture and pops of decor, you can plan a stress-free event that is not only Instagram worthy, but super practical.

When it comes to shopping, saving a pretty penny is always a priority. Well, you’re in luck, because Walmart has partnered with Better Homes & Gardens to make these backyard must-have items affordable and accessible for everyone. Plus, Giving Assistant offers Walmart coupon codes to make your party an even better deal. With that in mind, here are five of our favorite patio items (all under $99!) for throwing a backyard bash when you’re short on cash.

Great Seating

In order to have a successful party, you have to make your guests comfortable. Better Homes & Gardens offers a wide variety of inexpensive seating options that will be the perfect fit for any outdoor space! When your guests aren’t comfortable, they will leave your party sooner than you prefer. Avoid that situation by trying one of these seating solutions:

1.) For larger spaces, try this wicker bench with a storage container underneath. It’s a beautiful, natural addition to your patio and it is much less expensive than most seating options.

2.) If you don’t have space for a full bench or you’re looking to cut down your budget even more, go beyond folding chairs and take a look at these industrial style gray chairs. They provide a rustic, chic vibe to your space without taking up too much room.

Festive Lighting

One of the most fun parts of an outdoor space is the lighting. With the right light bulbs, you can make space feel enclosed and cozy for your guests, even if it’s a large outside space. Plus, lighting gives you the ability to extend your party until the late hours of the night and keep the fun going.

3.) These strand lights are under $10 a pack and provide the perfect ambiance for your party. They are easy to use, and you can hang them virtually anywhere. When the party is over, you can take them down and easily store them. Or, you can leave them up to enjoy every day; they are built to endure the elements and last thousands of hours.

4.) If you’re looking for a more unique style for your party, try these glass lanterns. They are a perfect addition to a table centerpiece and provide a light source without going through the trouble of hanging them up.

Shade and Sun Protection

The last thing you want is a part full of sweaty, uncomfortable guests. But in the summer, it’s often hard to avoid that fate! If the sun will be beating down on your guests, make sure you plan ahead and buy one of the umbrellas that Walmart carries.

5.) This Market Umbrella is the perfect addition to a patriotic party or celebratory barbecue. It’s easy to set up and stores away nicely after the summer season is over.

BONUS! For the Cooler Nights

Perhaps our favorite all-season accessory is this fire pit to keep you warm year round. Perfect for roasting s’mores or sitting by the fire, you’ll be glad to have this patio accessory on those chillier nights.

The best part about this deal is that Giving Assistant offers Walmart coupon codes and cash back for members. That’s right–you could be getting these already low prices for even less! Take a look at what we offer so you can reduce the cost of your backyard bash even more.

Outdoor furniture and decorations are essential to any successful party and we know you’re in good hands with Walmart and Better Homes & Gardens. Happy party planning!

5 Amazing Ways to Save on AliExpress

5 Amazing Ways to Save on AliExpress

Shopping on the Internet can quickly get expensive. With so many available items and “good deals”, it’s often hard to decide what items to put in your cart and which to leave behind. But how much you spend all depends on making clever choices about where and how to shop.

One of the biggest bulk online suppliers, AliExpress is already a haven of deals. But with a few special tricks, you can cut costs even more. From coupon codes to in-app purchases, here are the five smartest ways to save on AliExpress:

1. Shop with GivingAssistant.

Giving Assistant has coupons for all kinds of sites–AliExpress included! Whatever you’re shopping for, from household items to clothing, Giving Assistant has an AliExpress coupon for you. They also offer discounts on AliExpress “super deals” that are already at an extremely low price.

When you shop through Giving Assistant, you’ll also earn cash back on purchases at AliExpress and over 2,700 other online stores! Then, you have the option to automatically donate a portion of your cash back to your favorite charity.

2. Get their mobile app and save on the go.

AliExpress offers an incredible free app for both iOS and Android. On it, you’ll find “mobile only” exclusive deals that offer lower prices than the website, across every category. There is also a new AliExpress coupon code every day that is only available on the app.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also earn instant rewards for downloading the app. On the lower end, if your first purchase is more than $14, you will receive $4 cash back. And on the higher end, if you spend more than $200 on your first app transaction, you will receive $100 cash back. Cha-ching!

3. Shop out of season. 

Just like any business, AliExpress has inventory that they need to get rid of. If you know that you are going to need a new winter coat, take a look at AliExpress’s options during the summer when demand and prices are both low.

The same goes for other items, particularly electronics. An electronic can be considered “out of season” when a newer model is available. If you’re looking for an older phone accessory, cable, or adapter, AliExpress will have great deals.

4. Focus on the Flash Deals

One of the distinguishing features of AliExpress is the Flash Deals section. Certain items are available at an extremely discounted rate for exactly six hours, then they are gone. You’ll have to act fast if you want to grab these deals!

It’s a good idea to check back here often because the products cover virtually every category:

  • Electronics,
  • Clothing,
  • Sporting equipment
  • And much more!

Chances are, you will be able to find a similar product for a lower price in the Flash Deals section, so always check before you buy a more expensive version of the same thing.

5. Buy in bulk.

Even though AliExpress coupon codes are your best shot at saving big, it’s also worth a try to experiment with buying in bulk. AliExpress’ specialty is selling items in bulk and it’s generally cheaper to buy more items at once.

If you are buying something that you know you’ll eventually need more of, try playing with the quantity to see if the price per unit goes down. It likely will, but even if it doesn’t, you’ll still save money on shipping if you buy everything at once.

With these five tips, you can get less for more and make your AliExpress shopping cart significantly less expensive. So what are you waiting for? Pick one of these great ideas and try it out for yourself.

Charity Spotlight: The Yellow Feather Fund

Charity Spotlight: The Yellow Feather Fund

Everyone knows that Big Bird and his pals on Sesame Street have been helping kids learn their ABCs and 123s for decades, but did you know they are also helping children here and around the world with even tougher challenges?

Through the Yellow Feather Fund, Sesame Street is positively impacting the lives of children with autism, children with parents in the military, children affected by the crisis in Syria, children in developing nations, and millions of others. And you can help support them too! Just by doing your everyday online shopping through Giving Assistant.

What is the Yellow Feather Fund?

Named after the lovable Sesame Street character Big Bird and his large, yellow feathers, the Yellow Feather Fund uses the well-known Sesame Street Muppets to create new learning materials for children that are fun and teach important lessons. The Yellow Feather Fund specializes in making videos, books, and other free digital content that kids love and teaches them important values and life skills. Here are some examples of what the Yellow Feather Fund has been doing lately:

1) Autistic children sometimes struggle with making new friends, so the Yellow Feather Fund’s online videos help both children with autism and their friends see what is special about each other and learn how to respect each other’s differences, having fun along the way. They also have helpful videos and daily routine cards that both parents and teachers can use to help educate autistic children.

2) Since around 700,000 children have a parent serving in the military, the Yellow Feather Fund supports these kids as a part of their “Little Children, Big Challenges” family services. Their PDF packets and videos help children and their parents to learn how to cope with the stresses that come with worrying about or missing their loved ones when they’re away for a long time.

3) The Yellow Feather Fund works closely with the International Rescue Committee to help young refugee children in the Syrian response region to develop:

  • Early reading,
  • Math,
  • And other social-emotional skills.

More than 12 million refugee children around Syria alone have suffered from emergency relocations and other traumas, which makes special educational programs like this one so important. By holding camps and making videos with new characters designed to better connect with the local kids — such as the adorable Zeerak from Afghanistan — children gain good role models for behavior and learn tips to help them connect with their communities in a positive way.

How can you use Giving Assistant to support the Yellow Feather Fund?   

“We’re so excited about our partnership with Giving Assistant” says Diana Polvere, VP Annual Giving at Sesame Workshop. “Our mission is to help kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder, and this is a wonderful way for people to support us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of children in the U.S. and around the world.”

If you’ve already signed up for Giving Assistant, all you have to do next is select the Yellow Feather Fund on your account settings menu. Then choose how much of your balance from cash-back rewards you’d like to donate.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can join here to start supporting the Yellow Feather Fund AND saving money on your everyday purchases at over 2,700 online retailers.

10 Expert Ways to Save on Expedia

10 Expert Ways to Save on Expedia

If you’re like most people, you want to travel but don’t think you can afford it.

One of the best-kept secrets of the travel industry is that everyone has the ability to travel wherever they want…

…you just need to be smart and take advantage of the deals that come your way. With that in mind, take a look at these ten great ways to save on Expedia:

  1. Expedia has coupons on its own site.

Believe it or not, the Expedia site itself has an abundance of coupon codes and special offers. Just go to the “Deals” tab and search through a listing of currently discounted destinations. These offers don’t last long though, so you’ll want to act fast when you do find one that you love.  

  1. Giving Assistant also has great Expedia coupons AND cash back!

Luckily for you, Expedia is one of the thousands of retailers you can find on Giving Assistant. Visit the store page for dozens of Expedia promo codes covering flights, hotels, and even car rental. 

Another great part of shopping with Giving Assistant is they offer cash back on Expedia and over 2,700 other online stores. For big purchases especially–like a week-long family vacation–the cash back earnings really add up!

  1. Be strategic with your destination and timing.

Certain times of the year make it more expensive to travel. A plane ticket to Mexico in peak Spring Break season will be much more expensive than during the winter months…

…but the country is still beautiful and warm during both seasons! Take trips when everyone else is staying home, and go to interesting places that aren’t bogged down by expensive mainstream prices.

  1. Download the app.

If you download the Expedia app, you’ll instantly get $25 off your first purchase. Plus, you’ll gain exclusive access to in-app coupons that even e-mail subscribers don’t know about.

To download the app, all you need to do is go to the Expedia website and put in your mobile number. They will send you a code for download and your deals will begin!

  1. Sign up for the e-newsletter.

Expedia maintains a great email newsletter chock full of:

  • Deals,
  • Travel ideas,
  • And exclusive offers.

You can unsubscribe at any time, so go ahead and at least give it a try! The incredible Expedia coupon codes you receive will be well worth the inbox clutter.

  1. Experiment with package deals.

Sometimes, spending more money can actually help you save it. If you are looking for a flight on Expedia, try finding a hotel there as well. Prices lower significantly if you buy in bulk, so it’s always a good idea to check for package deals that fit your destination.

  1. Don’t be afraid of layovers.

Depending on your destination, it may be cheaper to break up your flight into smaller chunks. If you are travelling to lesser-known destination, a direct flight is less common and consequentially…

…more expensive.

Instead of opting for the most direct flight, find the cheapest connection between your two points. Some people would rather pay extra than be forced to wait at a layover. But if you are really on a budget, this is a great way to cut down your expenses.

  1. Join the Expedia+ rewards system.

Expedia’s rewards system, Expedia+, offers a plethora of rewards for frequent fliers and newbies alike. As a member, you automatically gain access to coupons and deals on:

  • Hotels,
  • Flights,
  • And car rentals.

In addition, frequently using Expedia earns you points that you can apply towards your next purchase.

  1. Get an Expedia credit card.

Through the Expedia+ membership program, you have the option to get an Expedia credit card hosted by Citi. As you shop with the card, you simultaneously accrue points that you can put towards your next flight.

After spending your first $2,000, you automatically get 25,000 Expedia+ points. The value only gets better as you shop more!

  1. Make last-minute plans.

The best airline deals are always last-minute. Airlines want to fit as many people as possible on their flights–which is why they often overbook. But if they don’t have enough people to fill a flight…

…their price will start to drop drastically.

To take advantage of this, make sure to check out the “Daily Deals” on Expedia’s website. These flights and hotels book about a week in advance, so it’s a spontaneous plan, but they are often as much as 40% off the original price!

With these exceptional deals, you can travel the world without breaking the bank.

Bon voyage!