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15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved)

Finding a gift for a 6-year-old can quickly become a time-consuming and tricky task. Your gift selection has to be one that not only interests the child, but also one that sticks out in their memory so it doesn’t get lost in the abyss of already claimed toys.

Determining the best toys for 6-year-olds ultimately comes down to the child’s interests and hobbies. At the age of 6, however, interests and hobbies are heavily swayed by others’ interests and what they find to be entertaining at the current time.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of 15 gift options that we know the 6-year-old in your life will fall in love with.

The Best Gift Ideas for 6-Year-Olds for 2023

Whether the 6-year-old in your life is a technology nerd and wants to show off all of his or her new devices or is more of the laid-back and crafty type, we have compiled the perfect gift list to choose from.

1. Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 1

There is no doubt that most toddlers have a fascination with Dinosaurs. If you have a dino fanatic 6-year-old in your life, this book is the perfect gift. 

Complete with interactive illustrations of both large and small dinosaurs, the Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs is packed with all the necessary content needed to keep the receiver entertained for hours on end. The colorful images bring the dinosaurs to life with impeccable details.

128 pages mean there is plenty of content displayed by simple text in large type that makes it easy for new readers to keep up with the interesting information that is presented. 

2. Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor Toy

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 2

Help play pretend come to life with this Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor Toy from Hobby Lobby. This toy set comes with twenty-five pieces including activity cards, a magazine for the waiting room, a tote bag, and the essential supplies needed to treat your patients properly.

Young 6-year-olds with the dream to become a difference-maker will take this gift and use it to their heart’s content. Whether they have a love for helping people or pets, this doctor play set helps them familiarize themselves with the tools needed in the average doctor’s office. 

The handy tote bag makes transporting the necessary supplies easy as your young doctor moves from patient to patient. Let the 6-year-old in your life practice their doctor skills with this perfect toy for 6-year-olds. 

3. LEGO City Family House Building Kit

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 3

This ultimate LEGO City Family House building set has only the necessary home features with a lounge, kitchen, hobby room, bedroom, and bathroom. This playset enhances green-living with toy solar panels, a vehicle charging station, and an EV. You can’t forget the family of minifigures and the labrador retriever that makes this set complete. 

One of the main features of the LEGO City playsets is their functionality with other City playsets. The set comes complete with road plates to provide an avenue for this newest LEGO addition to easily connect to the current collection.

Our favorite aspect of this gift idea for 6-year-olds is that young and old friends and siblings alike can come together to build this masterpiece.  

4. Little Passports Subscription

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 4

Little Passports is an award-winning book subscription that keeps curiosity at the forefront of a 6-year-old’s mind. This subscription allows young learners to explore new ideas and travel the world from the comfort of their own home.

Books are themed based on the subscription of your choice, meaning if you have a young scientist in your life or a globally inspired enthusiast, there is a subscription that best suits their interests. 

Featured in popular sites like People Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and WIRED, this subscription is popular among children and parents alike for its fresh and creative process. 

5. Ultimate Gemstone Sand Play Set

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 5

Young scientists will thank you for allowing their creative minds to come to life with this Ultimate Gemstone Sand Play Set.

This playset includes a bag of natural play sand, six gem molds, six gemstone specimens, a play box, and a learning guide. The learning guide is your 6-year-olds model for all things gemstone-related. Specially constructed sand means it never dries out and remains easy to sculpt.

Let imaginations run wild with this unique gift, perfect for 6-year-olds that show creativity and love learning new things. 

6. Yummy World Ben Chocolate Donut Plush

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 6

Who doesn’t love donuts? Better yet, who doesn’t love a giant, plush donut? The Yummy World Ben Chocolate Donut Push is a chocolate frosted chocolate donut that you won’t feel guilty about your 6-year-old snuggling with in bed.

The googly eyes and full personality of this donut plush make it the perfect buddy for the 6-year-old in your life. But be careful, the realistic sprinkles and chocolate appearance may make your chocolate donut cravings even stronger than before. 

Made from a soft, high-quality material, your toddler won’t want to let Ben the chocolate donut plush go. 

7. Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 7

The Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet is the perfect gift for the toddler that won’t sit still but loves to express themselves through drawing. 

The light board comes complete with six mini washable gel markers and a removable back that allows you to trace designs or create your own. One of the more notable features of this product is that it is travel-friendly, which allows your 6-year-old to create masterpieces while on the go.

The Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet stands on the floor for easy use and can also be used while sitting on your lap. Keep your kids’ imagination alive with this unique toy!

8. Power Wheels Disney Pixar Toy Story Jeep Wrangler

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 8

Whether you’re a Jeep family or not, this Power Wheels Disney Pixar Toy Story Jeep Wrangler is sure to grab the attention of the 6-year-old in your life. Fisher-Price is known for creating quality toys enjoyed by every generation, and this Toy Story Jeep Wrangler is no exception. 

Let your little one climb around the yard in this Toy Story-themed Jeep Wrangler. The available seating allows for two riders to enjoy the ride meaning it’s a great toy to encourage sharing with others.

This is a noble gift choice for a toddler with older siblings as the battery-powered machine helps them keep up with the older kids on their scooters and bicycles. If you have a dare-devil, Toy Story fanatic 6-year-old, consider this as a gift option. 

9. Thomas & Friends Storytime Thomas

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 9

Get your young conductors ready because Thomas the train is coming to town. This Thomas & Friends Storytime Thomas is an interactive, story-telling toy that takes your toddler on all sorts of adventures.

There are three different ways to play with storytime Thomas including Music Time with a variety of sing-along songs, Game Time complete with interactive games, and Story Time that allows users to choose the route the story takes. 

An easy carrying handle makes transportation a breeze, and the working headlight lights the way for the future conductor in your life. 

10. Neon Craft Jar

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 10

It’s hard to go wrong when gifting craft supplies to young, creative minds. When it comes to toys for 6-year-olds, a craft set is a safe bet. This Neon Craft Jar has over 300 pieces of craft supplies to help complete the perfect craft project for your little creator. 

This jar comes with a craft booklet containing 100 project ideas for inspiration on creating the perfect piece of art with the included supplies. The reusable container makes cleanup easy and helps you keep all the components in one place.

Let your little creator bring their craft projects to life with this interactive, Neon Craft Jar. 

11. Drill ‘n Fill Dentist Play-Doh

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 11

It doesn’t get more original than Play-Doh. Play-Doh has been around for years and is very likely something you also played with as a kid. That means you know the joy the child will feel when they use their new play-doh to create a masterpiece.

This particular Play-Doh set is dentist-themed and comes with eight different doh canisters of varying dentist-related colors. Use the pick to get that leftover doh out of the prop teeth before forming the new and improved, sparkly white teeth. 

Let your 6-year-old test their dentistry skills with this unique Play-Doh set.  

12. Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 12

Hot Wheels aren’t only for boys. This Hot Wheels Crash Track set is sure to capture the attention of the 6-year-old you’re gifting. 

This track keeps the child’s imagination working by using problem-solving techniques to build the track that includes motorized boosters, hairpin turns, and a crash zone. Plus, it comes with parking spaces that you can use to teach the child to put the cars away when not in use. 

Whether your 6-year-old is a Hot Wheels fanatic or is just starting to show interest in them, this Criss Cross Crash Track is the perfect gift to keep them entertained and their imaginations running wild. 

13. Skillmatics Guess in 10 Card Game

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 13

Skillmatics Guess in 10 Card Game is the game that keeps on giving. Not only is it a fun game to play on family game night or when you’re traveling in the car, but it’s also a gift that serves educational purposes.

The basis of the game revolves around one team asking yes or no questions about the animal on the card while the other team answers ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question. Be careful! You only have 10 guesses to get all the information needed to guess the animal. The first team to win 7 cards wins!

Use this card game as an educational tool and only allow players to ask questions regarding the animal’s classification, habitat, and diet to get the brains working.

14. TOSING Wireless Karaoke Microphone

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 14

Karaoke is an activity enjoyed by both young and old. This TOSING Wireless Karaoke Microphone may be intended for the 6-year-old, but you can rest assured that everyone is going to want to take their turn belting out their favorite songs.

The wireless Bluetooth connection makes it easy for even the wildest of performers. Connect the microphone to your smartphone for the opportunity to sing along to your favorite songs. 

The TOSING Wireless Karaoke Microphone comes in a blue and a pink option, making it perfect for boys and girls alike. Get your singing voice ready with this ideal gift option for the toddler in your life!

15. I Spy Mystery Riddle Book

15 Fun Gifts for 6 Year Olds (Kid-approved) Image 15

The I Spy Mystery: A Book of Picture Riddles is a timeless classic that is still enjoyable years after publication in 1993. Not only does this picture riddle book make readers hone in on the picture details, but it also stimulates the problem-solving part of the brain.

This riddle book is the perfect gift for that problem-solving 6-year-old that enjoys a little bit of a challenge. It also comes in handy on long car rides where entertainment is lacking. 

You can even get the whole family involved in solving the mysteries these pages have to offer. Consider the I Spy Mystery: A Book of Picture Riddles if you know the toddler in question loves a good, brain-stimulating challenge. 


If you have questions about what to get for your little one, don’t worry. We have the answers below!

How Do You Shop for a Gift for a Non-Related 6-Year-Old?

Purchasing gifts for 6-year-olds is tough in and of itself. But purchasing a gift for a 6-year-old non-relative is a whole new beast to tackle. The best way to shop for a 6-year-old that you don’t live with or aren’t related to, is to ask their parents. Ask what the child needs or currently shows an interest in. This will give you an idea of what will be a memorable gift that the child will love. 

Can I Get a 6-Year-Old Something Other Than Toys?

Of course! Getting a 6-year-old something other than another toy is a great way to ensure your gift stands out from the rest. Often when toddlers have large birthday parties, their parents are overwhelmed by all of the new toys that are coming in to live in their already full home. Consider getting clothes or a book subscription instead. 

Where Is the Best Place to Shop Online for Gifts?

Online shopping makes it easy to shop multiple stores in a short period. Try shopping platforms that offer free shipping or coupon codes, so you can save while shop.