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15 Best Gifts for 7 Year Olds Guide

So, you’re looking for gifts for seven-year-olds. Such a task can be a lot of fun! At seven, kids know what they like to do and are ready to tell you. But there are so many choices when it comes to toys for seven-year-olds. Where do you start?

When it comes to shopping for gifts for seven year olds, think about what they like to do. At this age, things are starting to pick up in school. Children have learned basic math and reading skills and know-how to write. They love games that are more and more complex. They love learning “why.”

If you’ve ever been around a seven-year-old, you know they love to show you what they can do. This is the age when children don’t need as much oversight but encouragement and guidance. They are explorers, artists, scientists, and creators. Kits and books are hits with this crowd.

Choose toys for seven-year-olds that allow them to move their bodies, use their hands, and utilize new skills they are mastering. We’ve put together a list that we think covers all these areas. Check out our 15 recommendations below!

The Best Gift Ideas for 7-Year-Olds for 2023

1. The Floor is Lava

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Making the number 1 spot on our list of gifts for seven-year-olds is a twist on a game we all played as kids. With The Floor is Lava from Endless Games, jump between foam stones to stay out of the lava. The game comes with a color-coded spin dial, 25 foam stones, and challenge cards with fun commands like “touch your toes.”

This game challenges players with color matching and physical coordination. Jump between foam tiles until you reach the safe zone, but don’t touch the lava! Games for kids this age should present them with a goal while also allowing for silliness.

2. Illuminated Tracing Tablet Set

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For the budding artist in your life, consider the Illuminated Tracing Tablet Set by Discovery. While shopping for gifts for seven-year-olds, think about skills that they have gained. At seven, children are comfortable with a pencil and are experimenting with their own creativity. Tracing will strengthen their hands, further their skill, and give them confidence in art creation.

Check out the bright orange LED-backlit tablet. It comes with cute tracing templates, blank paper, colored pencils, and graphite pencils. There’s storage for the pencils built into the tablet, which is battery-operated. Simply clip a template onto the tablet, place a blank paper on top, and start creating!

3. My First Trampoline

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Feel safe with your little ones in My First Trampoline by Bounce Pro. Lower to the grown than a typical trampoline, it’s built for younger children in mind. This makes it a great gift for seven-year-olds who need a fun way to stay physically active and get out some energy.

Safety has been kept in mind with the My First Trampoline. Take a look at the foam covers that are sewn onto the jump mat, so kids are never in contact with metal springs. The mat and netting are UV-resistant. Climb in and out through a zipper opening in the netting.

4. Dog Man: The Epic Collection Box Set

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Books are always great gifts for seven-year-olds! The popular Captain Underpants author, Dav Pilkey, has also created a hit series and best seller, Dog Man. Seven-year-olds are proud of their ability to read and will enjoy practicing with this fun set.

Read the books together at night, or let your bookworm read the series on their own. The three-book set includes the titles Dog Man, Dog Man Unleashed, and Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties. At this age, children are learning to interact with their world. Give them these books that are humorous while having valuable themes like empathy, kindness, and integrity.

5. Calico Critters Family

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At 7, kids are beginning to fully grasp labels, like a sibling, student, friend, and much more. Watch the way they process real-life scenarios through play with dolls. Gifts for seven-year-olds can be just as cute as they can be educational. Just take a look at any of the Calico Critter families, like the Yellow Labrador Family.

Get the Father, Barker, the Mother, Lucy, and the Sister, Sadie, that come in coordinated outfits. Collect all of the Calico Critters’ families, structures, and accessories. Explore relationships, societal roles, and communication through the use of dolls like the Calico Critters.

6. KidiZoom Creator Cam

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Your child will love the freedom to create content with the KidiZoom Creator Cam by Vtech. This children-friendly HD camera with on-screen editing capabilities is a great gift for seven-year-olds. It comes with a tripod/selfie stick and has a built-in camera. Insert a MicroSD card for more memory and use the USB cable to upload videos with the help of an adult.

Laugh at the fun videos your young filmmaker creates with the silly animated backgrounds. Add a green screen for a background that makes you invisible! Run away from dinosaurs or visit the beach! Kids will gain confidence as they think of fun videos and plan props to use in them.

7. Light Up Pool Party Kit

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If you have a pool, pick up the Light Up Pool Party Kit by Starlux Games. When getting gifts for seven-year-olds, consider their current challenges. Some children who are learning to swim will hesitate to dive underwater until a fun game helps them relax! With the Light Up Pool Party Kit, you aren’t just getting pool toys; you’re getting a whole party kit.

The set comes with two light-up diamonds, two relay-race lights, four bright LED bracelets, and cards with ten different game suggestions. The lights are battery-operated, waterproof, and last up to 12-hours. Kids love how bright and pretty the diamonds are and that they can play games with teams by using the bracelets.

8. Math Scramble

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Make math fun with the Math Scramble by Learning Resources. This game is a fun gift for seven-year-olds that builds on their basic math skills. Challenge them in a game of speed, problem-solving, and healthy competition.

Think Scrabble, but with math. Shake up the blue egg and dump out the tiles. Each player gets a handful of tiles that they can use to create a grid of addition and subtraction problems. Be the first to use up your tiles on your grid, and you win!

9. Kids Adventure Book Gift Set

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Young children are always asking why. For the little explorer in your life, get the Kids Adventure Book Gift Set from Crate and Barrel. These books are not only filled with fun facts and unusual bits of knowledge but have beautiful, colorful painted images.

Gifts for seven-year-olds can help them gain an appreciation for beauty while also entertaining them with current interests. You’ll get three stunning hardcover books: Atlas of Ocean Adventures, Colorful World of Dinosaurs, and Maps. They’ll spend hours perusing the pages, gaining knowledge, and studying the beautiful images.

10. Hanging Hammock Chair

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Next on our list of gifts for seven-year-olds is a great spot to read all those books. The Hanging hammock chair by Asweets Raindrop Pod is perfectly sized for your seven-year-old. Whether they need a quiet place to focus or sensory input, consider this hammock.

It’s easy to put up and take down from any sturdy mount, like a tree limb or wooden post. Bring a pillow and a blanket, or take a nap. This polyester and cotton hammock chair has a metal frame that gently swings from a single point. Feel safe with the sturdy hammock that has an open entryway.

11. Soccer Ball and Cone Training Set

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The Soccer Ball and Cone Training Set by Simba Toys makes a great gift for active seven-year-olds. Get them out from in front of screens and into the backyard where they can run drills. They’ll be proud to tell their coach the way they practiced at home.

Get this set, and you’ll receive a six-inch soccer ball and four neon orange cones. Set the cones up to run kicks or create a goal with the cones. Gifts for seven-year-olds can be things that help them build their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

12. Sock Puppet Making Kit

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Enjoy this Sock Puppet Making Kit by Cate and Levi. Gifts for seven-year-olds can introduce classic past times. Creative gifts are perfect for children seeking a creative outlet. Teach your seven-year-old a simple life skill by sewing this sock puppet together and applying button eyes.

Choose from a dog, unicorn, giraffe, or monkey sock puppet to create. Each kit comes in an eco-friendly tube with recycled wool in a variety of colors and textures, as well as buttons, a needle, and thread. After you finish making the sock puppets, help your seven-year-old put on a show!

13. Colorful Crystal Lab

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When it comes to gifts for seven-year-olds, science lab kits are a hit every time! Colorful Crystal Lab by Ooze Labs is no exception. This is a great way for parents to spend an afternoon with their kids. Ask questions and experiment to find answers.

Open up the kit and flip through the fun manual. This isn’t just making a salt crystal on a rope. You use cones, strings, and Petri dishes to make different kinds of crystals in different ways. Use simple, safe chemical compounds. Kids can add dye to make pretty, sparkly crystals, or keep them clear.

14. Creative Brick Box

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Stick with the basics and get them a Creative Brick Box by Lego. This medium size box has all the basics in every color. Make cars, creatures, and skyscrapers. With almost 500 pieces and a green base plate, the limit is only your child’s imagination.

Legos are excellent open-ended gifts for seven-year-olds. Build on fine motor skills and dexterity. Use your imagination and play make-believe. With Legos, kids get to decide what to make. This teaches them to trust their instinct as they test out ideas to see what works for them.

15. Monopoly Junior

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Introduce child-versions of classic games to seven-year-olds. This is a way to remove the frustrations and negativity that come from activities not being age-appropriate. Gifts for seven-year-olds can encourage and nurture learning and creativity through fun that is just right for them.

Monopoly Junior by Hasbro is a great introduction to the original game. Notice how this one is much shorter, with bright, colorful game pieces. Kids will love how the properties are things like ice cream shops and the zoo.

Tips for Choosing Gifts for Seven-Year-Olds

Even if you’re an expert on seven-year-olds, it can help to know a few things. Here are our tips for how to choose hit gifts.

Choose Gifts that Mimic Adult Life

Observe the way seven-year-olds are watching the adults in their lives. Think about the ways they show interest in the things that you do. If they are your shadow every time you are in the kitchen, consider a children’s cookbook like this one so you can cook together.

Give Gifts that Are Just a Little Challenging

Seven-year-olds are problem solvers. They like strategy and social interaction. For example, the card game Uno requires matching colors and numbers while thinking ahead and working with a plan.

Don’t Overthink It

It can feel intimidating trying to impress kids with a unique gift. But gifts for seven-year-olds can be simple. They like to practice their new skills and get excited about the things they are learning. Stick with a book, a game, a kit, or a toy on the theme of what they like already.

FAQ About Seven-Year-Old Gifts

Check out some popular frequently asked questions on buying gifts for seven-year-olds.

What should I avoid when buying toys for seven-year-olds?

Avoid anything with sharp edges or parts. Make sure batteries are under a closer that screws shut. At any age, take away toys that have chipped or peeling paint.

What kinds of toys are safe for seven-year-olds?

Seven-year-olds are mastering new skills and independence. This comes with responsibility. For example, give them a scooter but give them a helmet and pads with it. Teach them to jump rope but also how to put the jump rope away where smaller children can’t reach it.

What should I know about seven-year-olds’ development?

Seven-year-old kids are building on basic math and reading skills. They like attention because they are proud of their ability to do things. They are learning responsibility and their role as members of society. They understand gender and play with children of the same gender.