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How The Cash Back Browser Extension Helps You Save & Give

Earning cash back shouldn’t be rocket science.

We know you want to save time and money. The Giving Assistant Button allows you to do just that!

How Does the Giving Assistant Browser Extension Work?

The browser extension from Giving Assistant is called, the button, which conveniently activates cash back earnings from qualifying online purchases automatically straight to your Giving Assistant account when you shop at thousands of online stores.

Once the extension is installed, the Button will appear next to your address bar in your desktop browser and automatically notify you whenever you visit one of our participating cash back extension stores.

You’ll receive automatic alerts at checkout, when shopping online on your favorite browser, when cash back is available.

You can earn cash from over 3,000 major online shopping brands that provide cash back like:

Benefits of Using The Giving Assistant Button

  • Never miss a cash back opportunity
  • Watch your savings grow faster
  • Avoid the hassle of traditional savings platforms
  • Earn more money for your favorite non-profit

There is no need to visit the GivingAssistant.org website first to activate your cash back earning opportunity.

Watch your cash back stack up right in the extension pop-up.

How to Activate Cash Back

The Button will show you your Pending Cash Back and Total Earned amounts, along with the cash back percentage for the online store you’re visiting.

One quick click on ‘Activate’ is all it takes to start saving!


This means:

You no longer have to go to Giving Assistant first.

We hope you’ll still visit us, though. Because we’ll miss you!

It gets even better:

The Button also alerts you of cash back opportunities when searching in:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

Allowing you to easily identify savings when searching for specific purchases such as:

  • Hotels
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • And more!

As always with Giving Assistant, when you earn more for yourself, you also earn more for your favorite non-profit organization.



How to Donate Cashback to Nonprofits

Using the cash back money you earned when shopping using the Giving Assistant browser extension you can choose to donate a percentage of your earnings to a nonprofit of your choice.

We get excited helping you to easily choose to give a little money to your favorite nonprofit, which will help us push forward our ultimate mission – transforming online shopping into charitable giving.

You can find out more about how to use Giving Assistant to save money and donate to a nonprofit of your choice.

Every time you make a purchase in the Giving Assistant marketplace, you put food on the table of a family in need, thanks to our partnership with Feeding America.

Nonprofit Fundraising Example

One organization, Zidisha, has earned over $250,000 from Giving Assistant members to date.


That’s insane!

And it means that, with your help, we are well on our way to accomplishing our mission to transform the everyday shopping of millions of people into charitable action…

…by being the best loyalty program for earning cash back and supporting charity with ease.

How to Get the Cash Back Extension

You can download the cash back extension from Giving Assistant which is available on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


Try out The Giving Assistant browser extension today – it’s 100% free!

Start watching your savings grow with cash back and good karma—applied automatically at checkout.

We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

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