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Power Your Life with Batteries Plus

Power it. Light it. Fix it. Batteries Plus is your destination for batteries, light bulbs, and all things practical. 

For powering your business, find batteries for everything from fleet vehicles to two-way radios. In addition to their vast selection of lighting solutions for the home, they carry commercial styles like gymnasium lights, fluorescent panels, and exit signs.

And for powering your life, they have batteries for your car, motorcycle, golf cart, and boat. Enjoy your hobbies with batteries for your digital camera or drone. Get ahead on home projects with batteries for your sump pump, modem or lawnmower. Easily find the right batteries for your hearing aid or wheelchair. They’ve got replacement batteries for any product you have. Even batteries you thought you couldn’t replace, like the ones in your thermometer, watch or key fob.

Here are 21 great reasons why Batteries Plus Bulbs will make your life simpler:

21 Gadgets and Home Essentials We Want from Batteries Plus

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1. Tzumi Slim Pocket Juice Portable Power Bank

Slim Pocket Juice Portable Power Bankv

Never be without power, even when you can’t find an outlet. This portable power bank ($14.99) is small enough to fit in your pocket so you can charge your smartphone or USB device anywhere. Ideal for road trips or the airport, it provides 9.4 watt hours (or about one full charge). Naturally there’s a tradeoff between portability and power, so find it in their other sizes based on your needs.

2. Feit Smart Wi-Fi Bulb 60W

wi-fi compatible smart bulb

Updating your light bulbs is an instant upgrade that can change the whole atmosphere of your home. This smart bulb ($14.99) is wi-fi compatible and can be controlled with Alexa or Google Assistant. You can even change its color or tune the shade of white it gives off. Tunable White lets you change the color temperature from soft lamplight to bright daylight. Stock up to light your fully connected smart home.

3. JBL Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable bluetooth speaker

Clip this portable bluetooth speaker ($69.99) to your belt loop or backpack. With its waterproof body and fully integrated carabiner clip, you can feel confident bringing this speaker on outdoor excursions. And it has built-in noise cancellation so you can use it for phone calls, and its rechargeable lithium battery provides 10 hours of use. Perfect for days on the boardwalk or taking your meetings outside. 

4. Ventev QI Wireless Charger Car Mount Kit

Car mount charge

The next time you go out, don’t run out of charge by the end of the night. This car mount ($49.99) charges your phone at the same time! Car mounts are already a great safety accessory: Attach your phone to your car’s air vent for safe navigation, then easily follow the GPS while keeping the road in view. The Ventev’s spring-loaded dual arms reduce distraction by letting you dock with just one hand. And it does it all while charging your phone tangle-free.

5. Nite Ize NiteDog Blue Rechargeable LED Leash

Light up leash

Your dog is a superhero. Give them a super leash! This light up leash ($29.99) increases visibility at night for safer walks. In addition to looking really cool, it provides end-to-end illumination so drivers can see you and you can see your path. Durable, comfortable and water-resistant, it features both a glow and flash light mode. This rechargeable leash works with a micro USB cable (sold separately) and provides 6.5 hours of fun.

6. Sunflower Patch Swappable PopSocket

Sunflower patch Popsocket

Express yourself with this sunflower patch PopSocket ($9.99). We love pop grips because they help you get a secure grip for texting, snapping pictures and using your phone one-handed. They also provide an ideal way to prop up your phone for watching videos. They’ve even good for earbud management: just wrap your wired earphones around the PopSocket!

7. Belkin BOOSTUP™ Qi™ Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging pad

Charge your phone fast and fuss-free with a wireless charging pad ($34.99). This model from Belkin works with any Qi-compatible smartphones including Apple, Samsung, LG and Google. An anti-slip base keeps your phone in place, and an LED indicator tells you it’s connected. It even has temperature control to ensure your device doesn’t overheat. At the time of writing there’s $5 off select Belkin cables and chargers.

8. Geeni Round Smart Dot Wi-Fi Plug

Smart plug from geeni

Imagine what you could do with this smart plug from Geeni ($12.99). The next step in your whole smart home ecosystem, this plug works over Wi-Fi to let you control your plugged-in device from wherever you are. Light the house at night when you’re away, then switch them off in the morning. Schedule a fan to blow for peak comfort at bedtime, or start the slow cooker before you pull in the driveway.

9. LuxPro LP178 Rechargeable LED Reading Light

hands-free light with light output of 16 lumens

Feed your reading habit with this hands-free light ($19.99). With a light output of 16 lumens, it’s the perfect answer for when you need illumination but want to start winding down. Its clamp is padded and lightweight, so it won’t damage your book. And its lithium ion battery has up to a 75 hour runtime. 

10. Tzumi CordBYTES Charge Pack Cable Protectors

clown fish cable protectors

How fun are these clown fish cable protectors ($9.99)? These cute creatures actually extend the life of your charging cable by hugging it tightly at each end. This reduces damage that can happen during daily use from tugging or flexing. Find countless animal pairs that will make you smile, like pandas, pigs, and a cow/horse combo pack.

11. Belkin Portable Power Pack for Apple Watch

portable power pack

This portable power pack ($59.99) is sleek and cutting edge, just like your Apple Watch. We like it because it has a compact size and it comes with a micro USB cable. And though it’s not an Apple product, it meets Apple performance standards. Enjoy up to 63 hours of additional charge so you can keep seizing the day. 

12. Tzumi ON AIR Halo Glow 8” LED Ring Light with Phone Mount

portable ring light

Get the best shot every time with a portable ring light ($44.99). This Tzumi ON AIR Halo Glow Ring Light has a mount for attaching to your cell phone. With straight-on lighting, it provides the most flattering glow so you can focus on capturing the moment. Perfect for FaceTime calls or making high-quality video content from home.

13. CyberPower White 6 Outlet Surge Protector

six outlet surge protector from cyber power

Let’s be real: you can never have enough outlets these days. Organize your command center with this six outlet surge protector from Cyber Power ($9.99). In addition to the convenience, surge protectors are a matter of safety: they protect your home and devices from power surges. This makes them the superior choice to ordinary power strips. This one is white to coordinate with your white tech, and features a two foot power cord to make it work with your desk set up.

14. Geeni Harmony Essence Oil Diffuser

smart oil diffuser

Make your home relaxation station with this smart oil diffuser ($39.99). Smart features allow you to focus on your breathing without having to get up and go across the room. Control it from a paired smartphone and set timers or schedules for uninterrupted calm. Enhance the beneficial effects of your essential oils with soothing LED light: you can change its color through the app to suit your room or mood. Features automatic power down for extra peace of mind.

15. Tzumi SOUNDMATES V2 Bluetooth Headphones

rechargeable bluetooth headphones from tzumi

Enjoy bluetooth earbuds at an unbeatable price. These rechargeable bluetooth headphones from Tzumi ($34.99) pair easily with your devices and boast high-resolution stereo sound. Their protective case even carries extra power for instant charging on the go. We like wireless headphones because of their convenience and minimalist visual profile. Perfect for enjoying music, audiobooks and podcasts at the gym or on the train. 

16. Nite Ize SPOKELIT Wheel Light

color changing LED wheel light

Ride in style with a color-changing LED wheel light ($9.99). This bike accessory increases your visibility to cars, making it a must-have for night riding. It attaches to your bike no-tools-required and stays on through shocks and weather. Featuring two light modes, it fits most wheels with a three spoke cross pattern. Lithium battery included.

17. PopWallet (Blush Pink)

Sleek PopWallet

Speed things up when you’re paying for coffee with this sleek PopWallet ($19.99). This tech accessory lets you securely carry cards on your phone, holding up to three credit cards and six business cards. It sticks to your phone with its adhesive gel side, which means it can be removed and repositioned as you please.

18. iPhone X/XS OtterBox Symmetry Case (On Fleck/Pink)

OtterBox Symmetry Case for Iphone X/XS

OtterBox knows strength. Trust your phone to this OtterBox Symmetry Case for iPhone X/XS ($39.99). This case features a grey edge and a pink face with a fleck pattern reminiscent of dino eggs. Its dual-material construction is styled with a purpose: it increases shock absorption to defend against drops. Stop by BatteriesPlus.com’s phone central for protection for Samsung or other models of iPhone.

19. Geeni Wired 1080P HD Smart Home Video Camera

Smart Wired Doorbell camera from Geeni

Be in the know with this smart wired doorbell camera from Geeni ($89.99). It provides wide-angle views of your front step so you can see who’s there without getting the door. Keep an eye on your packages—and on your home—while you’re away. HD night vision picks up on movement without any light, and smart features mean you get notified right on your phone. 

20. Geeni 16.4 ft Multi-Color Smart LED Strip Light

Smart LED light Strip

Under-cabinet lighting can be yours with this smart LED light strip ($44.99). Strip lights are loved for their versatility and easy installation. You can brighten any space in your home from banisters to door frames, and enjoy custom lighting without a renovation. Plus, smart home integration means you can set lighting schedules and change the color to fit the occasion. Need a longer strip to get the look you want? BatteriesPlus.com has you covered.

21. NEBO MYCRO Rechargeable Key Chain Flashlight

Rechargeable key chain flashlight from NEBO

Stay prepared with this rechargeable key chain flashlight from NEBO ($34.99). A great find for your everyday carry, it provides safety and convenience small enough to fit on your key ring. This flashlight features six light modes, including color (red and green). A powerful little light, it can shine up to 400 lumens.

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