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Best Sympathy Gift Baskets (2021 Guide)

Life can get hard sometimes, and when a loved one experiences a loss, a well-placed care package can go a long way in letting others know you are thinking about them. 

Sympathy gift baskets can help bring comfort to a loved one or family during a sad and lonely time. Sympathy gift baskets can also be sent to funeral homes or small memorial services to show how much you care, especially if you can’t be there in person.

The 7 Best Sympathy Gift Baskets in 2021 

1. With Sympathy Fruit & Sweets Gift Basket

Fruit gift basket with chocolate and cookies

The With Sympathy Fruit & Sweets Gift Basket is a fruit gift basket complete with chocolate chip cookies, caramels, Ghirardelli chocolate, and more inside a walnut wicker & rope basket.

This impressive basket provides plenty of delicious foods to help you express your deepest sympathy and hopefully provide a bit of comfort to those who need it.

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2. Godiva Sympathy Chocolate Chest

Godiva Chocolate bars

Chocolate can have a substantial effect on our mood, such as reducing tension and boosting pleasant feelings. There is perhaps no more famous comfort food than milk chocolate.

This chocolate sympathy set contains multiple Godiva chocolate bars, including dark chocolate, chocolate with raspberry, chocolate covered pretzels, and more. Bring delicious soothing chocolate to bear when life is getting hard.

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3. Hope and Healing Sympathy Basket

Bestseller chocolate fan the Hope and Healing Sympathy Basket

If the person in your life in need of a pick-me-up isn’t much of a chocolate fan, the Hope and Healing Sympathy Basket may be the better option. This is a bestseller and makes a great get well gift or thank you gift as well as a sympathy gift.

This package has a focus on teas, coffees, pastries, and small sweet snacks. All of the sweet flavors and warm drinks are geared towards helping one relax and find a small bit of peace in the moment.

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4. With Sympathy Deluxe Fruit Basket

Sweet and fruits sympathy fruit basket

Sympathy fruit baskets are a nice way to both provide something sweet and to brighten a room. Bright, fresh fruit always works to boost one’s mood and atmosphere and can go a long way toward giving a small bit of comfort.

If you think the recipient would prefer something that would last a bit longer, then a dried fruit and nuts package should also be considered.

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5. Peace, Prayers & Blessings Sympathy Gift Basket

Chocolate and sweets care package

This is another chocolate, and sweets care package that may provide comfort food when it is most needed. This package is extensive, and rather than solely focusing on chocolate, it also contains plenty of other sweets like brownies, truffles, and more.

There are three different sizes, with the largest having nearly three dozen items.

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6. Golden Millennium Sympathy Gift Tower

Best Sympathy Gift Baskets (2021 Guide) Image 1

This is a gourmet gift basket full of gourmet food and gourmet snacks piled high. Literally a tower of comfort foods, this bereavement gift basket will help sweeten one’s day even at the most difficult times.

Chocolates, hard candies, brittle, and more come in a series of golden boxes that serve to provide a bit of utility and decoration at the same time.

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7. Red Wine Countryside Gift Basket

Best Sympathy Gift Baskets (2021 Guide) Image 2

Take a break, and find some peace while sipping a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon amongst nature -because sometimes the best comfort can be found within nature, and perhaps a bit of wine.

This wine gift basket comes with fine wine and gourmet snacks to help you have the perfect picnic outdoors.

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How to Choose the Best Sympathy Gift Baskets 

While the concept may not have occurred to many, getting someone a basket of treats can be of great benefit when life gets tough. Here are a couple of tips for picking the right basket.

Treats and sweets can hit the spot 

Most of the top sympathy baskets are full of chocolates and sweets for a reason. When you are sad, sweets can help to brighten your mood and help you to relax. The best sympathy baskets are made to offer both sweets and other treats that are well known as comfort foods.

Try and figure out exactly what food and items would be appropriate to show condolences with, and make sure it’s something they can eat and enjoy. For example, make sure you know if the recipient has any peanut allergies before you get a giant nut and chocolate basket.

Subtle is usually better for loss (unless it isn’t) 

While large sympathy baskets are great for small events and gatherings, more selective and curated items may be better for your average person in some stage of grief.

For example, don’t buy a giant basket of sweets for someone who recently lost somebody, as the extra items lying around may only emphasize that they have fewer people to share them with. 

At the same time, if you are giving your sympathy to a larger family or group then it makes sense to go with the larger packages. Evaluate who these gifts are going to and make sure to tweak or change your gift to meet the recipient’s needs.

Get the Best Sympathy Gift Baskets Today 

Life is full of its ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean we need to let ourselves go through it alone or without a few delicious snacks. It may seem petty, but indeed a nice sweet treat or a hot cup of tea can do wonders for someone’s psyche at the moment, and every joyous boost helps.

A sympathy basket shows you care and provides much-needed comfort when it is needed most.

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