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8 Over-The-Top Chocolate Gift Baskets That Will Melt Their Heart

8 Over-The-Top Chocolate Gift Baskets That Will Melt Their Heart

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Chocolate is one of those things that everyone adores. Most people crave it at least once in awhile, and there are more companies than ever who are ensuring that everyone – no matter what sorts of dietary restrictions they may have – can enjoy it.

Chocolate gift baskets come in all styles and sizes with selections of artisan treats or well-known chocolatier’s offerings. Whether it’s a birthday gift basket, a Christmas gift basket, or a gift tower that is meant to just say “I Love You”, there are a lot of opportunities available for you to choose from.

Everyone Loves Chocolate – So Show Your Love with a Gift Basket!

The Best Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas for 2023

1. Holiday Chocolates Gift Set

Chocolate box for holiday gift basket

Holiday gift baskets filled with chocolate are the ultimate gift, and this gourmet chocolate gift basket is the perfect gift for family and friends who are also chocolate lovers.

This particular set offers three of the best sellers from Hickory Farms’ holiday chocolate collection. It includes dark chocolate sea salt caramels, and peppermint bark (in dark chocolate and white chocolate varieties). The chocolate gift tower is holiday-themed and wrapped up in a bow.

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2. Hand-Dipped Artisan Chocolate Box

Chocolate gift box for gift box

A chocolate gift box filled with artisan chocolates can be a wonderful thank you gift for co-workers or a corporate gift when you are looking for something that isn’t too specific but that is also going to show appreciation.

There are 30 chocolates in this gift box, with flavors like coconut, coffee, almond clusters, fudge, toffee and more. It’s perfect for sharing with friends and family when you get together for a holiday party, too.

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3. Godiva Wishes Chocolate Gift Basket

Refined collection of gourmet chocolates

If someone you know loves Godiva chocolate, then this refined collection of gourmet chocolates is going to be a holiday or birthday gift that they are never going to forget. They may even ask for it again in the future!

Chocolate lovers will enjoy all sorts of chocolate treats including truffles in 6-8 different flavors, caramels, coffee, chocolate bars, hot cocoa, chocolate raisins, chocolate pretzels, and even a milk chocolate graham cracker. Plus, it comes in a price range that makes it an easy gift for anyone.

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4. Simply Chocolate Splendid Sweets Basket

Gourmet gift basket

The first thing that the gift recipient may notice about this gourmet gift basket is the basket itself. Made of woven wooden slats with faux leather handles, this celebration gift is all tied up with a ribbon from the Simply Chocolate company – it’s a beautiful keepsake that they can use after the chocolate is gone.

The goodies inside of the basket include chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered graham crackers, sea salt cashews covered in chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter toffee, chocolate popcorn, and a variety of other delicious chocolate snacks.

5. Chocolatier’s Delight

Gourmet chocolate gift basket

Ghirardelli chocolate and Lindt chocolate are two of the most well-known companies when it comes to delicious chocolate treats. The Chocolatier’s Delight has them as the centerpiece of everything that is included in this delicious basket.

Filled with squares, truffles, chocolate covered peanuts, toffee caramel, and a number of other delicacies, this gourmet chocolate gift basket is for the cultured adult who really enjoys the finer things in life. Many of the sweet treats in this basket would pair well with dessert wines for the ultimate relaxing evening or way to say Happy Birthday.

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6. Chocolate Treasure Box with Wine

Wooden chocolate gift crate

Chocolate and wine go together incredibly well, and it could be the perfect pairing for a holiday party or birthday gift. This wooden chocolate gift crate resembling vintage luggage is filled with a variety of indulgent treats from Harry & David, and is accompanied by Royal Crest Red Blend wine.

The goodies inside of the keepsake box include chocolate covered popcorn, decadent chocolate truffles, and a mini chocolate cake. Slice into this crate for a relaxing Valentine’s Day or anniversary evening and really enjoy the unique flavors that come in the box.

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7. Halloween Chocolate and Sweets

Halloween gift basket

Halloween gift baskets are fun, and this deluxe candy gift basket is perfect for anyone who loves Halloween! It’s shaped like a coffin (or casket, whichever you prefer to say), so it can double as a spooky decoration when all of the treats have been devoured.

This chocolate gift box is filled with a variety of chocolate items, both gourmet and mainstream, that are sure to make this the best Halloween ever. It includes chocolate covered almonds, chocolate popcorn, hot cocoa, a brownie, chocolate squares, and chocolate truffles.

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8. Vegan Chocolate and Fruit Mix

ZChocolate Vegan Mix

The Vegan Mix includes each of our 4 Vegan assortments: the Dark Pepites, the Orangettes, the Pâtes de Fruits and our Z chocolates number 10 and 15. Perfect for Vegan aficionados in search of fine delicacies with a French twist.

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How to Purchase Chocolate Gift Baskets

1. Variety is the spice of life!

There are so many different types of chocolate out there that you want to be sure that you get a little bit of everything! Now, some people definitely prefer different types of chocolate over others, so you want to be aware of that. But, if that’s not the case, then gifting a mix of dark, white, and milk chocolate is well worth it.

2. Know dietary restrictions

Chocolate usually contains milk and some chocolate candies will have potentially problematic fillings. So, before you start shopping, make sure that you know about potential dietary restrictions and checkout the options you have to prevent problems related to them. This can include lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, nut allergies, fruit sensitivities, and more.

3. Stick to a theme

What is the special occasion? You can often find themed gift baskets which make it really easy for you to get everything in order and give an appropriately timed and themed gift. If you’re putting one together on your own, then do your best to stick to that theme (or get something theme-less, if you prefer to go that direction).

Chocolate is for Everyone!

Gone are the days where royalty were the only ones to be able to access chocolate. Now, everyone can get their hands on it and really enjoy everything that it brings to the table. Put together a gift set that your loved ones can enjoy and you’ll be really happy with the results of your unique gift ideas.

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