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7 Wine Gift Baskets to Send for Any Riesling

7 Wine Gift Baskets to Send for Any Riesling

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Whether they love puns or not, they definitely love wine!

Typically consisting of red wine, white wine, or blush wine alongside a charcuterie or chocolate assortment, wine gift baskets are the perfect gift for just about anyone. Celebrate your foodie friend, raise a glass to your anniversary, or make an impression with a corporate gift. You can never go wrong with the right bottle and snacks! Here are seven of our favorites.

The Best Wine Gift Basket Ideas for 2023

1. Truffles and Dessert Wine Gift

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Chocolate truffles are the very essence of decadence, and they go amazingly with many types of dessert wine. If you’re into romance, this gift is going to make your significant other melt with appreciation for your love.

This particular wine gift set is rich and inviting, complete with all types of white, milk, and dark chocolate truffles and Italian style Besson Tempranillo Wine. They pair perfectly together and make an elegant gift that is perfect for any couple.

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2. Mark West Red and White Wine Duet Gift Basket

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Red and white wine may be opposites, but this gift basket sings a beautiful duet that your recipient will love to enjoy again and again. A crisp chardonnay and a fruity pinot noir with black cherry notes come together for this lovely wine gift basket.

Also included in this wine gift box is a gourmet spread of snacks designed to go with one wine or the other. It includes multiple fruit snacks, hummus and other dip mixes, cookies, dried fruit, crackers, and a cheese knife.

3. Premium Spa Wine Gift Crate

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The perfect gift for the woman who needs to relax, the delectable French rosé wine and cherry blossom scented soaps and lotions in this crate will pamper her to the nth degree.

But, it doesn’t stop there. It includes a loofah disc and sponge, a foam sea sponge and to bath brushes all of which ensure that the recipient’s skin will be soft and smooth when they’re done. Pretty in pink never looked or felt this good!

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4. Champagne & Truffles Gift Basket

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The ultimate elegance in wine gift baskets is champagne and truffles. This stunning faux leather gift basket is an amazing choice for a corporate gift or for anyone that would appreciate a little luxury.

With some of the best truffles on the market and your choice of 3 sparkling wines, including the famous Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label, this generous champagne gift basket is going to make anyone feel like they are the king or queen of the world. The deluxe basket also includes toffee caramels and delicate water cookies amongst its generous collection.

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5. A Taste of Napa Wine Gift Basket

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To be confident that you’re giving the best wine in your gift set, there’s nothing better than going with a basket that has Napa wines and gourmet snacks. Known for having some of the best food and wine in the entire world, the essence of California’s celebrated Napa Valley is found in this basket.

This basket contains merlot and cabernet sauvignon that comes directly from Napa. It also has mustard, cheese, snack mix, bruschetta crisps, and a bag of chocolate squares from Ghirardelli. Together, these make a basket selection that friends and family will adore.

6. Wine Folly 6-Bottle Wine Styles Tasting Course

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A tasting course gift box? How neat is that? This gift basket doesn’t just provide your favorite wine connoisseur with wine they will enjoy, but also has tools to perfect their wine tasting and expand their wine knowledge at their own pace.

The course includes hand-curated wines, maps, and tasting cards. There is also a 2 hour video course from Madeline Puckette, one of the premiere wine communicators in the United States.

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7. Blooming Delights Gift Basket with Wine

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This treat of a gift basket is truly blooming with delights. Filled with luscious, gourmet treats, the basket comes with a bottle of excellent Hamilton wine that you choose for the recipient; a 2019 sauvignon blanc, 2018 cabernet, or a 2019 rosé.

Inside of the basket are snacks that pair well with any of the wines there are to choose from; delicate wafer rolls, Stroopwafel, snack mix, and other salty and/or chocolate gifts. For a different type of sipping pleasure, a selection of teas is also included.

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3 Quick Tips for Buying Wine Gift Baskets

1. Know what wine they like

There are all sorts of wine options out there, so you want to be absolutely certain that you look at and understand the types of wines that they enjoy. Does your fine wine lover prefer sweet wines, which are typically made with berries and other sweeter fruits? Or do they like drier wines, like Dom Perignon champagne? Knowing what they like will make it easier to sort out.

2. Look at vintage

How old is the wine? Is it from a certain year, or is it a fresher California wine that has been made in the past season or so? Vintage can make the price vary wildly, so you want to be sure that you do your research and ensure that you’ve got a vintage that will be enjoyed by the recipient.

3. Make sure the food pairs well

Most wine gift baskets have food. Whether it’s a cheese basket or a fruit basket, the wine needs to pair well.  Thankfully, many companies that make these baskets have a lot of experience with this, and will ensure that the cheeses, crackers, fruit, and/or chocolate that is included will go well with the wine’s flavor profile.

Spoil Your Favorite Foodie

Whether a corporate gift or a thank you gift for a loved one, wine gift baskets are the perfect gift to make any foodie happy. With so many types of wine and so many foods to pair with them, you’re sure to find some sort of gift set or gift basket that is going to bring them joy for as long as the wine lasts!

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