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7 Food Gift Baskets That Everyone Wants to Receive

7 Food Gift Baskets That Everyone Wants to Receive

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Surprise them with the best gift there is: Food!

A food basket is a great gift because it feels extra personal. Packed with fun they can enjoy over several days, it’s like a celebration delivered straight to their door. And if you’re cool about it…they might even share! It’s a delicious win-win.

We’ve gathered 7 food gifts baskets for every type of friend. From upscale charcuterie to a beautiful array of fruit and nuts, there’s something for foodies and casual snackers alike.

The Best Food Gift Basket Ideas for 2023

1. Coffee Break Gift Basket

7 Food Gift Baskets That Everyone Wants to Receive Image 1

You can’t talk about food gift baskets without talking about coffee gift baskets! This one is a deluxe option that makes it simple for the recipient to enjoy everything in it! If you have a coffee addict, then this is the perfect option for all they’ll want to enjoy.

This particular basket contains multiple coffees from Perfect Potfuls, cookies, kettle corn, and wafer rolls. All of the goodies in this basket have been curated so that they are perfect for any coffee break that your family member or friend may enjoy them with.

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2. Harvest Treats Gift Basket with Wine

7 Food Gift Baskets That Everyone Wants to Receive Image 2

This gourmet food gift basket is filled with a number of treats that will transport anyone to the fall harvest time. These fall flavors are from the best of the orchard, and it’s a great birthday gift or holiday gift for someone who loves autumn.

The fresh fruit basket includes apples, pears, sauces for dipping fruit, jams, and chutney. It also has bakery treats with pumpkin, cranberry, and apple flavors, so every bite tastes like fall. Plus, this gift set is completed by a bottle of Pinot Noir from Harry & David.

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3. Snacks & Sweets Gift Basket

7 Food Gift Baskets That Everyone Wants to Receive Image 3

If you’re having a tough time deciding if your loved one prefers chocolate gifts or a gift box of salty foods, then the Snacks & Sweets basket is the perfect gift for them. It’s brimming with a huge number of snacking options that will satisfy any snack enthusiast.

Worried that it won’t have enough? This thoughtful gift includes wafers, trail mix with dried fruit, cookies, cheese straws, popcorn, and a variety of other gourmet snacks that everyone is sure to enjoy, whether they share it with family or keep it to themselves. There are also gluten-free options available.

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4. 7th Inning Stretch Gift Basket

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Do you want to give a loved one a unique gift that is inspired by their favorite sport? The 7th Inning Stretch Gift basket is perfect for any special occasion, and has all sorts of delicious treats that taste like they could have come straight from the ballpark!

Beef jerky, salty peanuts, butter toffee nuts, veggie sticks, caramels, cookies, and snack mix are all included here, making for a great gift that you can use for housewarming or other gifting occasions.

5. Grand Signature Charcuterie Gift Box

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Who doesn’t love a meat and cheese gift basket? Gourmet gift baskets are an excellent option if you’re trying to find the perfect corporate gift that is going to satisfy everyone at your business. This box is an amazing addition to your gift giving options.

Complete with party-size meats and cheeses, this delicious gift set is filled with 7 different types of meat from Hickory Farms, including 4 different summer sausages and 3 dry salamis. It also has 3 cheeses, two types of mustard, and hot pepper bacon to provide the perfect options for flavor profiles. Plus, the cheese board and cheese knife are included, as are chocolate truffles for dessert!

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6. Williams Sonoma Harvest & Treats Gift Crate

Harvest and Treats Gift Crate

Dried fruits and nuts from California’s heartland are the stars of the Harvest and Treats Gift Crate. A beautiful wooden crate is filled with seasonally appropriate sweet treats and savory snacks that will satisfy any foodie.

When ordered, the crate comes directly from the farm at which the foods are grown and harvested. The crate also includes trail mix and yogurt pretzels, so that those with a sweet tooth can be satisfied as well.

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7. Cliffside Chardonnay and Mixed Nuts

Cliffside chardonnay and mixed nuts

If you’re looking for a wine gift basket, this Cliffside Chardonnay and Mixed Nuts is a great option. The wine is from California and focuses on pear and apricot flavors, which pairs perfectly with the nuts.

The nuts in this elegant, but simple, gift include cashews, pecans smoked almonds, Japanese peanuts, trail mix, pistachios, and a spicy party mix. This and the Chardonnay are the perfect equation for a relaxing afternoon or evening for your loved one.

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Finding the Right Food Gift Baskets

1. Be aware of shipping options

Shipping food is always a risk. You want to be sure that it’s going to be packaged well and that everything is going to get to their destination intact. You want to be sure that you have delivery options that keep cold food cold; Saturday delivery, two business day delivery or overnight may be an extra cost, but it’s well worth getting the food there properly.

2. Variety is the Spice of Life

Don’t just get one thing! If you can get a variety of foods in a basket rather than all gourmet chocolate or a sampler of just sausages, then you’ll find that you’re a lot better off than if you just got all the same thing. It’ll give them all sorts of things to choose from and, if some family members prefer certain foods over others, they have options. Variety is always best when you’re getting a gift basket.

3. Serving Sizes Matter!

Be aware of how much you’re sending. You may not want to send a gift basket with 32 servings of food to a couple, unless they’re big eaters and/or have enough storage for all of it. In that same vein, don’t give a family of 6 just 16 servings – there will be arguments! Be aware of how much is needed so that everyone that the gift is intended for will be satisfied.

Shop for Delicious Food Basket Options

No matter how much of a foodie your friends and family are, it’s likely that you can find some sort of basket that they’ll love. From popcorn to candy and everything in between, you’ve got tons of awesome food gift baskets that are really going to tickle their taste buds.

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