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8 Best Gift Baskets for Dad Guide

8 Best Gift Baskets for Dad Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

The dads in your life work hard, or at least they say they do, and therefore deserve the best possible gift you can give them. However, buying for a dad can often be difficult since their preferences and likes are typically less commercial or prominent.

Curated gift baskets present a lot of opportunities to give a dad something extraordinary.

Craft Beer Sets, custom BBQ kits, and so much more can be yours quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at the Best gift baskets for dads, as well as a few quick purchasing tips to help you make the right choice.

The Best Gift Basket Ideas for Dad for 2023 

1. Booze-Infused Snacks Crate

Booze-Infused Snacks Man Crate

This gift is ideal for the Snackaholic. Get it at ManCrates.com

A snacker’s delight with a spirited twist. Enjoy your favorite alcoholic drinks without the hangover.

The Booze-Infused Snacks Crate includes Single Malt Scotch Caramels, a Gin & Tonic Chocolate Bar, and Craft Beer and Pretzel Caramels made with Golden Ale from Memphis’ first production brewhouse, Ghost River Brewery.

Bonus Gift Idea for Snackaholics: Be on the lookout for themed snack assortments that celebrate a love for nuts, jerky, and other favorite munchies, as seen in the Peanut Butter Lover’s Crate, which features Caramelized Banana Peanut Butter Cups.

2. Man Cave Set

Man cave gift set

Think of this as a care package with the stuff a dad loves! This the perfect gift for the man in your life who loves to retreat to his own area and enjoy hobbies and alone time. This man cave gift set is a sampler of cheeses, crackers, and meats and contains some tried and true soda and candy favorites. There is also a checkerboard and checker pieces to add some more entertainment options to his space.

A popular usage of this item is as a nice home-warming gift to help the man in your life get his cave started, as it has all the basic necessities of a guy’s retreat.

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3. Movie Night Candy & Popcorn Basket

Movie night goodies snack gift basket

If your man loves a good time at the cinema, then consider the movie night goodies snack gift basket. This helps to satiate those with a sweet tooth and give them something tasty to snack on while they watch the newest blockbusters from home.

For a great gift, pair it with a subscription to Netflix and make the next movie night into a proper cinema event!

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4. The Little Prince Baby Gift Basket

Little prince baby gift basket

The Little Prince Baby Gift Basket is a great option for a new dad and is one of the better dad gift basket options. Stuffed animals, washcloths, baby clothes, a blanket, baby book, kids song CD, and more!

This is an excellent gift for a new dad and will give him many baby basics he might be missing!

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5. Gourmet Meat & Cheese Sampler – Deluxe

Gourmet meat and cheese sampler savory snacks

The Gourmet Meat and Cheese Sampler gives you fine selections of savory snacks. This package actually eschews the typical choices like beef jerky, mixed nut, and pretzel options. Instead this basket focuses on items like cracked peppercorn crackers with Hanover Smokehouse sausages and fine cheeses.

While gourmet snacks may not be what one thinks of when they think of gourmet food baskets, this is a genuinely classy food gift that he will love to eat.

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6. The Beer Expert Trio

Unique Gift crackers and savory meats

While the best dad gifts often involve beer of some type, this basket turns the tried and true favorite into a more unique gift. This has some of the same crackers and savory meats as the meat and cheese sampler, while also giving you three specially curated beers.

The beer is a Mountain Ale by Shed Mountain Brewery, Jack’s Abby’s Blood Orange Wheat and a Back Cove Pilsner made by Rising Tide Brewing Company.

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7. Showstopper Fruit & Gourmet Gift Box

Showstopper fruit and gourmet gift box

The Showstopper Fruit & Gourmet Gift Box is a fantastic option for the foodie dad in your life. This fruit basket comes with bruschetta, preserves, popcorn, sweets, and more. Really every sweet, savory, and delicate taste you could want makes an appearance and gives you a ton of flavors to enjoy.

If you prefer a dried fruit option, we recommend the Kosher Certified Dried Fruit and Nut Favorites Gift Box.

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8. Surf & Turf, Filet & Lobster Tail

Surf ad Turf filet and lobster tail

The Surf & Turf, Filet & Lobster Tail is a fantastic grilling or BBQ option to satisfy your man. This gourmet gift basket brings you two USDA choice filet mignon steaks and two 9oz lobster tails (or four of each if you go deluxe).

These are delicious meat selections that pair well with all sorts of fine dining options. If the dad in your life loves to cook and loves to cook manly things then the Surf and Turf option needs to be your next gift.

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How to Choose the Best Gift Baskets for Dad 

While we gave you a bunch of deluxe father’s day gift ideas, you still have to decide on one, and that can be just as difficult as finding the options in the first place. We are going to go through a couple of vital tips to help you find the best father’s day gift basket (or for other occasions) for the dad in your life.

Give him what he wants 

Very often dads have strong opinions on things, a set of items they know they like, and others they know they dislike. This is the same for foods, hobbies, music, and most everything else.

A good way to try and find the perfect basket for dad is to list all of these hobbies and interests. This list should begin to get your imagination going and can guide you to some truly great options.

There are tons of gift baskets that are geared towards hobbies or special interests and can make for a truly special gift. Try and find something rare and unique, something he wouldn’t normally be able to find on Amazon or at Wal-Mart; this is where gift baskets truly shine.

Introduce him to something new 

The alternative to picking something tried and true is to pick something new. Many dads love the variety and a bit of adventure, and sometimes all it takes is a pack of beers from around the world to scratch that itch.

If the dad in your life already has everything he needs, then perhaps introduce him to something completely different.

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