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8 Gift Baskets for Men Who Love Beer, Bacon and Board Games

8 Gift Baskets for Men Who Love Beer, Bacon and Board Games

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

When birthdays, Father’s Day or other holidays roll around, you’ll want to give the man in your life the perfect gift. This is often easier said than done.

But you know what’s always a hit? A care package overflowing with delicious savory-sweet snacks and the finest selection of beer. It’s fun, it’s personal, and it raises the possibility they might share it with you when you stop by. Here are our favorite gift baskets for men you can order today!

The Best Gift Basket Ideas for Men for 2023

1. Harry & David Deluxe Jerky Gift Box

Fantastic deluxe jerky gift box

A snacking and meat lover’s paradise. If any of the men in your life are crazy for beef jerky, then get them this fantastic deluxe jerky gift box. Inside, you find olives, salami minis, cornichons, hot mustard dip, and a whole slew of beef sticks and strips.

This is the easiest and best way to partake in premium jerky items and meats like Pork Barrel BBQ and Taylor’s Sausage smoked beef strips.

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2. Caddies Dream Gourmet Cooler Combo

Caddies dream gourmet cooler combo

This golf gift basket is sure to impress the avid golfer in your life. The Caddies Dream Gourmet Cooler Combo is a snacking and wine combo made to make your next day on the course truly special.

The main thrust of this offering is Barrel Hoops Cabernet, which has been carefully paired with a good number of high quality treats, made to keep you feeling great and satisfied as you work on your swing. It comes with special packaging and a gift card, too

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3. The Ultimate Meat Collection

Gourmet food in peppercorn steak spice rub

This is a gourmet food gift built around the BBQ and grilling aficionados in your life. Every gourmet gift basket comes with 2 or 4 (depending on the size you order).

The meats are USDA Prime Center-Cut New York Strips, USDA Prime Complete Trim Filets Mignons, Boneless Rib-Eye Steaks, and added peppercorn steak spice rub. You can also add some big spicy flavor with the Hot Sauce Trio gift basket!

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4. The Bacon Crate

The Bacon Crate

This gift is ideal for the Bacon Fanatic. Get it at ManCrates.com

Bacon lovers go beyond worshipping their strips of morning pork.

They top their ice cream sundaes with bacon and find innovative ways to incorporate their weakness into everyday meals.

The Bacon Crate definitely delivers bacon bliss with Candy Jerky (Jalapeno Bacon and Old Fashioned Maple Bacon), the Bourbon Bacon Seasoning Grinder, Bacon Peanut Brittle, and Hot Pepper Bacon Jam.

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5. Beer from All Over The World

Basket contain like garlic sausagesm jalapeno Monterey jack cheese

This is a curated selection of beer from all over the planet. You get Red Stripe from Jamaica, Old speckled Hen from England, Moosehead from Canada, Kirin from Japan, Founders from the USA, and Weihenstephaner from Germany.

The basket also contains some additional gourmet snacks to enjoy along with the drinks like garlic sausages, jalapeno Monterey jack cheese and more. Gift wrapping and one-day delivery is available.

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6. Nutty Towers Gift Tower

Nutty towers gift tower

The Nutty Towers Gift Tower is a giant selection of mixed nuts and a few sweets from all over. Ideal for an office co-workers gift, the tower contains items like almond fruit squares, Japanese peanuts, roasted & salted cashews, along with some treats for those with a sweet tooth like vanilla caramels, and Mr. Brownie chocolate brownies.

When you simply can’t decide on only a few snack options, get a gift box that contains a bit of everything!

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7. Man Cave Gift Basket

Package contains board games, soda, cheese and snacks

A man cave gift set is a fun way to give your man a nice personal care package. This package contains board games, soda, cheese, and other assorted snacks like summer sausages that pair well with the cheese.

All types of men will get good enjoyment out of these basic necessities of daily life and will be well taken care of as they disappear into their hobbies for the day.

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8. Custom Beer Bucket

Custom Beer bucket

This custom beer bucket makes for a fun and unique beer gift. You can get a custom message printed along the side of the bucket, which contains a mixture of craft beer and snacks.

This is a perfect gift for corporate functions or personal milestones thanks to the custom messaging option.

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How to Choose the Best Gift Baskets for Men 

Here are some quick tips to help you decide between the best gift baskets for men. 

Focus on the gift recipient 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a birthday gift basket, holiday gift baskets, retirement gifts, Christmas gift baskets, or even a housewarming gift for a best friend – you always want to focus on the daily life and personal interests of the receiver to guide your final purchasing decisions.

A list of the “best” items can never be genuinely accurate since what is best will be determined by what the gift recipient actually wants. Do some research and take the time to really think about what the best manly gift will be. There are tons of gift crates and gift basket options all over the internet.

Think outside the box 

Well, not literally. Gift boxes and baskets allow you to explore whole new concepts in gift-giving. The ability to get branded business gifts and an entirely customized basket you can build yourself means that the options never end.  When gifting, don’t settle for the cliché when you have the option to do something amazing,

Help them find new favorites 

Many of the baskets we suggested contain a large number of sample snack items. By getting the man in your life multiple crates or baskets of things they would be interested in, you’re going to doubtlessly help them find a lot of new favorite and beloved snacks.

In many ways, introducing them to such a large number of possible new favorites is a whole type of gift in itself.

Buying the Best Gift Baskets for Men 

While this was just a sample of the many great gift box options available today, you are just about guaranteed to find something on this list your man will love.

Gift-giving is an art, and we are just trying to give you a few more colors to work with. Take the time to evaluate each option, and in the end, you really will have a great gift to show for it.

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