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7 Fruit Gift Baskets That Make For a Gorgeous Gift

7 Fruit Gift Baskets That Make For a Gorgeous Gift

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

A fruit basket is perhaps one of mankind’s oldest gifts, dating back well into our earl hunter-gatherer roots. For millennia, both fresh fruit and dried fruit have been used in countless recipes, as well as gifts, all over the world.

Today this tradition continues with hundreds of deluxe and gourmet fruit gift baskets being created and offered worldwide.

Thanks to online shopping, fruit basket delivery, especially with our growing desire for fresh organic fruit, is cascading into an ever-larger industry. This means there are more monthly fruit clubs and premium fruit gift basket options than ever before.

To help you search through these many options and find the very best, we have put together this helpful guide.

The Best Fruit Gift Basket Ideas for 2023

When you want to give your loved one the perfect gift, these fruit baskets are going to be a great choice.

1. Gourmet Fruit Basket

Classic fruit basket

There is no better way to tell someone, “I’m thinking of you” than with the fruits and flavors of a bountiful harvest, and that is exactly what this traditional gourmet fruit basket does.

This is your classic fruit basket made to perfection with fresh orchard fruits put together with sharp cheese, caramels, crackers, and more. Sweet, salty, and savory melded together seamlessly.

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2. Dried Fruit & Nut Platter

Unique gift set in Tung Tree Wooden tray

If you would instead go with a gift that has a longer shelf life, then the dried fruit and nut combinations are the way to go. This unique gift set also works as an incredible centerpiece with its Tung Tree wooden tray containing 38 oz. of nuts and dried fruits, including dried kiwis, which is a bit of rarity.

Simple, delicious, and of the utmost quality, this platter is a fantastic addition to any dining room.

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3. Basket Of Fresh

Basket of Fresh gift box

The Basket of Fresh gift box is much more than your typical Valentine’s Day confections and chocolate gift combination. Instead, this is one of the gourmet gift baskets that goes out of its way to offer something totally unique.

There are samples of a ton of items, including olive oil crackers, smoked salmon, and Italian style salami as well as delicious fresh fruits, strawberry lime basil fruit spread, and caramels. This is the ultimate combination of sweet, savory, and unique.

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4. Let There Be Wine

Wine gift baskets

There are plenty of wine gift baskets, but none are quite so charming as the Let There Be Wine set. This gift basket comes with Edenbrook Cabernet Sauvignon red wine, dark chocolate Ganache truffles, and an assortment of fresh fruit.

As far as Mother’s Day or other holiday gifts go, this is a top choice. It also makes a delicious housewarming or birthday gift.

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5. Connoisseur Fruit & Gourmet Sympathy Basket

Basket combination cheese basket fruit basket and chocolate box

Sweet treats and goodies are a great sympathy gift or method of brightening someone’s day.  This basket is a combination cheese basket, fruit basket, and chocolate box – it is gourmet food with a purpose.

While this especially made basket focuses on sympathy, there are plenty of other event-driven messages you can add to baskets of a similar type, like the Happy Birthday Gourmet Snack Box.

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6. Showstopper Fruit & Gourmet Gift Box

Showstopper fruit and gourmet gift box

The Showstopper Fruit & Gourmet Gift Box is an amazing choice as it is a fruit basket that comes with popcorn, sweets, bruschetta, preserves, and more.

A refined synergy of sweet, savory, and delicate tastes gives you a ton of flavors to enjoy in one box.

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7. Fruit and Sweets Basket

Top fruit and Food Gifts

Last but not least, for our top fruit and food gifts are the special message baskets containing over five types of fruit, nuts, chocolate, and other candies.

There are a bunch of different messaging options to choose from, ranging from thank you to happy birthday and get well soon.

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How to Choose the Best Fruit Gift Baskets 

A well-made fresh fruit gift basket with the right seasonal fruit can compete with any gourmet snack in terms of taste and quality. The only problem is that with so many quality options, it can be hard to decide which is the best option for your needs.

These are a couple of strategies we use when picking the best baskets to buy.

Fruit and something special

While everyone loves fruit, and a quality fruit basket is great, the best gift sets have an eclectic mix of flavors that work well together.

You should consider what foods and tastes the recipient has, and how you can best pair those with delicious fruits. If they enjoy savory foods, then the fruit, meat, and cheese plates may be best -however, if they have a big sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate and fruit pairing. 

Take the time to consider your options and who you are buying for, and you will end up with something they will absolutely love.

Add something totally new 

The great thing about the larger gift basket sets is that they provide you with things you know they will love, as well as some extras they may never have tried.

This is perfect if you want to create a memorable gift. By combining new items with things you know they will like you can give a gift that is both unique, and a safe bet. Use this unique trait of gift baskets to your advantage and become a master gift giver.

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