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7 Brew-tiful Coffee Gift Baskets for Java Lovers

7 Brew-tiful Coffee Gift Baskets for Java Lovers

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Just the smell of a good cup (or bag) of coffee is enough to brighten any coffee lovers day. Coffee – often called “the elixir of the gods” is enjoyed and appreciated by so many, even with discriminating tastes.

When you’re thinking about unique and personal gifts, coffee gift baskets can be a fun way to share new roasts, flavors, and goodies with a friend or given as a thoughtful corporate gift.

Here’s a look at some of the best coffee gift baskets and care packages that you can find.

The Best Coffee Gift Basket Ideas for 2023

1. Coffee & Chocolate Gift Basket Classic

Coffee and chocolate gift set

Coffee and chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly, and this coffee gift set is going to bring someone a lot of happiness when it gets delivered to their front door.

This gift set contains a number of different treats, including caramels, truffles, cookies, snack mixes, and more. It also includes 4 different types of gourmet coffees from Perfect Potfuls, which rounds it out so the recipient can have the ultimate coffee break from their birthday gift.

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2. Premium Coffee Basket

Deluxe coffee basket gift

A deluxe coffee basket is a lovely way to make sure that the giftee will have some delicious options when it comes to coffees that they like. It starts with some snacks – chocolate covered coffee beans, biscotti, and granola bars.

Then, it comes with 5 styles of coffee from the company, each boasting a half of a pound of coffee beans. There are 3 different flavored coffees, which they’ll select from all of the ones they have available. Then, they’ll also include a Costa Rican coffee and a House Espresso to round it all out. It all comes in a gift crate made of recycled material.

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3. Warm & Cozy Holiday Gift Basket

Christmas gift basket

The holidays are the perfect time to send warm wishes with warm beverages, and this Christmas gift basket is the perfect gift for anyone you care about. In addition to a special holiday coffee, it contains teas and hot cocoa so that everyone can enjoy their favorites.

Not only that, but there are also some treats to enjoy along with those hot drinks. Snow mints and snowflake pretzels, along with marshmallow hot cocoa toppers, round out the gift set. They also get a sweater mug to enjoy their drinks in!

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4. Good Morning Box

Good morning box gift

Breakfast in bed? Why not! The Good Morning box is a beautiful coffee gift set that includes 4 different types of handpicked artisan coffee options. These gourmet coffees are from some of the premiere roasters in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington and are available in whole bean form or as convenient ground coffee.

The box also includes a number of delicious treats, like biscotti, stroopwafels, artisan crafted preserves, and mixed granola pouches. Your friend or family member is sure to have a much better morning when they enjoy the goodies in this coffee lovers gift box.

5. Specialty Coffee Gift Basket

Specialty coffee basket

Specialty coffee is a big deal nowadays, and this gift basket is filled with 100% Arabica coffee. Many people love the flavors of Arabica coffee, and this basket showcases it with the help of a Coffee Beanery logo travel mug.

This basket includes 9 different types of ground coffee to make the ultimate coffee sampler. This includes a variety of light, medium, and dark roasts from coffee beans from around the world. There are also a couple of flavored coffees, including hazelnut and almond, to round out the selection.

6. Coffee Sampler Gift Set

Gourmet coffee gift basket

Yet another sampler gift set, this selection focuses on 4 different types of coffee samples. This includes Guatemalan coffee, an Irish Cream flavored coffee, a light roast blend of beans from 3 countries, and a caramel cream coffee.

Don’t think that this gourmet coffee gift basket only comes with coffee, though! It also includes a few snacks that go great with coffee, like homemade biscotti and chocolate covered espresso beans, both of which are flavored based on the season in which this coffee sampler is ordered. The simple variety here makes this a solid option for a corporate gift.

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7. Starbucks Coffee and Teavana Tea Collection

Starbucks gift basket

If you have someone who can’t get through their day without a cup of coffee from Starbucks or a cup of Teavana tea, then this Starbucks gift basket will bring them immense joy. There are 4 different types of coffee (including mocha and latte mix). They also include green tea, breakfast tea, and blush tea from their Teavana brand.

For a different sipping experience hot cocoa with marshmallows and a milk chocolate stirrer are included along with some tempting chocolate chip pecan cookies, and French butter cookies. Everyone will be able to checkout something from gifting this set!

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A Brief Guide for Buying Coffee Gift Baskets

1. Know your brews

There are so many different types of coffee out there that it can be really intimidating to try and understand exactly what is involved in finding the right ones. Take some time to really learn about the difference between beans from different locations and see what ones that your family or friends will enjoy.

2. Consider other hot drinks

You’ll see that our guide lists several options that include other hot drinks. Coffee, hot cocoa, and tea gift baskets are really well-rounded gifts for families, because it makes it much more likely that they’ll enjoy everything that comes in the gift.

3. Understand flavor pairings

Coffee does not go well with everything. Typically, you’re looking at more subtle flavors, because coffee has a very strong flavor. Biscuits, cookies, and other baked goods go really well with coffee, as do most breakfast foods. Knowing that information will make it a lot easier to make good decisions about what else should be in the basket.

4. Always include a coffee mug

One of the things that you want to try and include with any coffee basket for an individual is a mug. Whether it’s a kitchy father’s day mug, a travel tumbler or a set of everyday kitchen mugs for a housewarming gift, they’ll appreciate the gesture – plus it makes for an opportunity to give a personalized gift.

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