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7 Adorable Baby Gift Baskets Guide

7 Adorable Baby Gift Baskets Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

A newborn baby is truly a handful, and new parents need all the help they can get.

One of the best ways to celebrate a new bundle of joy or help those you care about is to send an adorable baby gift set full of deluxe baby essentials.

Below you’ll find our recommendations for the best baby gift baskets.

The Best Baby Gift Basket Ideas for 2023

Whether a baby shower gift basket for the mom-to-be or a new baby gift basket for parents finding they are underprepared, these are our favorite baby basket gift ideas.

1. Monkeying Around Baby Basket

7 Adorable Baby Gift Baskets Guide Image 1

This is a great little gift set that is both adorable and useful. The package has shampoo, conditioner, and washcloths to help with bath time, as well as a onesie and kids lullaby CD, Last but not least is the adorable plush monkey.

If you want to get the new parents in your life something adorable but that will also resupply them with some key essentials, this Monkeying Around Basket should be high on your list.

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2. Welcome Home Baby Gift Basket

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The next item on our list to checkout is this welcome home basket set containing burp cloths, washcloths, essential clothes like a newborn cap and sleeping gown, as well as a puppy plush keepsake toy.

This gift box covers a lot of ground and will be a considerable boon to budding parents who may have missed a few essentials or need some replacements when those big messes occur.

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3. Baby Starter Gift Basket

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Here’s another “Welcome Home” type of gift built around providing key essentials and a few cute bonuses. This basket contains washcloths, bibs, mittens, a receiving blanket, other essential clothing items, as well as an adorable plush giraffe to accompany the overall giraffe theme of the basket.

This is a fantastic alternative to the larger welcome home baskets, as it is a little smaller than the deluxe offerings but still lands on all of the real essential a parent is likely to need extras of.

4. Jungle Friends Baby-Cakes Diaper Cake Tower

7 Adorable Baby Gift Baskets Guide Image 4

Changing diapers is the Mt. Everest of parenting. A seemingly endless obstacle that feels like it may never be overcome. Luckily, giving new parents a set of diapers, changing blankets, and fun washcloths can at least make this task a bit more bearable.

Metaphors aside, diaper changing can get messy, and replacements for all the supplies involved are always needed -that fact alone makes this set fantastic. 

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5. New Pup 9 pc Mom & Baby Gift Basket

7 Adorable Baby Gift Baskets Guide Image 5

Mom goes through a lot bringing a new baby into the world. This set rewards her and the baby for this feat and makes sure they both have some essentials.

The baby receives a plush puppy as well as some essential clothing items, while the mother gets a large tote bag and coffee mug. A very simple but effective basket.

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6. Soothing Delights Gift Basket

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While this basket has some cute baby items, like a plush bear and baby blanket, it is mostly a set with comfort food items for the parents. It has everything from English Tea to pomegranate candy, Ghirardelli chocolate, and a bunch more.

If the parents you are buying for are already well supplied with baby essentials, then maybe they need a few supplies for themselves.

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7. Celebrate New Life Gift Basket (Boy)

7 Adorable Baby Gift Baskets Guide Image 7

This is a bestseller collection of new baby essentials. It contains toys, a blanket, some puzzles as well as snacks and treats for the parents.

While this baby boy gift basket doesn’t give as many of the essentials as some other options, it has a nice mixture to add to both the parents and kid’s quality of life. (This basket comes in a baby girl gift basket  as well)

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How to Choose the Best Baby Gift Basket 

Newborn baby gift ideas, whether for a new baby boy, baby girl, or unisex (to play it safe), can be hard to narrow down, especially with so many good choices available.

The following are a couple of methods we use to begin to narrow down our gifting options and find the perfect choice for the family in question.

Make strategic choices 

A personalized baby gift basket for the new mom or new dad in your life should contain at least some of the essentials. Items like a baby bottle, booties, burp cloths, baby blanket, onesies, teethers and more.

You really want to focus on the necessities and items you can always use more of. Once those bases are covered, then you start to add things like a baby book, teddy bear, etc. Most baskets on our list have a nice combination of necessities and unique bonuses.

Find out what the new parents need the most of, get a basket that has those items, and if it has other fun and unique items then those are a good bonus.

Consider the parents style, as well as likes and dislikes 

All parents are different, but you want to make sure that your gift is conducive to their parenting style. Do they only use organic items? Do they not eat sweets? These are the things you need to consider when buying them a basket.

A great gift is one that fits the wants and attitudes of the recipients. Make a list of what you know the parents personally enjoy, as well as the parenting methods you know they prefer, and you will start to see patterns. From there, you can begin to compare the top baskets available to find the ultimate basket choice.

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