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Best Subscription Boxes for Women Guide

Best Subscription Boxes for Women Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Coming home to find a new boxful of surprise gifts or hand-selected clothes is a fantastic addition to anyone’s day.

These little moments of joy, paired with goods that actually help or improve your life, is a winning combination that has gained incredible popularity.

These days there are many monthly subscription boxes for women that can address nearly any concern or hobby you have. To help you find exactly what you or someone in your life may be looking for, we will go through some of the best subscription boxes for women available today. Tip: send one to yourself!

Top 7 Best Subscription Boxes for Women in 2023

1. GlobeIn

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GlobeIn is a subscription service that provides you with unique hand-crafted and artisan creations from around the world, delivered to your door monthly. Whether you want a new centerpiece or conversation starter, GlobeIn makes sure what you have is helping to reduce global poverty and is tailored to you.

This is cruelty-free home decor and food-themed boxes done right and in a fun monthly service. For example, a recent “Wired Box” has all the ingredients needed for a perfect cup of coffee plus a sugar bowl and creamer from Morocco, a wood and bone spoon made by Kenyan artisans and a handmade Mexican basket.

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2. Le Tote

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The Le Tote box subscription service allows you to browse through tons of clothing styles and looks and choose items you want to rent. Add-on accessories and more and see what you love. Return your items when you are done with them, or keep what you want for 50% off retail prices.

The number of items you get will depend on your membership level, and you can change or pause your plan at any time.

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3. Lola Beauty Box

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The Lola monthly subscription box was designed to be the perfect subscription box for all of a woman’s feminine hygiene and sex needs.

In a world that hides from female needs, Lola stands tall and ready to deliver you all the top-quality period and sex essentials to your door each month. Customize the subscription to your exact needs today.

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4. Adore Me

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Adore Me brings you a clothing subscription box based around bed-time goodies -specifically lingerie and deluxe pajamas, but they also have activewear and swim suits. You simply fill out a style quiz and can then choose through lingerie curated for your unique shape and style.

You can use flexible monthly boxes that allow you to try things on at home and feel them before purchasing.

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5. EMeals

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EMeals lets you prepare full-size meals at home with less stress and more fun. You plan together with EMeals and then either buy the foods you need or have them sent to you through services like Instacart. This is the next step in easy home-cooked meals without the need to leave the home to go shopping.

A subscription gets you healthy recipes made by a professional food team and dietitians and includes options for Vegans, diabetics, paleo, low calorie, even those with a sweet tooth, and many more.

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6. Birch Box

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High-quality skincare and haircare samples tailored to your unique beauty profile. A stylist and other beauty experts curate the perfect selection of products for your self-care routine.

Every month you get a box of these carefully chosen goods, as well as advice on how to use them and where they are sourced from.

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7. Fabletics

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While you may find the idea of a monthly delivery of leggings as strange, after your first box of Fabletics you will be hooked.

Get perfectly shaped and comfortable leggings -and skip the ones you absolutely don’t love. It really is all that simple, sign up, get great offers, and buy fantastic leggings.

Savings Tip: Get Fabletics promo codes and 20% cash back for the best deal.

8. Fabfitfun

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FabFitFun VIP boxes are the hottest subscription boxes on the market. These boxes are a step up from other subscription boxes, providing all kinds of great full-sized lifestyle products for women.

You will choose a quarterly box chock-full of trendy and seasonal products, including skincare, beauty, and accessories. While each box only costs you fifty-dollars, they are packed with two-hundred-dollars’ worth of goods.

In addition to the great deal on the boxes, Fabfitfun members will also benefit from increased discounts and sales while on site. You can also return items in the boxes that you don’t plan on using or keeping.

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How to Find the Best Subscription Boxes for Women

Think about what you need again and again

The one thing that sets subscription boxes apart from other purchasing endeavors is the fact you get variations of them again and again. It stands to reason that the best way to utilize this system is to replace the items you are using on a regular basis.

Some of the popular women’s boxes like Fabfitfun, Stitch Fix, and Glossybox that didn’t make this list are great options for clothing and fashion items, as well as beauty products like skincare and makeup.

Other options like Scentbird provide regular perfumes, while Winc (wines), Barkbox (dogs), and Book Club (books) all pander to a specific hobby or aspect of life. If the options on this list today didn’t work for you, there is definitely a box out there that fits your needs. You just need to take the time to look.

Decide if you want quality or quantity in your items

If you are looking for higher quality products, then you will need to perhaps look into offerings that appear less often. A quarterly subscription is often the way to go to get increased value per box. A quarterly box service is often based around the seasons, sports leagues or is simply about providing more quality items in each box.

Many fashion boxes are quarterly in order to bring you clothing items and accessories you would actually want to wear to a nice event, for example.

While, of course, not all monthly boxes are full of cheap goods – but they will generally be of a lesser value than more regular boxes.

This is one data point to weigh when deciding on the box that is best for you.

Women’s Subscription Boxes are Everywhere

Subscription boxes are highly trendy right now and since they can bring you a curated box of goods with only a style quiz or questionnaire, are highly popular across many industries and niches. This has led to an explosion of options and choices for you to browse through.

With only a couple boxers you can totally transform your skincare and beauty routine as well as your closet and reading list. The only limit is your imagination and budget.

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