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Best Subscription Boxes for College Students Guide

Best Subscription Boxes for College Students Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

College students are not famous for being adept at planning ahead for meals, outfits, and other aspects of life. Luckily, subscription boxes for college students exist that can help deliver them essential goods (or comforts) each month.

To help you find the perfect box, we’ve collected some of the best subscription boxes for college students available today.

The following are our choices for the best subscription boxes.

Top 8 Best Subscription Boxes for College Students in 2023

1. Love With Food

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Get curated snacks and munchies delivered to your door each month. This company not only gets you great healthy snacks with tons of options like gluten-free and vegan, but they also donate meals to families in need with every box you buy.

Love With Food is a great way to save money typically spent on junk food, ensure you always have a healthy option to eat, and give money to families in need -something all socially conscious college students can appreciate.

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2. Loot Crate

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Loot Crate is one of the original and most popular monthly boxes and operates on a subscription service that delivers unique fandom and pop-culture items.

With comic books, collectible figure and more, Loot Crate brings you a fun box filled with items tied to popular games and movies and is a fantastic way to give a new room some character. Gift ideas for college students don’t get much better than a month subscription to this fun box.

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3. Home Chef

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While not every college student has access to a kitchen, those who do will benefit significantly from a subscription to Home Chef.

Home Chef gives you a fresh weekly meal kit built around your preferences with recipes that take less than 30 minutes. Vegan and vegetarian options are available, and while Home Chef is not a gluten-free service, all ingredients are individually packaged.

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4. Stitchfix

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Stitchfix gives you high-end clothing and stylist tips at a lower price than you are likely paying for clothes now.

The experts at Stitch fix look at your size, age, and all that other personal information, as well as personal tastes, and puts together a selection of clothes explicitly curated for you.

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5. Gwynnie Bee

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Like other clothing subscription options, with Gwynnie Bee, you fill out a personal profile and then get clothes carefully selected to meet your tastes and demands. The full outfits are very affordable and can keep those living off of Ramen looking good each month and never wearing the same t-shirts twice!

Gwynnie Bee also allows you to set your own budget, allowing the stylists to focus on things you will actually buy, which is also a lovely touch.

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6. Book of the Month

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Of the monthly subscription boxes in the United States, Book of the Month is one of our favorites for reading content, both new and old. Book of the Month features five great reads each month and allows you to pick one or more of them, which you then read and review. This is a great way to get early releases, vetted quality books, and much lower prices.

The minds behind the book choices have a track record of success in fantastic titles dating all the way back to 1926!

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7. Crate Joy

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Crate Joy is a site that helps you find a great gift box for almost any occasion or need. Featuring box and crate services from tons of companies and individual suppliers, Crate Joy has offerings that eclipse all others. It is not difficult to find a fun or useful box on Crate Joy, just read the reviews on each product ahead of time.

For example, one of the biggest sellers is a back to school and distance learning crate to help kids get back to school with more ease and less stress. There are also beauty boxes and crates made specifically for food, gaming, art, self-care, and more!

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8. Candy Club

Subscribe Candy Club page

All college kids crave something sweet. So why not surprise your friend, child, niece or nephew with a sweet treat! You choose the size of a box (fun or party size) and then pick a type of candy profile (such as mostly sour). These specially chosen candies get delivered right to the recipients’s door. All the candy is produced in collaboration with famed candy producers as well as many small artisanal candy makers.

A monthly box plan, Candy Club candies are premier variations of all of your favorite sweets and some unique creations of their own. This is the best way to send come love to your favorite college student.

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How to Find the Best Subscription Boxes for College Students

Luckily there are tons of care packages full of goodies that you can subscribe to that will ensure that college kids of all types living in a dorm room for the first time can receive a great gift every month.

Think about what is needed again and again

Finding the perfect gift or personal subscription box for college life is not that difficult. An easy way to find the best subscription boxes for college students is to think about what things they use often and need to replace constantly throughout the school year.

College life is full of such items, and it only takes a little bit of thought to come up with a bunch -and with sites like Crate Joy offering you so many boxes, there are always going to be a ton of options to choose from.

Get boxes that meet the demands of college life

 A high-quality college care package with skincare and beauty products can go a long way to making life easier on a young woman who is on her own for the first time – and can help her save money. Also, sites like Lola have perfect time of the month packages with tampons and other sanitary items that ensure you never run out. There are also tons of personal stylists and clothing options that can help one look great on a budget.

The same goes for the guys. Sanitary and hygienic beard and body products ensure he stays clean while the many clothing sites can keep him looking great at a low cost.

Students Will Love a New Box Each Month

A little sign of someone who cares, and some much-needed bathroom supplies (or snacks, or whatever), delivered each month – this is the power of a monthly subscription box doubling as a care package.

At the same time, a savvy student might realize a subscription can save them both time and money. Whatever the reason, there is a perfect box for the college student in your life.

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