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Best Clothing Subscription Boxes Guide

Best Clothing Subscription Boxes Guide

February 2, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

We have all dreamed about getting out of bed and having a high-quality stylist approved outfit already ready and planned for us.

Now you can! With so many clothing subscription services, this luxury is now affordable and convenient for most online shoppers. A clothing box service allows you to look great, with professional advice, at a lower than retail price. Not to mention, the conveniences of home-delivery.

We are going to look at a list of the best clothing subscription service options we have found so far.

The Best Clothing Subscription Boxes in 2023

1. Rent the Runway

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For a monthly fee that really doubles as a clothing rental, you get the perfect outfits for all possible special occasions. Rent the Runway allows you to wear all of the designers and trends you want for a flat monthly fee (starting at under $70).

Rentals go from day-out to glamorous and are perfect for impressing at the park or the red carpet. This monthly box is the perfect service to ensure you are always glamorous and on top of the trends.

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2. Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix is another clothing subscription service that is based around giving you personal styling tips and clothing to help you look your best. In a lot of ways this works like a personal styling service for both men and women of all ages. You pay a small styling fee (which is credited towards your purchases) and fill out a quick style quiz and you are sent clothes based on your style profile.

Try pieces on at home and send back the ones you don’t want. It is as simple as that. You can try the service once, or set up automatic shipments. Your style plan will be saved and no subscription is required.

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3. Frank And Oak

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Frank And Oak is another monthly subscription service for building your own style plan with professional guidance. You fill out a simple style quiz, and through that and your future selections, the stylists and advanced algorithms will find the perfect outfits for you -so no styling fee.

You are able to preview, customize or skip your box each month, giving you just that much more say in the price range for the box.

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4. Le Tote

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Le Tote is one of the clothing subscription boxes that is built around giving you high-end clothes at a much lower price range. This is another “rental” service that allows you to choose what ships and what you want to rent.

You wear the clothes for as long as you wish, and then you choose to return or keep them. If you keep them you get a deep 50% off discount.

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5. Fabletics Leggings

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Fabletics is the premier leggings subscription service allowing you to take your activewear and athleisure looks to a whole new level.  When you sign up you get to shop or skip the special leggings deal for the month. Each pair is highly engineered and made from top-grade materials.

These are leggings like you haven’t seen before, helping you look and move better than ever.

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6. Trunk Club

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The Nordstrom Trunk Club allows you to fit a great subscription to any budget – you can even have a specially trained stylist shop the Nordstrom sales for you. From denim and t-shirts to upscale business dress, they have a full range of items in plus size to petite.

You can order a trunk at any time or set them on a regular schedule. Each trunk is full of quality items that you can try on and send back. This is one of the first big box stores to jump fully into the clothing subscription games, and they do it very well.

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7. SprezzaBox

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SprezzaBox is another high-end clothing box subscription, but this time for men! This is a fantastic way to get quality, stylish, and trendy items easily and at great discounts.

SprezzaBox focuses mainly on key accessories, so you are likely to see an eclectic set of items such as skincare, ties, socks and even watches. You get to pick items from the curated goods so you know each monthly shipment will be exactly what you need.

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How to Find the Best Clothing Subscription Boxes

What makes a good women’s clothing box? Personal options

A personal stylist who curates the best clothing for you each month adds up over time. With the right box, you can slowly replace your wardrobe with high-end clothing items selected based on your taste and body type.

While there are services with other trendy perks, this personal curation is the true benefit of this new way of shopping. Find a service (such as the ones on our list or others like Dia & co for plus-size women) that gives you and your personal style the best room to breathe and grow.

Balance quality versus quantity

Some high-end and expensive subscriptions will make sure your first box is full of the best items you are sure to want, but will then slowly unload expensive and less popular items at the same price point. Alternatively, some boxes will pack each shipment full of tons of low-quality items it becomes a chore to sift through.

The best subscription service will be the one that balances both quality and quantity, as well as your personal desire. The best way to deal with this is to pick a service (like many we offered) that allows you to pick and choose when to pay and that offers items tailored to your needs.

Find a box that speaks to you

There are so many fashion-based boxes available, there is no reason to not get one that is absolutely perfect for you. Stop and think about exactly what kind of items you want, and then spend a few extra minutes to find the box that seems like it was tailor-made for your needs.

Fashion Boxes are the Future

Fashion subscription boxes are the best way to get a stylist to completely reconfigure your wardrobe at a fraction of what it used to cost. These subscription boxes save time, keep you in style at all times and arrive on your doorstep for an extra convenience! Any box on this list will be a great boon to your clothing routine and wardrobe.

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