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Best Subscription Boxes for Kids Guide

Best Subscription Boxes for Kids Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

No matter their interests, hobbies, or the kid’s ages, there is bound to be a subscription box that is perfect for any kid.

Today, it is easier than ever to receive curated kid crafts and toys delivered directly to your home for a small monthly fee; kids love it, and parents often save money on premium products. Kids subscription boxes make great Christmas, birthday, and graduation gift ideas too! The benefits have allowed kids subscription boxes to grow from a niche product line into a full-fledged industry with dozens, if not hundreds, of choices available.

Let’s take a look at the top subscription boxes for kids available today. No matter your child’s age, there will be something here that they will love.

Top 7 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2023

1. Little Passports

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Little Passports is an awesome learning and travel themed box that allows kids to learn about and experience science, music, technology, history, and aspects of foreign lands and cultures. Each package is built with input from parents and educators with fun activities to spark your child’s curiosity and introduce them to exciting new learning concepts.

Little Passports has multiple subscriptions broken up by age, with the youngest being the Early Explorers, Ages 3-5, and the oldest being for kids 9+. Each age group has a theme and focus you can choose from.

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2. Kiwico

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Packed with steam activities, Kiwico is built around “inspiring young innovators” and is also a great way to get premium science and art projects delivered to your door. Crates are available for all ages ranging from an infant to a 104 year-old (the oldest box is jokingly for ages 14 to 104).

While the younger ages may have items like activity books and stickers (like the Koala crate for ages 2-4), the older age groups (starting roughly with the Kiwi crate for ages 5-8, and continuing into the Doodle crate and Tinker crate for the older kids) will have full crafts and projects they will remember for a lifetime.

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3. Reading Bug Box at Crate Joy

How to buy Reading Bug Box

The Reading Bug Box is a month subscription book box that delivers quality young children’s books to your door. This is a book subscription for the very young as each month you get three exceptional board books, which are great for those three-years-old and under.

While it isn’t as sophisticated as some of the older kids book club systems, there is no better way to get fantastic board books as well as soft and hardcover books for older children at an incredible discount.

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4. Groovy Lab in a Box at Crate Joy

Where to buy Groovy Lab in a Box

Groovy Lab in a Box at Crate Joy is another fantastic way to get a monthly box filled with awesome DIY projects delivered for your kid regularly.

Kids will learn to brainstorm, plan, build, and enjoy the process of learning through Groovy Lab.  The kits can also link up with their online portal, giving kids an even deeper way to explore the project’s concepts.

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5. Kid’s Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix Kids takes the winning design of their adult clothing subscription box system and brings it into a great kids box. The Stitch Fix experts specialize in finding great styles and fits for kids and adults of all ages, and they will make clothes shopping trips a thing of the past.

This is also back-to-school made easy with tons of designs made around outside play and school days.

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Kidbox is a service that takes your old back-to-school shopping list and ramps it up to 10. You can have the stylists make the perfect box based on a style quiz for your kiddo, or add-on face masks or backpacks to make it a full school ready kit.

There is no subscription fee, and you can pick the day the box ships. This is an all-in-one back to school shopping stop.

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7. KidPik

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KidPik is yet another clothing subscription box that gives you access to a stylus and high-quality clothes at a discounted price. You take a simple and quick quiz and then choose how often you will need clothes boxes (usually one, two, or three months). You then get an exciting package full of surprisingly perfect clothes.

Have the kiddos try on the goods at home before 7-days have passed, and then only pay for what you keep, but you do get 30% when you keep everything in the box!

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How to Find the Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

1. Pick boxes that are perfect for your age range and you can grow with

Kids grow up fast, and monthly subscriptions with multiple age-appropriate options will ensure a box you get in three years will be as relevant to your child as the first box in the first month of your subscription.

A good line of projects can be something your little one grows along with for years to come. Most of the companies on our lists today offer you multiple kids age ranges to choose from. Some honorable mentions that didn’t make our list today but do the same are: Green Kid Crafts, Bitsbox, We Craft Box, and Brick Loot by Lego.

Some other good options are baking kits that you can do together as a family and do not really have any age parameters.

2. Get Boxes that Offer Items You Already buy

Monthly subscription boxes are a great way for both kids and Grown-ups to get specially selected goodies without having to pay crazy prices. You look at the board books Amazon or Disney offers, and you can see why getting the premium books for fifteen dollars is such a big deal; the same goes for many of the products adults enjoy (especially makeup and beauty products).

Monthly subscription boxes are a great way to save money if you get a box that replaces items you were already going to buy. For kids, this often means clothes, toy boxes, kids crafts and projects.

3. Kids Love New Surprises Every Month

Everyone loves surprises, and now it is possible to save money on things you already buy while offering a surprise gift experience each month. Go ahead and start your crate adventure today; you and your kids won’t be sorry! These make great gift ideas for friends and relatives too!

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