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Best Book Subscription Boxes for Any Bookworm Guide

Best Book Subscription Boxes for Any Bookworm Guide

February 2, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Reading clubs and book clubs have been around forever and for a good reason. A regular book chosen due to its quality or genre is a great way to keep yourself entertained and your imagination moving.

A book subscription box is the modern take on these classic book clubs and is a new fun way to get the perfect reads delivered to your door exactly when you need them.

Whether you are looking for a high-end service made for book lovers with new releases, bestsellers, and hardcover books, or perhaps just a simple way to get new books of your favorite genre on your bookshelf -there is a service here for you. 

Top 7 Best Book Subscription Boxes in 2023

1. Book of the Month

Subscribe Book of the Month page

With a monthly subscription to Book of the Month, you select from five new books each month. Like the classic BOTM (book of the month) club, these options are specially curated around fresh perspectives, debut authors, and even early releases.

Your monthly box shows up with your top choice, right at your doorstep. Skipping a month or two is no problem if you get behind on reading your picks.

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2. Once Upon a Book Club

Subscribe Once Upon a Book Club page

Once Upon a Book Club really shows what a modern monthly book club can be. High-quality interactives and surprise gifts come paired with each box, and you are directed to open them at certain times as you read along. There are also discussion questions, dates for live discussions, and more that allows you to connect with other readers and hear new views on the text.

There are versions with a YA book (young adult book) and others for eighteen and over readers. The 14+ readers will get a curated YA novel, while adults get a popular adult fiction book in each box.

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3. Coffee and a Classic

Subscribe Coffee and a Classic page

Select a book from genres including classic Literature, children’s Classics, or classic Non-fiction, and then pick a drink of either coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. When you get your box, you will get your book, your drink choice, two small related goodies, swag, and a bookmark.

This is an all-in-one kit for a relaxing night at home, or a day relaxing in a hammock.

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4. Highlights

Subscribe Highlights page

While Highlights magazine has long been a top choice for the young avid reader, it is now offering a monthly subscription service that includes kits for early learners, puzzle fans, as well as back-to-school basics.

These are great quality reads, chosen by the same people who have made the classic magazine such a success for so long. Currently, you can get your first box free from Highlights.

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5. My First Reading Club

3 Hardcover board books

My First Reading Club is a great way to get 3 hardcover board books right at your door. Unlike paper picture books, these children’s books make the perfect first book gift for babies and are very durable.

While these books can often cost upwards of twenty-dollars each, your 3-book subscription with My First Reading Club is only $16.99.

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6. My Thrill Club!

Small little mystery box

My Thrill Club! Is a fun twist to a book club that provides you adult book thrillers (two in each box!) with your month subscription.

This small little mystery box will contain a reading experience that is always guaranteed to be worth more than what you pay. Past selections include Trigger Mortis, a James Bond novel written by Anthony Horowitz, as well as Saboteur by Andrew Gross.

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7. Millionaire’s Club at Books-A-Million

Subscribe Books-a-Million page

The Millionaire’s Club at Books-A-Million provides you with subscription options and benefits that include free shipping, 10% off-purchases, and other exclusive savings.

While this isn’t technically a curated book box membership, they have such huge book selections (including non-fiction, classic non-fiction, sci-fi, chapter books, adult fiction, political & Current events and more for every age range) that it would be almost criminal to leave them off a list for book lovers.

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Tips for Buying Book Subscription Boxes

Select a theme you love to revisit

When you are looking for a great subscription to fill up your bookcase, you want to pick one that will bring to you books and topics you can look forward to reading – a preferred genre in some cases. Some services let you pick your book; others are based on a particular genre; all of these are methods for you to ensure that you are getting reads, you will love each time.

Look through the many services listed and find one that you think you will continue to love months down the road. Boxwalla book box, Owlcrate, Bookworm, Unplugged, and even Amazon are other notable mentions that offer you great opportunities for other book selections in a monthly delivery format. There are even ways to get used books monthly delivered to you.

The choice not to go digital and needing a bookshelf

Something to consider is that a monthly subscription will mean a lot of books by the end of the year. Having a system for passing on books, or maybe a large bookcase will be a necessity.

This has long been a problem for book lovers and continues to be one for those who don’t prefer digital books. Now, if you don’t know what you will do with 12 new books (or perhaps even 24-36) each year, you may want to start getting used to reading on your phone.

We recommend finding someone with similar reading tastes to your own and see if you can start a small book of the month club of your own with the books you don’t want to keep on-hand.

Books To Nourish Your Soul

In many ways, reading is a form of self-care, and books become a type of self-care item. The right reading list can help you feel better, learn more, and simply relax at the end of the day.

A favorite book ready on the bookshelf is a form of comfort and book subscription boxes are a great way to find new favorites and to ensure you have something ready to read at the end of each day.

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