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Best Subscription Boxes for Men Guide

Best Subscription Boxes for Men Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Whether the men in your life are into grilling, gadgets, or any of the thousands of unique hobbies popular today, we have a box for you.

Subscription boxes for men today are full of handpicked clothes, bathroom supplies, collectibles, and any other lifestyle item you can name. The trick is finding the one that is right for the deserving man.

The following are the best subscription boxes for men available for order today!

Top 8 Best Subscription Boxes for Men in 2023

1. Flaviar Scotch Tasting Box

Flaviar Tasting Box

Themed boxes are a perfect fit for both beginners and veterans of taste. This Exceptional Flaviar tasting box includes 50 ml samples of the Exceptional Grain, the Exceptional Malt and the Exceptional Blend. This is a great introduction for someone who wants to get into Scotch. Give it to your favorite person, a gift you can both enjoy for your anniversary together. (More tasting boxes found on Flaviar.)

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2. Craft Beer Club

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While clothing subscription boxes may be a little more practical, the Craft Beer of the month club is a lot more fun. Each month you will receive 12 beers, broken up between two different breweries.

Ideal for any beer enthusiast, each box has a selection of three different beers (two each) from each brewery, allowing you to try a vast selection of brews throughout the year.

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3. BattlBox

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This is the perfect box for the man with a sense of adventure. Outdoor gear of all shapes and sizes are bound to help him unleash his inner barbarian/lumberjack/secret-agent self.

You can choose from amongst a different set of box sizes, ranging from basic (including emergency supplies and starter survival tools) to ‘pro plus’ (with top brand name outdoor gear) and receive a certain amount and quality of goods based on your selection. There is a ton of fun to be had with the BattlBox options.

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4. ScentBird

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Your scent is a huge aspect of your personal style, and now you can enjoy designer scents for a fraction of what these fragrances can cost in big box stores -and while this is a gift for him, everyone else will be the ones benefiting from better smelling man each month.

Try out new scents or discover a new favorite and ensure it is always in supply. With well-known brands like Versace, Burberry and Prada, you’re sure to find the right one.

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5. Butcher Box

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Here is a new type of food of the month club that brings you high-quality curated beef, chicken, and pork right to your door. Each new box will also link up directly with the recipes’ tips and tricks Butcher Box shares with you, allowing you to treat guests to a whole new grilling experience.

After your first box of heritage breed pork or organic chicken at less than six dollars per meal, you may never go back to the local deli again.

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6. BirchBox Grooming

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Birchbox man kits provide you with deluxe samples from various categories, including skincare, haircare and more. You will get tips on how to use all of the products (useful for some of the skincare products) and a curated box selection based on your needs.

Birchbox grooming allows the men who care about looking and feeling good, but maybe don’t have the time or motivation to go out and buy themselves regular beauty products.

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7. Dollar Shave Club

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Dollar Shave Club is the premier month subscription service for all your shaving needs. Dollar Shave Club helped formulate the current subscription boxes process for men and women that so many products now adhere to, and they have stayed on top since the beginning.

If you need a shave (man or woman), this is the club for you.

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8. Gentleman’s Box

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There are a lot of subscription boxes for men to choose from, but most focus on a sort of cliché manhood that not all guys adhere to at all times. The Gentleman’s Box focuses on men’s clothing’s finer side and brings about suits, fine t-shirts, even a new watch (although obviously not a Rolex) on their premium service.

If the man in your life is looking for something a bit more refined than you can make a safe bet on a quarterly subscription to the Gentleman’s Box.

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How to Find the Best Subscription Boxes for Men

Recurring subscriptions work best with recurring needs

Finding the best subscription boxes for the man in your life means considering his needs. A monthly subscription that takes care of monthly needs, like shaving cream and razors, will typically give you the best mix of high-quality goods for less than you would normally pay in irregular visits to the supermarket.

Grooming products or a clothing subscription (for you fashion-minded folks) are usually the most in-demand for this reason. Dollar Shave Club, Menlo Club, Frank and Oak, StitchFix, SprezzaBox, Bespoke post, Birchbox, Bombfell, Gentleman’s box, and more are all built around this concept.

It is a personal decision as well. If your man likes to barbeque a lot, monthly subscription boxes around BBQ and Jerky may go over better than, say, having a personal stylist subscription.

Think about what the men you know do at work and their free time, and what supplies they may need a lot of. Using those parameters, you can more easily see if you can find a themed box that helps meet those needs. With so many options to choose from, you are bound to find something you like.

Try new things: from collectibles to boxer briefs

Some box service subscriptions will give you a ton of unique or strange collectibles; some will deliver your monthly supply of underwear. Others have unique gifts perfect for father’s day, while others may be more suited to basic man needs throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to order a new or different box and see if some of the unique items strike up an interest or fancy.

Besides, sometimes just getting a new box of novel items is most of the fun itself.

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