How to Ignite Business Success with QuickBooks

How to Ignite Business Success with QuickBooks

Tax season is a dreaded time of the year. And for freelancers, independent contractors, and sole proprietors, it’s an even bigger headache. Bookkeeping responsibilities and business tax management fall solely on the shoulders of the self-employed. Making life easier for Etsy sellers, Uber drivers, Avon consultants, and online writers, QuickBooks Self-Employed is software that mainly accommodates those required to file a Schedule C during tax time.

The cloud-based QuickBooks Self-Employed plans are accessible from any device; all you need is an Internet connection. It only takes a couple of minutes to become a subscriber. Connect a bank account, and you’re good to go. Beyond side-stepping the confusion and chaos of last-minute tax preparation, QuickBooks may also help you become one of the many users discovering an average of $4,628 in potential savings per year.

Spectacular discount alert: Save up to 70% on QuickBooks Self-Employed and celebrate the Fourth of July with a deal sure to ignite business success with the following incentives:

Save receipts in a snap.

Outstanding app features and a clean dashboard with simplified navigation make QuickBooks Self-Employed one of the most user-friendly, business-tracking tools on the market. Easy to locate what you need, you’re usually one click away from reviewing last month’s transactions, daily mileage, annual tax information, and profit/loss reports.

Another worthwhile benefit: Save space, time, and your sanity by using a smartphone to take snapshots of expense receipts that you can digitally sort and link to specific transactions within QuickBooks. With everything you need to file taxes in one place, you stay organized and prepared the next time you have to settle up with Uncle Sam.

Get more out of your invoices.

The QuickBooks Self-Employed client portal is a one-stop shop that facilitates the effortless creation, submission, and tracking of invoices. You’ll be able to see when a client views an invoice, as well as get alerts when customers pay up.

Users can also:

  • Send on-the-go invoices from a smartphone
  • Customize invoices with a logo or tagline
  • Create partial invoices for multi-tiered projects
  • Relay friendly payment reminders
  • Issue sales receipts to clients

And, with the ability to accept credit cards and free bank transfers (within the client portal), this convenience significantly increases the likelihood of getting paid faster.

Go the extra mile.

QuickBooks Self-Employed automatically records mileage and logs business-related travel activities. An in-app, GPS-fueled tracker pinpoints the beginning and end of trips, which you can later classify as ‘business’ or ‘personal’. Come tax season, let the software calculate your total mileage deduction (based on the IRS mileage rate for the current year) and then export the digital account of your business-related travel when you’re ready to file.

Furthermore, the savings don’t end with gas and travel hours. That busted transmission you fixed last week, car insurance payments, parking fees, and road tolls all qualify as expenses that QuickBooks Self-Employed sorts into tax-deductible subcategories.

Track the direction of cash flow.

Gearing up for the holiday rush? Increased your advertising budget? Had a rough July? With QuickBooks, you are better equipped to monitor and modify the direction of cash flow when needed. Having access to software that effectively tracks income and expenses means you know precisely where, how, and when you net and spend your hard-earned dollars.

The software ‘learns’ your settings; automatically sorts purchases into the appropriate tax categories; creates valuable profit and loss reports; and securely imports business transactions from your bank, credit cards, PayPal, Amazon, Square, Etsy, and many other third-party merchant sources.

Avoid a year-end shock.

Freelancers and small business owners no longer have to guestimate quarterly taxes. QuickBooks Self-Employed does it for you, providing estimates of what you owe so that you can make payments on time each quarter.

And, don’t wait until the end of the year to figure it all out; use QuickBooks’ automatic reminders of quarterly tax due dates to prevent unnecessary late fees and penalties.

Simplify the entire tax filing process.

Not only is QuickBooks Self-Employed a timesaver for independent contractors and freelancers, but the company’s more extensive Tax Bundles (with built-in integration to TurboTax) further streamline the process of filing taxes. Available with or without live CPA assistance that provides advice and a line-by-line review of your returns, you’ll also enjoy a smooth transfer of information and federal/state return filings included in each bundle.

Once you have QuickBooks Self-Employed tracking your every debit and credit, don’t forget to download our Giving Assistant button so you can save money on the goods and services that will help your business bring in the green.

Keep an Eye Out for the Hottest New Makeup Must-Have: Glossier’s Brow Flick

Keep an Eye Out for the Hottest New Makeup Must-Have: Glossier’s Brow Flick

All Eyes Are on Glossier’s Newly-Launched Brow Flick!

From unruly-and-bushy to pencil-thin arches, eyebrow techniques and tools continuously evolve over the years. For instance, expect more people to abandon the “Instagram Brow” (a trend marked by extremely polished, overly-sculpted eyebrows with ramped-up contours) for a more natural, down-to-earth look. The quest to achieve hyper-symmetrical perfection is no longer envy-worthy; you now run the risk of sporting brows that look ‘too fake’ or ‘overdone’.

When you’re ready to redefine your brow goals, Glossier’s Brow Flick is just the thing you need to get started. The newest beauty solution to join the brand’s collection of consumer-driven products launched June [Insert Date], and it’s a real game changer.   

What is Brow Flick?

Brow Flick is a detailing pen that addresses some rather specific needs in brow management: sparseness, concealing grays, and lack of definition. The pen has a micro-fine brush tip that creates ultra-defined, hair-like strokes with precision, allowing users to achieve some of the most natural-looking eyebrows.

Attaining fabulous results with this tool isn’t tricky. Hold the pen at a downward angle and lightly etch (or ‘flick’) with featherlight strokes in the spaces where you’d like to see extra brow ‘hairs’ or enhance definition. Let the product dry for at least 15 seconds before applying more makeup.

Brow Flick’s “precisely shaded formula” is available in three sheer, water-resistant shades:

  • Blond
  • Brown
  • Black

Glossier’s newest pen is especially ideal if you’re looking to:

1. Shape a More Youthful Look

Product-heavy, overfilled brows are a no-no. This beauty blunder not only seems like you’re trying too hard to achieve perfection but can also add years to your appearance. Brow Flick has a formula superior to that of other brow pencils, powders, and felt tips, which you can use to enhance the natural shape of a brow and add freshness to your face.

The pen’s precision, fine-point delicately fills in short tails and adds depth to sparse areas. You don’t need the skills of Picasso to cover the canvas adequately. Rely on short, delicate strokes to produce the desired look of individual brow hairs.

2. Lift, Frame, and Define with Contour Brows

In a world that pays attention to detail, Brow Flick fits right in.

Let’s take contour brows, for example. Clean edges, accentuated arches, and tapered tails characterize this style. And when done right, this enhances definition and flatters features on faces of all shapes and sizes. Brow Flick’s fine-point accuracy cleanly defines eyebrow edges, as well as tapers an eyebrow tail into a sharp point.

3. Enjoy Gray Hair Coverage with Less Mess

There isn’t enough hair in a pair of eyebrows that allow for total elimination every time a gray intruder emerges. Pluck too many, and you run the risk of misshapen brows. While some people choose dyes to solve their issue, it seems a bit drastic for just one or two strands.

However, with a quick pass of Brow Flick, you’ll effortlessly accomplish precise coverage – one gray hair at a time.

4. Save Time and Money on a Tremendous Twosome

Brow Flick is also the perfect counterpart to cult-favorite, Boy Brow, Glossier’s original, all-in-one grooming essential. The bestselling creamy wax formula thickens, conditions, and shapes brows into place. Boy Brow is available in Blond, Brown, and Black, as well as Clear.

Pair the two products to form a fluffier, more authentic brow that doesn’t appear forced or overly exaggerated. Let your natural beauty shine and showcase brows that have more character.

Since using Brow Flick and Boy Brow together requires fewer overall steps to achieve natural-looking polished brows, this dynamic duo also saves time and energy better spent on the rest of your beauty routine.

And last but not least, if you want to save money on future Glossier purchases and more, we suggest downloading our Giving Assistant button to keep up with the brand’s latest deals and discounts.





Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2019 That Dads Will Love

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2019 That Dads Will Love

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 16th, and it will be here before you know it. Dads aren’t necessarily the easiest individuals to shop for, so when it comes time to shower the special men in your life with love and tokens of appreciation – it can be a bit of a challenge.

If you’ve already gifted the usual suspects (coffee cup, tie, and wallet) and need a little inspiration to awaken your creative juices, we’re here to help.

Below are a few ways to not only make sure Dad receives long-lasting benefits out of this year’s gift but to also save big time on an awesome Father’s Day present.

Save Up to 70% off Select Luggage at The Home Depot

Make sure Dad is ready for any adventure, business trip or family vacation; and send him off in style when you save up to 70% off select luggage.

Carry-ons have certainly come a long way, and value collections (some of which include up to six pieces of luggage) accommodate a multitude of travel needs.

Seek ultra-convenient features, such as top-, side- and telescopic handles with the push-button mechanism on carry-ons. Luggage featuring 360-degree spinners glide across floors and allow always-on-the-go Papas to reach terminals and gates faster. Some luggage has hidden compartments, while others are equipped with exclusive features, like built-in USB ports for easy charging of electronics, as seen in the TPRC Underseater Carry-On Rolling Briefcase.

Softside luggage, like Travelers Club 5-Piece Value Luggage, provides a higher level of flexibility, especially when squeezing last-minute items into accessory pockets and maneuvering the tight spaces of overhead compartments.

Hardside (or hard case) luggage, like the American Green Travel Melrose Blue 3-Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage with TSA Lock and Corner Guards, tend to have a more stylishly sleek look and range in shades from metallic rose gold to steely grey. Beyond their eye candy status, polycarbonate is used to make the hard shell exterior, which provides water-resistant coverage and adds protection for electronics, laptops, cameras, and other fragile valuables.

Shop the Home Depot, and you’ll find plenty of sets that offer Dad an affordable mix of carry-on bags, checked bags, totes, duffels, garment bags, and smaller travel bags (like a toiletry or Dopp kit).

ZoroSave 20% off $200+ on Select Categories at

Zoro sells industrial goods, tools, everyday supplies, and accessories that particularly cater to the needs of business owners and trades professionals, as well as provide a wealth of gift ideas for Dads that dabble in drywall, masonry, carpentry, construction, and home improvement.

Zoro’s inventory boasts thousands of brands and millions of products from the likes of Stanley, Georgia-Pacific, Makita, DeWalt, Dupont, and 3M. And, with a reputation for having needle-in-a-haystack items in stock, saving 20% on a $200+ purchase on Zoro Select makes it all the more worthwhile when shopping for your favorite handyman, DIY’er, or Jack-of-all-trades this Father’s Day.

Track down that specialty clamp, starter motor, or raw materials needed for unique projects. You may also consider the following gift ideas from Zoro:

  • Power tools and accessories, from battery packs to deluxe router bit sets
  • Hand tools that measure, mark, cut, and fasten materials
  • Office goods and furniture, like heavy-duty executive chairs with leather seats
  • Tool storage, portable tool boxes, gear bags, and protective cases
  • Outdoor equipment, including pool-cleaning accessories and ladders

And as a bonus, you’ll enjoy free shipping on orders of $50 or more at Zoro.

Take an Extra 15% off Personalized Gifts at Things Remembered Things Remembered

For this Father’s Day, enjoy an extra 15% off personalized gifts, including jewelry, watches, picture frames, robes, messenger bags, and money clips.

Engraved pocket blades and tools are also quite popular this time of the year. Look to Things Remembered for a present that combines entertaining functionality with heartfelt personalization, when just any Swiss Army knife won’t do.

Nail this year’s Father’s Day gift with a stainless steel Gentlemen’s Hammer Multi-Tool, which also acts as a saw, pliers, plain-edge knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, shucker and can opener.

For the rugged outdoorsman, the Gentlemen’s Hardware Axe Multi-Tool is ideal for dads who often embark on camping, hunting, and hiking trips. In addition to a kindling axe, there are a handful of items in one compact package: a mini mallet, knife, two saws, two screwdrivers, a can opener, bottle opener, and file.

Engrave the handles of the gifts mentioned above with a name, nickname, monogram, date or a heartfelt message. Both pieces come with a complimentary keepsake box.

The Gentlemen’s Hardware Tool Kit offers a full set of wood and titanium-coated steel tools, housed within an eye-catching gunmetal/pinewood valet box. Inside, you’ll find a neat arrangement of pliers, a multi-ratchet screwdriver, ruler, tape measure, pencil and hammer with engravable head.

And that’s not all, spend $100 or more at Things Remembered and your items ship for free.

Lowe's Father's Day GiftsSave Up to 40% off Select Tools and Accessories at Lowe’s

Dad’s tool arsenal can always use an upgrade. Replace rusty favorites and find new additions to enhance his collection at Lowe’s, where you can save up to 40% off select tools and accessories.

This Father’s Day, score savings on best-selling brands, such as Craftsman, Bosch, Black & Decker, and Hitachi, and gift handyman essentials for less – think saws, wrenches, screwdrivers, ladders, cordless drills, and Shop-Vacs.

Keep an eye out for discounted toolsets and combo kits, which bundle extra attachments, chargers, battery packs, and carrying cases that often create a kid-in-a-candy-store effect.

The Craftsman 51-Piece Standard (SAE) and Metric Mechanics Tool Set not only adds eye candy to a toolbox but is also ultra-durable and easy to clean, thanks to its corrosion-resistant gunmetal chrome finish.

The Dewalt 10-Tool 20-Volt Power Tool Combo Kit with Soft Case is an excellent gift idea for new homeowners, as well as those getting ready to tackle an ambitious home improvement project. This kit comes with two batteries and a charger. Additionally, this set comes with a Bluetooth speaker and a blower that clears debris at the end of a hard day’s work.

Find the Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas—AND Save!

What’s better than finding just the right Father’s Day present and saving money? We think it’s discovering the best deals on your favorite brands and gift ideas all year round.

Download our Giving Assistant button, and we’ll get you up-to-date on the latest ways to save.



6 Summer-Ready Styles That Are Heating Up [Urban Outfitters]

6 Summer-Ready Styles That Are Heating Up [Urban Outfitters]

Hellooooooo, sunny skies, and warm weather! It’s time to dig through the closet, unearth your summer fashion and seasonal attire, and get ready for the heat. Somewhere in there, you’ll most likely find a few pairs of well-worn shorts, which means it’s probably time for a change…

Good news, updating your summer fashion 2019 essentials can easily liven up any wardrobe, and current cashback-earning trends are only a click away. And, it all starts by taking 30% Off Shorts at Urban Outfitters.

Ladies Summer Fashion Shorts Urban Outfitters1. Break the Cycle

Wearing bike shorts sans bicycle is an athleisure trend that’s here to stay in 2019. This trend is so popular because it offers versatility, as well as the comfort of flexible materials, like Spandex. Pair the shorts with reliable standbys (like a sports bra, tank, or short-sleeved crop top) or step outside your comfort zone a bit.

Urban Outfitters takes this trend to the next level: bike shorts with animal prints, polka dots, botanicals, metallics, logos, and bold prints, like the Champion X Susan Alexandra UO Exclusive Allover Print Bike Short, Motel Mesh Leopard Print Bike Short, and UO Alanis Floral Bike Short.

2. Get Lost with Bermuda Shorts

Khaki linen shirts, form-fitting button-downs, and polos rejoice! Bermuda shorts have made a comeback with styles fit for the King or Queen of Summer, providing men and women with a semi-casual look that offers more length in the leg.

Bermuda men’s shorts pair well with short sleeves, long sleeves, blazers, and loafers. For summer fashion 2019, colors to embrace include navy blue, light brown, burgundy, and dark green.

Ladies love the UO Mom Eyelet Drawstring Bermuda Short, which screams femininity and offers a lightweight, relaxed fit. Another beach-ready standout is the One Teaspoon Frankies Denim Bermuda Short, made with a frayed, curved hem.

Mens summer shorts Urban Outfitters3. Tighten Those Drawstrings

Score a winning look with UO’s fitness-forward and outdoorsy shorts that keep you stylin’ in Nike, FILA, Adidas and a variety of hiking-, running-, and other sporty brands – as seen in the athletic pull-on Kappa Banda Arawa Racing Short for men and the top-rated women’s Nike Knockout Short.

Summer tip: Basketball shorts are ‘in’ for the ladies. And, not just any kind. With the UO Amba Striped Sweater Basketball Short, you get three trends in one – striped, cotton-knit shorts with a baller vibe.

4. Distinctive Denim

One of the hottest trends that never seems to lose its cool, denim shorts have certainly come a long way from homemade cut-offs. Today’s options offer plenty of styles for both men and women, including distressed, tailored, dyed, low-rise, striped, patchwork, cuffed, or with a frayed, cut-off hem.

When you’re looking to step outside of a pair of the usual baby blues, make a statement with the one-of-a-kind designs of Urban Renewal Recycled Levi’s Tie-Dye Cutoff Denim Short or slip into something hip and comfortable with the khaki-colored BDG Denim High-Rise Mom Short.

Womens pinup shorts Urban Outfitters5. Get Leggy with It

Channel your inner Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe with retro-style shorts that sophisticatedly show off summer-ready legs. Pinup shorts are high-waisted and often feature buttons, belts, and ties that flatteringly accentuate the midriff and below. Sizzle this summer with sailor tops, off-the-shoulder ruffles, or fitted tanks paired with the likes of the BDG Naomi Denim Pinup Short or UO Sparkly Pinup Short.

6. Beachy-Keen Shorts

Achieve ultimate wardrobe relaxation and make a splash this summer with colorfully laidback, surf-styles, and eye-catching tropical prints. UO has several styles to fit every personality.

The Deus Ex Machina Fauna Beach Short makes a breezy first impression with the allover floral print. The bold stripes and iconic logo of the Polo Ralph Lauren Kailua Big Logo Swim Short are ready for sand-filled social hours. Become the life of a beach party with the Boardies® Inflatables Swim Short.

Summer Fashion At a Discount

Just like Urban Outfitters is ready to elevate your spring and summer fashion with current trends, Giving Assistant is just as prepped to point you in the right direction for the latest deals and discounts.

Download the Giving Assistant button (if you haven’t already) to keep up with year-round savings from your favorite shops and brands.




8 MOM-umental Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

8 MOM-umental Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the Queen Bees in your life and show appreciation for the love, guidance, and strength they represent. While bouquets of flowers, chocolates, and handmade cards often take center stage, there are many other thoughtful gift-giving ideas that still say “I love you, Mom”.

As you take time to recognize some of the most important females in your circle, you may want to consider some of the following Giving Assistant-approved Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Edible Arrangements1. Edible Arrangements | A Berry Sweet ‘Thank You’

Express your everlasting gratitude for all that Mom does by treating her taste buds to an indulgent fruit assortment from Edible Arrangements. You certainly can’t go wrong with a box full of chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Want to level-up the presentation? Choose semisweet-coated berries touched with a bit of white chocolate Swizzle®. The Just For You Bouquet is a pretty impressive sight to see. A spray of pineapple daisies, juicy grapes, and chocolate-dipped strawberries are situated inside a geometrically-patterned mug.

Order online and it’ll be ready for pickup or delivery starting May 8th.

2. Sam’s Club | Be ‘Scent’sative

Perfume is one of the most sought-after gift ideas for women. You can stick with tried-and-true favorites or introduce Mama to a new scent. You may not think of Sam’s Club as a hub for top-rated fragrances, but you’ll find plenty of online-only specials and discounted prices on sprays and gift sets for Mother’s Day. Think Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, Elizabeth Arden, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Versace, Burberry, Juicy Couture, and DKNY.

On a side note, it also pays to be a Sam’s Club Plus member – you’ll score free shipping for this gift purchase.

3. The Home Depot | Keep Mom Comfy

What mom doesn’t love to kick her feet up? Give Mom the gift of relaxation with a beautiful, new bathrobe. In addition to enjoying up to 8% cash back on any Home Depot purchase, you can also save up to 40% off select bathrobes.

4. Kay Jewelers | A Gem of a Gift

Birthstone jewelry as a Mother’s Day gift idea truly tugs at the heartstrings when gemstones are used to represent the birth month of a child or children. Get lost in the Kay Jewelers lineup of customizable rings, necklaces, lockets, and bracelets that feature hearts, birds, circles, crosses, keys, and the Tree of Life. Just a thought, melt a new mama’s heart with the Color Stone Mother’s Footprint Ring. Have it engraved with baby’s name and birth date.

Get your personalized jewelry orders in by May 3rd to ensure delivery in time for Mother’s Day.

5. Walgreens | Put a Smile on That Mug

What mama doesn’t love to show off her kids, grandkids, pets and unforgettable family moments? Custom photo print mugs offer just the right touch of heartfelt personalization and Mom is definitely sure to smile every time she takes a sip of her java, tea, or H2O. This year, you’ll have another fun option to consider; Walgreens just added Stainless Insulated Water Bottles with your favorite photos or designs wrapped around the base.

Hair Care Gift Set6. Bed Bath & Beyond | A Gift Set that’ll Blow Mom Away

Of course, Mom is beautiful no matter what, but what woman wouldn’t want a hair care gift set?

Pretty in pink (or fuchsia, to be exact), the Dyson Supersonic™ Special Edition Mother’s Day Hair Dryer Gift Set has everything a stylish mama needs to straighten, smooth, volumize, and detangle their do. This high-speed, 1600-watt powerhouse of a dryer comes with a paddle brush, detangling comb and magnetic attachments, such as a smoothing nozzle.

As an added bonus, Bed Bath & Beyond ships orders over $39 for free.

7. Macy’s | Show Mom How Much She Rocks

To celebrate the special lady in your life, Macy’s has limited-time deals and special savings on all sorts of diamond jewelry. There’s a 70% off sale on 1/3-Karat Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K gold, rose gold, and white gold. The Diamond Halo 18″ Pendant Necklace is an elegant find.

If Mom prefers her bling in the kitchen, Macy’s sells retro-styled KitchenAid Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixers in colorfully appetizing shades, such as Watermelon, Cranberry, Kitchen Aid Mixer Boysenberry, Bordeaux, Empire Red, Cinnamon, and Tangerine.

8. See’s Candies | Say It with Flowers

Flowers eventually wilt, but the new floral and “Pretty Petals” collection of Mother’s Day gifts at See’s Candies is a gift that keeps on giving with decorative souvenir tins and boxes. Packaged in a spring-themed, floral container, spoil Mom with the Sweet Bouquet Keepsake Tin’s 19-piece melt-in-your-mouth selection of sweet treats. The 21-piece Floral Fancy Box is an embossed keepsake filled with an assortment of milk, dark and white chocolates, including Walnut Squares and Raspberry Truffles.

Expedited shipping for $9.95 on deliveries over $35 also sweetens this Mother’s Day gift idea.

You Can’t Go Wrong With These Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

And don’t forget, after surviving Mother’s Day, it’ll soon be time to start shopping for Dad. To avoid the last-minute rush of choosing just the right Father’s Day gift and taking advantage of the best deals around, don’t forget to use or download our Giving Assistant Button.

Let us connect you to the latest sales and discounts from your favorite stores and brands.