6 Ways to Save on Summer Fun with Groupon

6 Ways to Save on Summer Fun with Groupon

Temperatures are rising. School’s out. Longer, sun-filled days are calling your name. It’s inevitable that the itch to get out there and enjoy yourself more grows stronger. Summer fun is found at every turn, but admission prices, tickets, and activities can really add up. If you’re looking to make the most of this season (and save money on your next adventure), we suggest taking advantage of a few Groupon Deals this summer. Looking for inspiration? Check out the following: 

1. Horseback Riding, Boating and Golfing, Oh My!

Warmer weather presents the perfect conditions for getting active, indulging in outdoor recreation, and enjoying your favorite sports. From skate parks to skydiving, Groupon makes it easier to fuel your adventurous self with endless pursuits that include whitewater rafting, archery lessons, kayak rentals, and zipline courses.

  • Hop on a boat (that you rent and steer yourself), or let someone else do all the work with a tour of local waters.
  • Seeking some serious tee time or in need of weekend fun with the kids? Hit the greens for less…or get silly with a game of miniature golf.
  • Treat someone with NASCAR dreams to a ride-along or a few of their own laps with a Groupon for an exotic, sports car experience.

2. Get Drenched at a Waterpark!

The heat of summer sends people looking for an escape from the rising temperatures and uncomfortable stickiness of sweat. What better way to cool off on an 80-degree day than heading to a retreat dedicated to all things water? That’s when Groupon waterpark deals really come in handy. They provide access to refreshing waterslides, wave pools, log rides, bumper boats, hot tubs, and adult-only Jacuzzis – with discounts available at both outdoor and indoor waterparks.

3. Cruise On In to a Beach Vacation

When it comes to unforgettable summer experiences, Groupon has you covered with opportunities that’ll make the most out of your vacation time. Choose from excursions that range from a two-hour romantic rendezvous to weekend resort getaways to multi-day family vacations. Cruises are a popular travel option, whether you’re drifting towards a stunning sunset or taking a longer jaunt to a more tropical locale, like the Bahamas. Along the way, you may take scuba lessons, snorkel with sea turtles, or sink your toes into the sands surrounding a beachfront hotel you booked through Groupon.

4. Make a Day of It at an Amusement or Theme Park

The roar of roller coasters and excited screams plus the sweetness of cotton candy and ice cream equals a day of fun for everyone. Complete your summer with a ride on a Ferris wheel. Try your luck with a midway game, and come home with a stuffed animal prize. Groupon offers discounted tickets (and other deals) to amusement and theme parks, such as LEGOLAND, Six Flags, SeaWorld, Darien Lake, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

5. Create a Summer Bucket List & Experience Something New Every Week

The best place to find the most summer deals in one place is Groupon. So much so…you can dream up a bucket list for the season, and indulge in fresh adventures on a regular basis. Give yourself (and your family) something to really look forward to.

Use a Groupon Coupon to create ever-lasting, childhood memories. There are plenty of kids activities to add to your list of things to do that include indoor trampoline parks, laser tag, paintball, go-karts, zoos, botanic gardens, museums, and even summer camps.

And, when the sun sets, adults can let loose with endless nightlife experiences. Laugh until you cry at a comedy club. Get your culture on at a playhouse, or take date night to a new level of creativity with paint-and-sip get-togethers held at local bars and restaurants. You’ll even find discounted general admission tickets to some of the most sought-after food-, drink- and music festivals in town.

6. Stock Up on Outdoor Adventure Gear and Goodies

By now, you should know Groupon is one of the first places to check for saving money on summer experiences, but did you know it can also help you prepare for your next adventure? Groupon Goods is well-stocked with everything you need to live it up this summer.

  • Stay safe and protected with deals on sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and suntan lotion.
  • Upgrade your picnic, trip to the beach, or outdoor recreation with a new cooler, towel, thermos, umbrella, or portable chairs.
  • Head for the woods equipped with camping essentials, such as tents, sleeping bags, or a cook set.
  • Save big on outdoor equipment…like swag for cyclists that include parts, tools, accessories, clothing, and even sales on new bicycles.

In addition to new deals and discounts popping up every day, you can also maximize your overall summer savings with a Groupon promo code. To keep up with the latest offers, you really need to download our Giving Assistant Button if you haven’t already!  

Brands That Give Back: ACE x 3 Wins Fitness

Brands That Give Back: ACE x 3 Wins Fitness

Reach new career heights, and level up your ability to help others become their best self. Empower individuals with tools for leading a healthier lifestyle. Zero in on improving the quality of life of those in need. Does any of this sound like something you’d like to do? Giving Assistant joins forces with many not-for-profit organizations that enact positive change, but when it comes to our partnership with ACE Fitness, there’s a bit of uniqueness we’d like to highlight.

The American Council on Exercise wears two special hats: one that reflects the passion of a nonprofit on a mission to spread health awareness and make physical activity available to the greater public. The second represents a brand you can shop that offers the type of essentials that not only better the lives of others but as well as yourself. When you use an ACE Fitness coupon from Giving Assistant, you’ll earn incentives and save money on ACE products and resources. Your purchases can also help further a good cause and a much greater objective.


ACE Fitness is a powerhouse when it comes to the education, certification and support of professionals in the health and fitness industry. In over 30 years of existence, the American Council on Exercise has become the largest nonprofit of its kind with tens of thousands of life-changing professionals having completed one of four training study programs.

ACE provides a path to NCAA-credited certification which allows health and fitness pros to:

  • deliver customized, one-on-one attention to clients seeking to reach optimal function and performance (as a Personal Trainer)
  • help keep preventable diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle at bay and encourage people to make healthier lifestyle choices (as a Health Coach)
  • cast a wider net that gets more people moving in the right direction all at the same time, like leading weekly CrossFit, Pilates, cycling, yoga, or Zumba classes at indoor facilities (as a Group Fitness Instructor
  • provide vital treatment to those looking to overcome chronic disease and injury (as a Medical Exercise Specialist).

And, good news! To make the next step in your educational journey a little easier to accomplish, Giving Assistant offers a variety of ACE Fitness promo codes that’ll help you save money on certification, training materials, and study bundles on the above programs.

In addition to outfitting health and exercise professionals with accredited certification, ACE also partners with numerous local and national organizations to give back to the community.

A Win-Win-Win Situation for All Involved

With headquarters in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, 3 WINS Fitness is an outstanding example of the kind of nonprofit that ACE partners with. Both nonprofits work towards increasing community access to activities and opportunities that advance the physical health for all age groups and levels of fitness.


In an effort to amplify the connection between kinesiology (the study of movement regarding the human body) and public health, 3 WINS Fitness grew from the vision of a handful of California State University Northridge students and a professor within the field that established a free community fitness program at a low-resource neighborhood park. Success! The response led to a much larger measure to connect future generations of health and fitness professionals to those in need of a realistically, attainable workout (and in some cases, life-saving opportunity that wouldn’t otherwise be available).

So far, ACE has lent a hand to the education and advancement of roughly 100 kinesiology students, who help manage numerous 3 WINS Fitness sites across California, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Hundreds of locals in all shapes, sizes and ages sweat it out at weekly fitness classes – from curious couch potatoes having no routine exercise experience to newly inducted retirees trying to tame chronic diseases, like high blood pressure and diabetes.

What makes 3 WINS Fitness a glowing success is the trifecta of benefits associated with their free community programs…truly a win-win-win situation. For starters, kinesiology students and volunteers receive class credit and invaluable, hands-on, job-related experience that far exceeds the basic strengthening of leadership and business skills. Secondly, participants gain access to free fitness classes. And, as a result, the overall community becomes stronger and healthier as residents get up and moving, transforming into more active members of society.

The ACE Fitness and 3 Wins Fitness partnership proves physical fitness that motivates and changes lives doesn’t have to feel like a luxury…or uncomfortable visit to a crowded fitness center. You don’t need a fancy gym membership (and when options for physical exercise are running low), there’s always an option – like taking advantage of a session with 3 Wins Fitness.

In addition to providing the public with essential information, instruction, advice and online tools that accommodate all fitness levels, ACE also sells products that make it easier for you to achieve your personal fitness and health goals. You’ll find ACE Fitness coupon codes on Giving Assistant that’ll come in handy the next time you need books, DVDs or fitness equipment, like a stability ball, FlexBands, or an ACE FitKit.


Lastly, make sure you’ve downloaded our Giving Assistant Button, so you can keep up with the latest American Council on Exercise promo codes. We’ll keep you updated on the different ways you can save money as you work towards improving your career, health or overall wellbeing.


Brands That Give Back: Free People x Waves For Water

Brands That Give Back: Free People x Waves For Water

This blog post originally appeared on Free People’s blog and was reblogged with permission.

Some 3 in 10 people, or 2.1 billion worldwide, lack access to safe, readily available water at home, according to a new report by WHO and UNICEF. This is 28% of the world’s population. The reversal is one filter, one community, one village, one region at a time.

In honor of Mother Nature, and a growing commitment and need to give back, we’re here to share with you the story of Waves For Water, a 501c non-profit whose goal it is to educate and empower those in need of clean water. Waves For Water’s compact, sustainable filters allow for true magic to occur. Read on to learn more about them, and be sure to support the cause by purchasing a Waves For Water x FP tee, whose proceeds go toward a $50,000 donation that will allow W4W to purchase up to 1,400 new filters.

Tell us how Waves For Water came to be.

Jon Rose, our Founder, was aboard a boat off the coast of Sumatra during a surf trip in September 2009 when he felt a slight shake. He had no way of knowing at the time, but a 7.6 earthquake had destroyed the nearby city of Padang – with more than 1,000 lives lost and
 100,000 homeless – until he came to shore and saw the devastated city. Jon happened to be en route to Bali to deliver 10 water filters for what would have been the first Waves For Water project. But with tragedy striking Sumatra, he went into Padang to get water filters into the hands of rescue workers to help those who were most in need of access to clean water. That was really the start of Waves For Water.

Now, Waves For Water works on the front lines to provide access to clean water to communities in need around the world. In addition to our primary focus around clean water, we focus on disaster relief efforts globally, working directly with world leaders and strategic partners who take a no-nonsense attitude toward making global change. In the past 7 years, we have worked in 44 countries, with active programs in 23, and have responded to 33 disasters globally. With over 155 programs consisting of water filtration systems (150,000+ filters implemented), wells and rainwater harvesting systems we have impacted the lives of up to 3,750,000 people.

How much of the world’s water is currently not potable? How can you impact or even reverse that percentage?

Some 3 in 10 people worldwide, or 2.1 billion, lack access to safe, readily available water at home, according to a new report by WHO and UNICEF.

This is 28% of the world’s population.

The reversal is one filter, one community, one village, one region at a time. With the results we see with our program though, we are currently and will continue to have true impact.

Can you share with us just how your filters work?

The MVP Filtration system is the fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient way to get pure potable water to communities in need. At 0.1 micron absolute, it is impossible for any bacteria, protozoa or cysts to pass through the filter i.e. Cholera, Botulism, Typhoid, Amoebic Dysentery, E. coli, Giardia etc. The filters contain a high number of tiny ‘U’-shaped hollow fiber micro-tubes that trap contaminants while allowing decontaminated water to freely pass through at a high flow rate. One filter can provide up to 100 people with clean water for up to 5 years or one million gallons.

Shop We The Free Waves Tee and more

Waves For Water x FP. What does the collective mission look like?

Quincy Davis joined our team on the ground in Puerto Rico to help with a few implementations. On day one we went out to Utuado to visit a family farm to finish a Water Catchment system and implement 5 filters. We trained the family and a few neighbors on filter set up and use so they can be used in the Classroom/Community Center they are building for the local kids in the area. It was such a cool experience. 

Day two we did an implementation in the Canovanas Church Iglesia De Dios Emanuel. We met with 10 community leaders, implementing 3 filters each (30 total) with them after an in depth training and conversation with ur team on the benefits of using the filter. With these conversations we gained access to a school, a fire department and multiple neighborhoods that are putting together a leadership meetings to train and build the network. 

After the church we checked out a farm in Rio Grande, called Hacienda Rio Viejo, where we finished a cistern install for a catchment system and implemented a water filter for the farm. 

Tell us about the current situation in Puerto Rico…

The below response is from our Global Field Operations Director and Caribbean Hurricane Relief Program Director, Rob McQueen:

Our work in Puerto Rico ranges across the island. In some areas life has returned to a version of normal, primarily in the large city centers and mostly in San Juan. If you move outside of the San Juan area, a lot of small businesses have not been able to reopen or have closed forever. Central power is still just a dream as the sound of generators owns the usually quiet nights. There has been an increase in the demand for donated meals, which is a huge warning flag as the population on the island is still decreasing due to migration to the US. This highlights a major underlying issue that the island is nowhere near ready to support the most basic needs. The entire island is still under a boil water advisory due to bacterial contamination, and this become even more of a challenge when your ability to boil water is an issue (due to lack of fuel and/or electricity). What people fail to understand is that Maria not only decimated the existing infrastructure on the island, it highlighted just how broken both the infrastructure and government systems were prior to the storm. Maria exasperated already damning issues, so the thought process that after 6 months of relief efforts Puerto Rico would be ready is ridiculous. The economic crisis still looms large, especially since there’s just so much uncertainty surrounding the island… the real work is just getting started.

I’m interested in your courier program — what does becoming a member entail?

The Courier Program has one goal: empower the masses to help solve the world water crisis. How? Piggyback travelers that are already going to places with water needs, arm them with a water filter and the knowledge of how to implement it into a small community. Surf trip to Nicaragua? Bring some filters. Climbing trip to Thailand? Pack a few filters in your duffel. Going to India on business? The filters will fit right in your briefcase. The idea isn’t to get one person to offload 100 filters and call it a day. We want 100,000 travelers to each pack 1-10 filters and deliver them around the globe, creating a ripple effect of clean water and global connectivity.

The Courier Program has successfully implemented filtration systems in 90 countries, including Haiti, Indonesia, Chile, Pakistan, and Bali. Each of these examples are being used as success-models that can be applied worldwide.

Couriers — we want you to do what you love and help along the way. Purchase W4W filters and deliver to destinations all over the world. Feel connected. Travel with purpose. Do something that will change your life, and the lives of others.

Your greatest achievement so far?

Every project we do is successful because when it’s all said and done, people have access to clean water who didn’t before. So our success is truly measured by the action, and the only thing that changes from project to project is scale. If measured by scale within Puerto Rico, to date, we have implemented over 7,000 filters impacting over 195,000 people. We have also installed 120 cisterns across the island and 5 water catchment systems installed in farms and community gardens.

(This is in addition to our Outer Island Initiative where we have implemented +2,225 filters and 8 Cisterns in 40 communities across 7 islands.)

Your greatest challenge?

Our role throughout the response really shifted to meet the changing situation on the ground. Initially, we focused on getting our program out to as many people as possible regardless of restrictions and encouraging others to do the same. As the situation on the ground progressed we deliberately focused on trying to connect the right solution to the right need to have a better impact taking the role of a collaborative force. For example working with TESLA bring a remote water pump online and off the grid. We also worked heavily within our local networks to bypass shipping roadblocks and bring medical supplies from donors in the states to hospitals and clinics that needed them most. Currently we are shifting our energy to be part of the long-term recovery. We are taking a more formal role and have begun partnering with different organizations and entities where we can supplement their development efforts. For example, we are working with Departmento De La Comida, an organization working to rebuild local sustainable agriculture on the island. As they rebuild and seed these farms, we will build rain-catchment and water depots to support the farmer and his workers. In the end we believe in sticking to our core focus, clean water programs, and done right we can play a large role in rebuilding Puerto Rico.

What’s W4W’s biggest dream/goal?

Our goal is simple: to get clean water to every single person who needs it.

Be sure to download the Giving Assistant Button and to choose Waves For Water as your nonprofit of choice in your account settings to donate a portion of your cash back. If you believe everyone deserves clean water, support Waves for Water cause by purchasing a Waves For Water x FP tee. Happy shopping, happy giving.

Offering the Best Online Shopping Experience [zulily]

Offering the Best Online Shopping Experience [zulily]

Imagine a one-stop shop that guarantees irresistible sales on an ever-changing selection of goods you don’t want to miss. zulily is an online-only boutique filled with deep discounts on the brands you love (as well as up-and-coming ones that could become your new ‘favorite’). A zulily ‘event’ is a daily shopping party you’re always invited to…one that you don’t have to get dressed up for or even leave the house. The savings are definitely impressive (with or without a zulily coupon), as you’ll find infinite deals on things to wear, to eat, to explore, to have fun with, and to gift.

And the best part, zulily hosts these online get-togethers every single day (at 6 a.m. PT), with most events lasting 72 hours. That’s why it’s important to check the site often, and set alerts for which brands are scheduled to hit the scene. Another important point, zulily is a members-only affair. Yes, you need to sign up in order to get on the guest list. But no worries, if you have an email address, then you’re in! It’s that easy.


zulily works around the clock to connect you to some of the best online deals and sales on any and everything under the sun. Shop for the special lady, man, baby, or friend in your life – there’s always something waiting for you there. Discover décor essentials to live out all of your Pinterest dreams. Browse discounted cookbooks to aid you in your latest diet adventures. Sniff out unbelievable deals on luxury fragrances, from the likes of Jo Malone, Tory Burch and Estee Lauder. Enhance your own wardrobe in one shot. For instance, take a peek at Women’s Apparel and you’ll find fit & flare dresses, one-piece swimsuits, activewear that motivates, trendsetting accessories, and footwear for every occasion.

Keep an eye out for one-day only offers, zulily coupon codes, and back-by-popular-demand standouts. And, to see the latest brands and products that the site has to offer, check out the Debuts – where you’ll find a listing of all the newest items available for the day.


By now, you’re probably wondering how all of this is possible. How does zulily keep prices so low, their inventory fully stocked, and you get to save up to 70% off regular prices? Want to know their secret? It’s all in the timing! zulily negotiates exclusive prices with brands, and then launches limited-time sales that you can take advantage of.

Once you’ve stumbled across something fabulous (like a Trending item), buy it before it disappears. Keep in mind; although this isn’t a physical store, items still fly off the shelf. Blink and you might miss something spectacular.

After a sale ends, zulily places one bulk order for all of the lucky customers who have snagged a particular deal. Next, brands ship these coveted items straight to zulily within 8-12 days, and once they reach their warehouse, your order is immediately shipped to you. Because of this, the overall delivery time takes a little bit longer, but it’s definitely rewarding in the end. You just scored exceptional deals on envy-worthy goods and experiences!

Don’t feel like waiting? Need an item…like yesterday? zulily also hosts Ready to Ship! events, which means your purchases get to you much faster (usually hitting the road within 1-3 days).

From Bugatti travel gear to Polo Ralph Lauren kids clothing, you never know what you’re going to find. One moment you’re buying discounted New York Mets tickets for a Father’s Day surprise, while the next; you’re scoring 65% off OPI nail polish. Sometimes, the festivities celebrate a single brand, while other times, you can shop themed collections, like Throwback Thursday, which guides you down memory lane with flashbacks of old-school, metal Pac-Man lunch boxes, Nickelodeon-themed ankle socks, and nostalgic nods to pop culture favorites, like the Breakfast Club, Beavis and Butt-Head, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Goonies.


And, if you’re ever looking for a little shopping inspiration, check out zulily’s Brands We Love section, where you’ll uncover current events, as well as be able to set notifications for when the next party for your favorite brands will take place.

One last thing, super-savvy shoppers! If you want to unlock early access to sales and make certain you don’t miss an important alert or zulily offer, it’s a must to download their app. And, while you’re at it, have our Giving Assistant Button handy too!


Everyday Quality & Design: Your New Favorite Everything [Jet]

Everyday Quality & Design: Your New Favorite Everything [Jet]

There’s a new brand in town and it’s a little bit too good to be true. (Except that’s it’s definitely true!) The brand is called Uniquely J by Jet and they’re offering stylish and green products from cleaning supplies to snacks to sauces & oils!

Often, shopping for everyday items means weighing some kind of trade-off — whether it’s on price, quality, or anything else. Does organic sriracha sauce actually taste good? Does cleaning spray made with plant-based ingredients really clean? Should you pay more for that coffee because the package would look good on Instagram? And as pretty much everyone who’s ever shopped knows, it’s really easy to end up regretting your decision.

No one wants to feel like they’re making trade-offs — and with Uniquely J, you won’t. Because from quality to design and beyond, their products bring together the things you care about. The sriracha sauce is delicious. The cleaning spray gets the job done in style. And the coffee looks (and tastes) amazing without being priced like a rare mineral.

Take advantage of Uniquely J products because it checks off all the boxes you would want in your household items. Affordable. Check. Organic. Check. Good quality? Check. Feel good design? Double check! And what’s even better, you can skip the grocery lines and have the items delivered straight to your home — where these items belong.

Check out Uniquely J by Jet and their amazing products that belong in your home ASAP, and definitely save your mula by hopping on that cash back train through Giving Assistant!

After stocking up your home with Jet products, hunt for other amazing deals our Giving Assistant Button. You’ll never miss out on a cash back opportunity while shopping online going forward and you’ll receive automatic alerts!

Wow Mom with these Last Minute Budget-Friendly Gifts

Wow Mom with these Last Minute Budget-Friendly Gifts

Flowers and a pretty card! There’s nothing wrong with it, but sometimes, you just need to think outside the box and surprise Mom with something a little out of the ordinary. When you’re looking for a gift that takes a step away from what you normally give…consider the following Mother’s Day deals that pamper, amuse, and warm the heart of the special women in your life. And, for good measure, we’ve also thrown in a deal for those who truly look forward to a delicious box of something sweet on Mother’s Day.

ClassPass | Free 1 Week Trial for New Members

Who has time to focus on the fine print of a gym membership? Eliminate the restrictions and stress of getting in shape, and Mom will have more time to concentrate on reaching her personal goals. ClassPass offers a free, 1-week trial for new members – an intro to a fun world of fitness filled with cycling, boxing, aerobics, strength-training, and yoga (as well as access to a never-ending stash of workout videos). One single membership unlocks access to more than 8,500 fitness studios and endless, motivating workout classes. An online community provides the added boost of 24-7 inspiration. Sound like Mom’s cup of tea? Print out a gift certificate to let her know you have her covered once the free trial expires.  


Sam’s Club | Free Shipping on Plush King Mattress

Sleep is that one thing that most Moms crave, but usually don’t get enough of. A few extra moments of peace and quiet in the morning is delightful, but what really does the trick is having a good night’s sleep and restful start to each day, What better way to make sure she’s getting quality ‘zzz’s’ than by guaranteeing she has a solid foundation to begin with…like a brand new mattress….a plush king-sized one, to be exact. Ahhhhh…she’ll love the added comfort and support. With enough space to roll around after hitting the ‘snooze’ button, and cuddle with the kiddies before bedtime, plush king mattresses from Sam’s Club ship free for Mother’s Day.

Home Depot | 30% Off Furniture

Spring weather is the perfect time to enjoy a cup of coffee or iced tea outside. Add in the warmth of the sun, birds chirping, and the scent of fresh-mowed grass…and you have instant relaxation. What else would make it better? Maybe something that helps set the scene? We suggest choosing a gift that keeps on giving…through summer BBQs, backyard parties, and plenty of other family get-togethers. Let’s get Mom’s outdoor entertaining game up to par – when you save up to 30% off patio furniture at Home Depot. Take a look around, and see if the yard needs a new dining set, wicker chairs, outdoor sectional, chaise lounge, or cozy patio swing!

Foreo | 20% Off Facial Brushes

Luxury skin care is a well-welcomed gift for ladies…and perfect for projecting Mom’s natural glow from the inside-out. This week, Foreo is making it more affordable for you to snag one of their T-Sonic-powered beauty tools. Save 20% on the dark circle-fighting IRIS eye massager and the blemish-blasting LUNA 2. And, for the ultimate spa treatment for the mouth, you can take 25% off the ISSA electric toothbrush, which whitens teeth, brightens smiles, and massages gums.


AliExpress | Tablet PCs Less than $40 + Drawing Tablets as Low as $46

Electronics make awesome Mother’s Day gifts because they have a knack for making life easier on an everyday basis. From video-chatting with grandkids to keeping toddlers busy, affordable tablets not only keep Mom in the loop, entertained and tech-savvy, but also connected to loved ones at the touch of a button. AliExpress sells a wide range of tablet PCs for users of all ages and skill levels. Shopping for a mama with an artsy flair? Check out AliExpress’ sale on Gaomon software-compatible drawing tablets – some sold with digital pens, adjustable stands, and travel bags. They’re ultra-versatile and can be used as an office tool, gaming companion or art tool for design, writing and drawing tasks.

Walgreens | 30% Off Photo Gifts

In a world filled with selfies and Instagram, it’s easy to forget just how much of a heartfelt gift that a simple framed snapshot can be. Everyone loves showing off their favorite milestones, memories and family members…especially Mom…which makes saving 30% off photo gifts at Walgreens such a good deal. Choose from custom pillows, blankets, mugs, T-shirts, framed magnets, a 3×3 photo cube, and so much more. Order a photo book and enjoy free, same-day pickup! Got a large family? Try a photo calendar.


Bed Bath & Beyond | Up to $100 Off iRobot Products

Out-of-control pet hair, dust, dirt, and Cheerios are just some of the items that can quickly accumulate under furniture and around every corner of a room. Anything that makes household tasks less of a chore is a win-win in any mother’s book, so let’s elevate their floor-cleaning capabilities with a gift that takes less time and effort to execute. Going above and beyond the typical cleaning equipment, you can save up to $100 off iRobot products at Bed Bath & Beyond (including vacuum and mopping robots). Spring for a Wi-Fi connected model…and Mom can go to work, run errands, or relax the day away while using the iRobot HOME app to schedule a cleaning session whenever she likes.

See’s Candies | Expedited Shipping for $9.95

If you’ve dragged your feet for too long, and have no clue how you’ll get your hands on premium chocolates for Mother’s Day at the last minute…See’s Candies is here to help. Spend over $35 on sweet treats for Mama, and pay only $9.95 for expedited shipping. Packaged in floral keepsake tins and gift boxes, consider some of their newest assorted chocolate themes: Garden Party, Sweet Blossoms, or Mini Blossoms. Want to focus on all of Mom’s favorites? Add a special touch by customizing a box of See’s chocolates – choosing up to a whopping 5 pounds of Rum Nougats, Orange Creams, Butterscotch Chews, Peanut Butter Patties, Dark California Brittle, and plenty of other mouth-watering, sweet treats.

See's Candies

With Mom all set, it’s time to start planning for Dad. Before you know it, Father’s Day will be right around the corner. If you don’t want to miss out on the latest deals for the ‘he’ in your life, make sure you’ve downloaded our Giving Assistant Button  to keep up with new discounts and sales from your favorite stores and brands.