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10 Romantic Gifts for Him Your Husband Really Wants

10 Romantic Gifts for Him Your Husband Really Wants

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Finding that great gift idea to give to your guy isn’t always easy, especially when you want to add the flair of romance.

To help you find unique gift ideas for just such an occasion we have put together this quick gift guide and list. This list will give you ideas for the perfect gift, and the short guide will help you choose the best gift for your man on that next romantic occasion.

The Best Romantic Gift Ideas for Him for 2023

Here are 10 amazing gift ideas for the man in your life. 

1. Man Crates Crafts and Meal Kits

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Man Crates has a ton of wine, beer or chef kit packages that allow you guys to do a fun craft he will love, together at home. This is the perfect way to have a date night when you can’t leave the house, and have something to show off together. If he is more likely to want to do it himself, get the meal kit and share it with him by eating it! The site has plenty of fun gift and DIY ideas for you to check out.

And they have gift box or gift basket ideas you would be surprised at like ‘Baconology’ sets for the bacon lover, and even the ability to make your own bird call.

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2. Shaken Not Stirred Gift Basket

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Giftbasket.com brings truly unique gifts right to your door. This Shaken Not Stirred martini set will help him bring out his inner James Bond, and can make for a fun and romantic night together sipping your martinis with whatever activity you enjoy together.

This set contains shaker glasses, a wood muddler and ‘The Little Black Book’ of Martinis; a great addition to any meal or movie night together.

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3. Barbell Apparel Joggers

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Comfort is romantic, and these joggers from barbell are very comfortable. Help him lounge in style and look and feel great around the house and when cuddling up together.  These pants look great and can be used for working out and even going out. They are moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and have a tailored fit feel.

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4. Jockey Loungewear

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Staying with the same theme of sexy comfort are the jockey loungewear items. There are fewer options for helping him look sexy at all hours of the day. These comfortable items are the perfect gift for those nights cuddling together or eating-in thanks to lockdowns. Jockey also is inexpensive enough that you can get multiple items, or various colors.

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5. My Chicago Steak Gifts

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Nothing is more romantic to a man than a well-prepared steak, and My Chicago Steak ensures you have only the best pieces of meat to choose from. These are the absolute finest selections of meats and desserts to give him the absolute best meal of his year. They have multiple tired levels of great gifts, from $75 to $200, and there is no shortage of unique and mouth-watering options to choose from.

Gift your significant other a truly fantastic meal, and he is sure to feel the love.

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6. Custom Shirts and Clothes

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Getting a personalized gift for a loved one is a fun and unique way to celebrate your time together. A shirt with your pet names or an inside joke can be a fun way to remember and celebrate your love.

Other sites like customink.com let you really expand on the idea and allow you to create a whole ton of fun custom items.

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7. Man Grooming Spa Set

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Even guys like to feel pampered. Helping him feel clean and well taken care of is a great ticket to romance and can help him relax after a rough day. This set comes with multiple manly soap bars, a scented candle of black pepper scents, a body brush and sandalwood shampoo.  A truly luxurious great gift idea for the man in your life.

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8. Lacoste Fragrances

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Lacoste fragrances will make sure he smells incredible throughout date night and can give him that extra boost of confidence that comes from a great scent. When he smells great, he feels great and you guys will have an even better night thanks to it. There are a ton of options at Lacoste and they are all of premium quality.

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9. Entertainment.com Events

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Entertainment.com provides you with a ton of entertainment ideas and is the perfect away to make a list of great date night ideas. You can participate in great events and fun shows all at great discounts. There will be no shortage of fun to be had when you see just how many things there are to do around you.

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10. Vintage Bottle Breachers

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These are fun and unique keychain gadgets made from spent bullet shells. Perfect as a desk topper or stocking stuffer, this isn’t so much romantic as it is cool. Although the vintage bottle breacher really is a very classy and nice gift to give. All made in the U.S.A. and hand crafted by Active Duty service members, Reservists, and Veterans.

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More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Guide to Romantic Gifts for Him 

Here are some key tips for buying a romantic gift for your guy.

  • Using sites like Amazon can be easy and convenient, but will often lead you into buying gifts that are relatively generic or “samey” – when someone has a unique interest, it is likely they will get the items at the top of the Amazon best sellers list in that category multiple times in the years to come. Not very romantic. 
  • You want to find something unique and relatively personalized. Creative items like those found on Etsy, or items that go beyond the surface of their likes and speak to them more directly, are a good place to start.
  • Building off of that point, even a stainless steel coffee mug can be romantic for the right person in the right context. Who knows what that context would be, but the point is, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get something really special for someone – which often means items that are more uncommon and more based on the person receiving them.
  • Showing how much interest and time you have thought about their desires can be very romantic.
  • Often these items should be personalized to be focused on your relationship. Making them feel how loved and connected you guys are is a great way to build romance, and finding items that have special meaning for your love can make for fantastic keepsake gifts. Think about the events and places you have gone together and the moments you have shared, see if any items stand out.
  • A romantic gift, whether for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary gift, a Christmas gift, or birthday gifts, will require some careful thought and planning. At the same time, you don’t want to overdo it. Guys want to know they are loved, desired, and beyond that romance in their minds generally means quality time.
  • Get a gift that either shows how much you care, or can help to boost the quality and enjoyment of the time you spend together. Fun romantic games to play together at night is one example of a great gift idea in this vein.