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11 Best Romantic Gifts for Her Guide

11 Best Romantic Gifts for Her Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Finding a thoughtful gift that says “I love you” in just the right way isn’t always the easiest thing to do. 

The best gifts for romance are the ones that mean something special to her, and show how much she means to you. A unique gift the shows you put that extra thought and care can go a very long way in proving your affection.

To help you find a great gift for your next romantic occasion, we have put together this quick list and guide.

The Best Romantic Gift Ideas for Her for 2023 

1. Kay Jewelers Bolo Bracelet

Kay Bolo Bracelet

This Bolo Bracelet ($279.99) from KAY Jewelers will sparkle just like her! It features round diamonds on a sterling silver chain with a chic pull-tie clasp. And KAY even offers a digital size comparison tool so you can keep your gift a complete surprise.

Valentine’s Day Sale: Ready for a different kind of diamond? Get 20-40% off all engagement rings now through 2/3.

2. Moët & Chandon Champagne Gift Basket

french extra dry champagne

The Moët & Chandon Champagne gift set is a fabulous way to treat her to French extra-dry Champagne and delicious sweet treats. You get milk chocolates with hazelnut praline as well as chocolate covered almonds and Matilde Vicenzi Grisbi hazelnut cream-filled cookies. Classy, delicious, and totally romantic.

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3. Attend a Local Event or LiveStream Together

favorite goldstar home page

Using Goldstar.com to find and buy tickets for your next local event or Livestream is the perfect date night option. Enjoy your favorite things together and socialize a bit, or stay at home and see something special together.

The options are really limitless. Just scrolling through your local area will give you a ton of amazing date night ideas. This is great because it works for both the current and eventual post-pandemic world as the options extend well beyond those given by ticket hub which are mostly general venues.

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4. A Romantic Getaway

book romantic getaway at bookvip.com

What is better than a great date night? A Great date adventure! Book a romantic getaway and forget the problems of the world and simply enjoy one another’s company. She will absolutely thank you for this.

BookVip gives you great deals on trips around the globe. There is little that would be more romantic than watching the sunset in Paris or some far off beach.

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5. Sweetheart FruitFlowers

great combo of both fruit and flowers

This is a great combo of both fruit and flowers that are sure to make her smile all day. Something for her to look at and something to taste, it’s like a sort of interactive bouquet. A gorgeous arrangement of fresh, romantic blossoms is paired with extravagant chocolate-dipped berries for a gift she’ll really love.

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6. Create Your Own Desserts Box

best desserts to choose

If sweet treats are among her favorite things, then a personalized gift box of the best desserts you can choose may be the way to go. This a great option because you can personalize and tweak the offerings to her exact wants and likes; no need for wasted space as everything can be right up her alley.

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7. White Gold, Topaz and Diamond Star Pendant

truly dazzling keepsake blue topaz necklace

Now if you want to get a truly dazzling keepsake for your loved one, then the White Gold, Topaz and Diamond Star Pendant is sure to amaze her, especially if blue topaz happens to be her birthstone.

She will feel just how much you care about her and are willing to sacrifice for her happiness when she sees this wonderful little beauty. Littman Jewelers have plenty of amazing pieces to look through and there is sure to be something that will really bring the color to her cheeks.

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8. A Hike and Picnic

awesome yeti pack

Now for something a little simpler and more personal: Putting together a lovely picnic and day-outing is a fun and romantic way to spend time together.

Get her this awesome yeti pack, and fill it with lovely keepsakes and sweet treats and go have an amazing day in seclusion with one another. Then look up at the night sky and surprise her with all the items you hid inside.

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9. Sponge Fleece Pullover Hoodie

comfy fleece pullover jacket

Comfy is sexy, and helping her feel comfortable and beautiful around you is a great way to boost romance. Get her a comfy fleece pullover will show that you want her relaxed and chilled out, help her relax with this gift then make her a nice dinner while she kicks back in the living room.

This is also where buying a nice hand or chair massager or aroma diffuser can synergize nicely.  This is how you make for a perfect romantic evening at home.

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10. Bloomsy Roses Plan

beautiful living reminder blomsy plan

What is more romantic than roses? A constant supply of roses. This Blomsy plan will ensure she always has a beautiful living reminder of your love for her. When you sign up, you can pick the varieties and frequency of the deliveries. She will never be able to say she doesn’t get flowers again.

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11. Italian Sorrento White Rose Musical Jewelry Box

delicate music box

This is a beautiful and unique gift that will last for generations – a delicate music box made from precious stones and metals that delivers a lovely melody. Put your favorite songs on the box via MP3 and you will have a tangible and memorable keepsake of that sound. Not to mention this makes for a beautiful display piece.

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More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Guide to Romantic Gifts for Her 

  • A romantic gift is one that shows her how much you care, and how important she is. It shows how much you desire her and love her. The item in question that does this will be relevant to the person receiving it. For some it may be as random as a pillowcase or a coffee mug; it just depends on your shared history and their interests.
  • Start by thinking of all the things you know she loves, then the special occasions that have built your relationship. Make a list of these items if you need to. Eventually, you should start to come up with some really special tokens and ideas for keepsakes that can symbolize your relationship.

If these are bigger items, maybe they can make a gift in themselves. If they are smaller keepsakes, add them to your more fun and generic romantic gifts for that added special twist.

  • While big and expensive can show that you are willing to sacrifice to make her happy, those special tokens of love will show you pay attention to the little moments you have together. Try and combine these elements to create the perfect romantic gift.
  • Sometimes a romantic gift can be showing that you respect her need for relaxation and self-care. Spa-days, candles, oils and lotions you know she loves in a nice care basket can be a nice simple morning surprise on a romantic day.
  • Last-minute gifts rarely go over well. This is the same for Valentine’s Day gifts as it is for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or even an anniversary gift.  Make sure you have the time to find, ruminate over, and then order the perfect gift.