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11 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids That Last Longer Than Candy

11 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids That Last Longer Than Candy

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Kids love to get in on the fun of Valentine’s Day. It’s all about love, hugs, and making people smile – what’s not to like about it? 

There are plenty of gift ideas that you can explore if you’re looking for Valentine’s day gifts for kids. Our gift guide is here to help you look through a few of them that include something for every special child in your life.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids for 2023

1. Heart Shaped Pans

mini heart cake pan

Show your little baker how much you love them with this adorable heart shaped muffin pan. The Bakers Advantage Fillables Mini Heart Cake Pan is a unique way to add a surprise to your cake creations. The unique design allows you to fill the inside of the cake with a variety of surprises including frosting, pudding, candies, and more. Try filling it with sweets as an extra surprise on Valentine’s Day.

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2. Pocket Prayer Bear

little teddy bear

This little teddy bear is the perfect way to say I love you in a personalized fashion. The 11” high, super soft bear is great to cuddle, and he has a corduroy pocket right next to his heart. This pocket is great for notes and keepsakes. His hands also connect so that he looks like he’s praying. 

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3. Juice Box Junkie Hat

black and white trucker style hat

Does your kid walk around with a water bottle or juice box filled with juice? Some kids are just addicted! This black and white trucker style hat boasts their juice addiction with the words “Juice Box Junkie” on the front of it. It goes well with any t-shirt and is a fun way to let your kid know you love them.

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4. Dino Crazy Gift Set

dino-loving kid package

Do you have a little boy or girl in your life that absolutely loves dinosaurs? This gift set is filled with all sorts of things that any dino-loving kid is going to adore. It includes a dinosaur popper, a sketch pad, several stickers, crazy dinosaur crayons, and 2 special treats shaped like dinos. This is a great Valentine’s gift with the perfect balance of fun and food. 

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5. The Chart of Cosmic Exploration

stellar schematic

Many children are fascinated by the stars and the sky. If you have a budding astronomer in your life, Valentine’s Day gifting is simpler than ever because of this stellar schematic! It shares 100 instruments that have been blasted into orbit and shows their trajectories, as well.

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6. Letters to My Amazing Kid Read Me When Box

set contains 8 letters

Sweet gifts are a great option when you’re looking at an older child on Valentine’s Day. This set contains 8 letters where you are able to fill in the blanks. Place each one in their corresponding envelope and put them in the gift box. Each envelope is marked for a specific occasion, so your child knows when it’s time to open that particular letter. It’s even a great gift for adult children. 

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7.“Fireman Finn” Poseable Plush Action Figure For Kids

action figure stands Fireman Finn

Looking for a more realistic hero for your little one to adore? Fireman Finn is one of a series of poseable, plush action figures that you can get for your child. The action figure stands 14 inches in height, and he wears an authentic cloth firefighter uniform. It’s the perfect gift for any kid who loves fire trucks and fire departments – and what kid doesn’t? 

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8. My BKB – Big Kids Bed

nest bedding

Is it time for your child to upgrade from a crib to a bed? Nest Bedding has developed the BKB especially for that occasion. It’s one of the cutest things to see your child in their new bed, and how excited they’ll be when you give it as a Valentine’s Day gift. They’re sure to snuggle up with their favorite blanket and stuffies in no time – and they’ll fall in love with how cozy it is. 

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9. Goldendoodle 3D Art Kids’ Apple Watch Band

watch band features Goldendoodles

Do you have a child that loves everything to do with dogs? If they have a Kid’s apple watch, then this watch band is the perfect way to switch things up. This particular one features Goldendoodles, but there are plenty of other dog breeds as well. These handcrafted bands are designed for regular use and abuse, and will stand up to the test of time. 

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10. Dinosaur Quilted Kids Backpack

Cotton backpack

Getting a new backpack is always exciting for children, and this cotton backpack will make them feel like they’re taking a stuffed animal to school! The quilted front has all sorts of brightly colored, awesome dinosaurs stitched on and it has multiple compartments, secured with zippers and magnets. As an added bonus, the front compartment can be personalized with their name or initials. 

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11. Personalized Kids Pillowcases – “Love”

Kids pillowcases

If you want Valentine’s Day ideas that are a little more sentimental, then these “love” kids’ pillowcases are going to be a hit in your home. They come in 10 different really cute designs, and you can personalize it with their name. They’ll love this one-of-a-kind pillowcase that you designed just for them! 

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More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Having Fun with Kids’ Valentine Day Gifts

Be age appropriate

Valentine’s Day treats always need to be age-appropriate. It’s likely that your 5 year old isn’t going to care about Cupid, and that your 16 year old isn’t going to want cutesy heart-shaped lollipops. Be aware of what is appropriate for Valentine’s Day at their age and make choices based on that information.  

Make it fun

Most of the time, kids are going to be excited that they got a gift. Crayons, Legos, coloring books, Play-doh, teddy bears, action figures; all of them make for a fun Valentine’s Day experience. So, don’t be all serious when it comes to gift giving – make it fun for everyone. 

Don’t stress over it

Even if you do something as simple as printable Valentine’s Day cards, you’re going to bring joy to your little one. So, don’t stress over it! Get them something fun and small, and they’re sure to appreciate you and the gift that you’ve given. 

Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifting Done Right

V-day is a fun time, and the best Valentine’s Day experiences are the ones that you have together. By taking the time to look at your options and to see what fun gifts are out there, you are sure to put together gifts that are going to make your little ones incredibly happy on February 14th.