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10 Best Funny Valentine’s Gifts Guide

10 Best Funny Valentine’s Gifts Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

A Valentine’s Day basket filled with Cupid’s arrows? That might sound silly, but some just enjoy a good laugh and your significant other may be among them. Thankfully, there are all sorts of choices when looking for funny valentines gifts to help bring a smile to your loved one. And this may be the year we could all use a good laugh.

Our Valentine gift guide can help make that easier for you.

The Best Funny Valentines Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Craft Beer Club Membership

craft beer club home page

Are you and your significant other really into binge-watching hours of pours and info about the newest craft beer on the market? Then this craft beer club membership can be a great way to make them laugh and get some new craft beer in your home. Every month, they showcase 2 breweries from 2 US regions, and has 4 beers. Plus, publications to help you make the most out of your craft beer hobby.

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2. Big Love Colossal Fortune Cookie

Giant Fortune cookie

Want to say I love you in a big way? Instead of a Valentine’s Day card, consider getting your loved one a giant fortune cookie. Hand-dipped in Belgian white chocolate and covered with multicolor heart sprinkles, this fortune cookie is even packed inside of a take-out carton. It also comes with a personalized fortune from you – so you hit both the silly and sweet in one gift!

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3. Red Lips Adult Cloth Face Mask

red lips adult-size face mask

Since COVID-19 came on the scene, more of us have been looking for fun masks that we can wear when we’re out and about. This adult-sized face mask has full red lips in the center, making it perfect for a laugh from everyone that your loved one will come across. It has adjustable ear loops and a nose wire so that it’s comfortable. It also includes an insert so you can add a disposable mask for filtration.

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4. Personalized Valentine’s Day Tea Towels

funny tea towels

Balancing fun with romantic gifts is a challenge, but these tea towels do the trick! The 15.5 by 25.5 inch towels have 8 different designs available, from the romantic to the goofy. Plus, they’re personalized, so you can add your own fun message to bring a smile to everyone’s face. They are printed with UV resistant ink as well, so it won’t fade in the wash or the sun.

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5. The Boss the Groom Mug Set

hilarious coffee mug set

Everyone has something to say about “my husband” or “my wife” and the unique dynamics of your relationship. This coffee mug set is a hilarious reminder of who is in charge in your household. One of the mugs says “The Groom” the other says “The Boss”, which makes it a great gift for newlywed couples as well. These ceramic mugs hold 14 ounces each.

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6. Never Laugh At Wife’s Choices Magnet

adorable square manet

Memes are always good for a laugh, and this 2 inch square magnet is a hilarious gift that really brings out the spirit of the memes. It uses adorable art and says “Never Laugh at your Wife’s Choices – You Were One of Them!” Printed on 100% paper and covered with UV and scratch resistant Mylar, this magnet is designed to last as long as your love.

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7. I Totally Got This Inner-Truth® Journal

Uplifting quotes or motivation

Sometimes, pep talks to yourself can be difficult, and you may laugh a little when you try to do it. So, this journal is filled with over 70 uplifting quotes and dozens of prompts so that you can write and motivate yourself. From silly to serious, this journal is a great Valentine’s Day gift for anyone who needs a bit of help with getting up and doing the thing!

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8. Essential Cocktails: A Scratch-Off Chart

great tasting cocktails

If you’re sending a gift to someone who is really into great tasting cocktails, this chart is an awesome way to get some classic recipes in their hands. They can pick what drink they want to fix then scratch off the ingredients to show off the full color cocktail underneath. It’s sure to make any cocktail lover laugh when they receive this on Valentine’s Day!

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9. Love Delicious Fruit Design

last minute fruit bouquets

Fruit bouquets are a great way for you to get a last minute Valentine’s gift for a loved one. They’re a lot different than flower bouquets, for they’re a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a delicious snack and a cute, grin-inducing design. This bouquet features pineapple daisies with fresh strawberry cores, among a number of melon wedges, grapes, and melon balls.

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10. Bob Ross Toaster

happy little toast

Do you have a Bob Ross fan in your life? This gift idea is great for any occasion, but it’s sure to make them laugh hysterically on Valentine’s Day. This toaster has a quick stop function and an adjustable thermostat – and the happy little toast comes out with Bob Ross’s face and epic hairdo emblazoned on it.

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More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Doing Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts Right

Go for inside jokes

Funny Valentine’s Day gifts are best when they’re seasoned with a helping of inside jokes. Whether it’s extra toilet paper (because who doesn’t like a good toilet joke?) or that salami bouquet you know they were eying, you’re sure to find something that uniquely represents your relationship. 

Don’t go too overboard

When you’re getting a gag gift, don’t be mean about it. You can always find a funny t-shirt, but you want to keep it as classy as possible, as well. It won’t be a hilarious Valentine’s Day if you hurt someone’s feelings. Be funny and kind for the best results.  

Get something sweet, too

Whether it’s a teddy bear or a DIY greeting card, you want to be sweet with a small part of your gift, as well. That will help them see that you do, in fact, take them seriously and that you’re not just in it for the lol factor.

Crack Up Your Friends and Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day

Your best friend, your parents, your significant other – they all deserve some love this coming V-Day. You can find some really funny gifts that they’ll cherish if you shop well and have fun with the process of shopping. See what you can find and be the best gift giver this holiday season!