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7 Best Nursing Graduation Gifts Guide

After putting in innumerable hours of work, labor and sweat, nursing school graduates have finally made it through.

To reward their dedication and effort, you want to give them
a stunning nursing graduation gift, but what should you get?

Unless it’s sleep, knowing what gifts a new nurse will want or be able to use at work isn’t always easy. But since you can’t give a graduating nurse the gift of 15 hours of undisturbed sleep, you’ll have to settle for one of these thoughtful nursing school graduation gift ideas.

With this collection of gift ideas, you can celebrate, inspire and give graduates a bit of a kick-start in their career.

The Best Nursing Graduation Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Littman Class III Stethoscope

Copper finish chest piece sterhoscope

Stethoscopes are an essential part of being a nurse, and with this high-quality Littman model, a new nurse’s tasks will be a bit easier. Precision crafted, it offers some of the best acoustic performance and is favored by nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Available in a wide range of fun bright colors, it is the best nurse graduation gift if you’re looking for something practical.

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2. Scrubcheats Reference Cards

Cheat sheets

A nursing gift for graduation to help them hit the ground running, these cheat sheets provide vital information about cardiac, labs, respiratory and four other clinical areas. Color-coded, laminated and detachable, they are easy to keep organized and pocket-sized, fitting inside scrub pockets perfectly.

Thoughtfully designed, heavy-duty and with a lifetime warranty, this set of reference cards is a graduation gift nursing graduates will use forever.

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3. Memory Foam Slippers

Foam slippers fuzzy wool-like

Nurse gifts that provide relief after a long day, like these women’s slippers, make the best gifts. Velvety-soft, these slippers have memory foam soles and plush, fluffy fleece lining that hug and provide soothing comfort to aching feet.

Lightweight, durable and available in a range of colors and sizes, graduates will look forward to slipping into these shoes and their favorite t-shirt every day after work.

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4. Stretch Warm Up Scrubs Jacket

Workwear core stretch warm up scrubs jacket

A chilly environment can make work more stressful and less comfortable, but with this warm up jacket nurses will be warm and comfy the entire day while maintaining a good-looking and professional work appearance.

Easy to clean and available in a variety of colors, for nurses working in cold environments or are always cold, this professional warm up jacket is the perfect gift and makes a real difference.

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5. Necklace

Nurse necklace

Becoming a registered nurse is no easy feat and this lovely necklace is a great gift idea to congratulate her. A stethoscope necklace with heart pendant, this piece of jewelry is one nurse graduation gift she will be proud to wear every day.

On her roughest days, this necklace will remind her how much her selflessness and hard work is appreciated by friends, family and patients.

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6. Clipboard Storage Box

Clipboard storage box

A handy and affordable graduation gift for nursing students, this clipboard comes in 3 different colors. Designed to hold spiral notebooks, pens, pencils and standard legal pads, it is a mini office on the go and a tool that new nurses will use often.

Slim enough to fit into a tote bag, it is also a great gift to fill with gift cards, cash or other bonus items.

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7. Not All Superheroes Wear Capes Nurse Décor

Not all superheroes wear capes some wear scrubs

Some superheroes wear scrubs. A cute gift for a new nurse, this funny nurse novelty sign makes for great décor in any room or office and it can be used to take pictures with at the graduation party.

Nursing school is not for the faint of heart, and this wood plaque sign is the perfect way to show your favorite soon-to-be nurse how inspiring her work is.

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Nursing Graduates Gifts Buying Guide

Graduating nursing students who are ready to become fantastic nurses should be recognized for the hard work and time they’ve put into their education. Show them you are proud of their massive accomplishment using one of our tips and ideas for a gift for nurses.

Work-related gifts

Mostly practical gifts, like the stethoscope or references cards listed above, fall into this category, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your gift meaningful.

When possible, personalize gifts; there are a number of ways such as engraving the graduate’s name on them or buying a gift that’s their favorite color.

  • Watch
  • Medical bag
  • ID tags
  • Shoes or shoe orthotics
  • Nursing journal subscriptions
  • Tumblers and/or water bottles

Nurses are very particular about the type of equipment they want to use. An Amazon gift card is always perfect when you’re in doubt about a potential gift.

Gifts that provide an escape

Not only are nurses on their feet a lot, their days are
long, stressful and draining. Graduation gifts for nurses that offer relaxation
after a long day at work will reenergize them.

  • Spa or salon gift card
  • A weekend getaway or trip
  • Wine tasting with a friend
  • Tickets to an amusement park
  • Activities they’ve always wanted to try
    (skydiving, escape rooms, dance classes, paintball etc.)

Around the house gifts for comfort

When days get difficult, these gifts will nurture nurses once again. With these graduation gift ideas, you can help nurses unwind after a long work day and fall asleep comfortably.

  • Soft blankets
  • Luxurious tea or coffee gift baskets
  • Candles
  • Nice pillows, especially if they suffer from
    neck or back pains
  • Foot massager
  • Meal prep delivery service

A patient to be responsible for

Everyone knows that having a good companion leads to a healthier lifestyle, but few people think about what a great nurse gift companionship could be.

Plants are a wonderful graduation gift idea for nursing school students. If they have no green thumb whatsoever, find a plant that is easy to take care of, like bamboo or aloe plants (which also have healing properties).

Another gift idea is a pet! If you’re worried about the new nurse being home alone after a long day of work, get them the cat, dog, bird or lizard they’ve always wanted. There’s nothing like a face that’s happy to see you after a bad day.

Celebrate Graduating Nursing Students

When done correctly, nurse graduation gifts can make the joy of getting through clinicals a little bit sweeter. Unique and creative, any of these nursing graduation gift ideas will be appreciated years down the line.

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