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7 First-in-Class Police Graduation Gifts

7 First-in-Class Police Graduation Gifts

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

After years of hard work and tests, graduates from the police academy finally get to begin their journeys maintaining peace and order in society, helping those in need and fighting crime. It’s understandably a day filled with excitement and pride for them!

The joy of getting one’s badge cannot be described, but the momentous occasion can be celebrated with a great police graduation gift.

If you know a police academy graduate and want to give them a great gift but don’t know where to start, this list will help you out.

From small tokens of appreciation to statement gifts, these police graduation gift ideas are going to make the graduate’s day even better.

The Best Police Academy Graduation Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Personalized Decanter Police Gift Set

Personalized decanter with rocks glasses
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A high-quality and memorable keepsake, this decanter set is just a classy traditional gift, if ever there was one. Especially designed for law enforcement officers, it features a police badge etching on both cups and the decanter, and the police academy graduate’s name, title and badge number on each piece.

Strikingly crafted, this exquisite decanter and rocks glasses set is a great graduation gift for police offers.

2. Law Enforcement Car Seat Organizer

Armor standard car seat organizer
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Graduation gifts that make the first day on the force easier are always a good choice. With a single front compartment and two side compartments, this patrol car organizer helps keep the various small items and many papers that officers have to keep on hand organized.

Durable and well-made, the quick-detach buckle makes it a breeze to unstrap from the car seat and carry the bag straight into the office.

3. “She Believed She Could…” Police Officer Bracelet

Stainless steel bracelet
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Graduation gift ideas for female police officers include this bracelet that has a police badge charm and a Swarovski crystal pearl accent. On the bracelet contains the perfect message to inspire female police graduates to acknowledge their greatness and keep going.

For an additional charge, you can have her initials and
badge number engraved on the inside of the bracelet for a special touch she
will love.

4. Emotional Survival Law Enforcement Book for Officers

Book by Kevin M Gilmartin
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This book is a good police academy graduation gift meant for police officers and their families. It talks about how to cope with difficult situations and deal with emotional issues that are likely to come up when having a law enforcement officer in the family.

Meant to be used as a prevention guide to help prepare for unpleasant circumstances, it makes the perfect gift for new officers who are unfamiliar with bad experiences that are a normal part of their job.

5. Thin Blue Line Personalized State Art

Personalized on burlap
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An especially wonderful state police graduation gift idea, you can have the famous thin blue line representing law enforcement and the high regard in which the country holds such positions printed through any state on an 8”x10” premium burlap mat.

Made by a police officer, it is a great gift to commemorate
the moment. Though it comes without a frame, you can turn it into a semi-DIY
project and add a nice frame yourself. Be sure to personalize it.

6. Keychain

Keychain for police
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Are you close to the police graduate? This keychain is a simple gift idea that lets them know how much you care. Engraved with a heartwarming message telling new officers to be safe, this perfect police officer gift can help them make choices that are safer and better.

Included on the keychain is a tiny set of handcuffs, making it an even more perfect gift for cops.

7. Weatherproof Field Interview Notebook

Weatherproof field interview notebook
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Police offers, as part of their job, have to take a lot of notes and if those notes are damaged by a spilled cup of coffee or heavy rain, all of that information can be lost. With this spiral weatherproof notebook, notes are safe from turning to mush because the pages repel water, sweat, mud, grease and much more.

A great graduation gift for all officers, it’ll make one work task much more efficient.

Police Graduation Gift Tips and Ideas

It’s ok if you are a little unsure about what to get your
graduating officer for their graduation. It may be the first time you’ve ever
had to shop for a police friend or family member, but with these gift ideas and
tips, you’ll find the perfect way to say congratulations.

Handmade/DIY gifts

Any graduation gift that shows your love and support is
going to be appreciated. Baked goods and food are too often overlooked, but are
incredible gifts, especially if there’s a party after the ceremony.

Other DIY gifts are picture frames, scrapbooks or survival kits that help an officer relax after a long day fighting crime.

Gifts for work

Most police departments make it a priority to give their officers everything they will need to do their job safely and effectively. Plenty of gadgets are still out there that no cop is going to turn down, though. These will make fabulous graduation gifts.

  • Tactical knives are an indispensable work tool for police officers, with most appreciating a good knife more than a firearm. From everyday uses like cutting crime scene tape to emergency situations like cutting away a trapped motorist’s seatbelt, a high-quality knife is a great gift idea.
  • Tumblers and mugs that keep a cop’s beloved coffee warm are great options. If they move around often, consider getting an electric travel mug so they are never without a hot cup of java.
  • Handcuffs are an unfortunate part of the job, which is why police departments give them to officers, but no one is turning down a second set. Instead of getting traditional handcuffs, hinge cuffs are a great gift because it is harder for prisoners to maneuver their hands and making escape much harder.

Other gifts

Keepsake boxes, thin blue line flags, jewelry and indulgent presents like a new set of golf clubs are all appropriate gift ideas for the newest addition to the police force.

Everything doesn’t have to be cop related either; personalized gifts with their name or a gift basket are both going to let the graduate know how special their accomplishment is.

Celebrate Police Graduates!

Finding great police graduation gifts will be much easier with the ideas listed above. With a little thought, you’ll see plenty of gifts that will honor graduates or make their jobs more comfortable and easier.

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