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7 Brilliant Preschool Graduation Gifts for Little Grads

7 Brilliant Preschool Graduation Gifts for Little Grads

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

As a first educational milestone, preschool graduation is a special experience for children and families. Parents want to recognize how big a deal it is to say goodbye to preschool and little ones are excited they’ve finally moved up to the big kid’s school.

If you’re stumped when it comes to preschool graduation gift ideas for soon-to-be kindergarteners, these gift ideas will help you out. Whether shopping for your child, godchild, niece or nephew, celebrate your little grad’s big day with these adorable and enriching preschool graduation gifts.

The Best Preschool Graduation Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

Educational coding robot activity set

Get them ready for the new school year with this STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) toy designed to help children develop early STEM skills. While they are having fun and playing, Botley teaches kids how to code using play that is active, yet screen-free – perfect for encouraging problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Pre-K grads will never get bored as the robot gets more challenging as their skills develop, making it a cool, fun and educational preschool graduation gift idea.

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2. Bookbag

Kids backpack for boys

Graduation gift ideas for preschool that get kids excited for kindergarten, like this bookbag, will have them bouncing into the next school year. Super cute and stylish, it is also easy to pick kids out of a crowd thanks to the vibrant colors.

Durable, lightweight and padded, it is comfortable to wear and has tons of pockets so kids can take everything they need with them.

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3. Light-Up Terrarium Kit

Customized mini garden in a jar

A great gift to give on graduation day, the terrarium is perfect for kids interested in gardening or science. With this all-inclusive kit, they can create their very own terrarium that grows in the daytime and because of a built-in LED light under the lid, glows at night.

A cute preschool graduation gift they’ll show everyone at the graduation party, it is an awesome gift idea for students who enjoy learning or may need encouragement.

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4. School Memory Book Album

Storage portfolio scrapbook

This scrapbook album makes it possible to capture the most memorable moments starting from pre-K and kindergarten graduation all the way through high school. Each of the 34 pages features colorful illustrations containing touching messages and 14 pockets are included to aid in preserving memories, all of which is bound in a spiral, hard cover.

One of the best graduation gift ideas, this keepsake celebrates them while keeping their next big milestone in view.

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5. Straight Outta Preschool T-Shirt

Black jersey tshirt

With this t-shirt on, everyone will know whose graduation day it is. The short-sleeves feature a stripe design and the front of the shirt says “Straight Outta Preschool” – a nod to the toughness it takes to make it through all of those naps, day after day.

Available in four colors, this funny novelty gift idea can easily take the day to an entirely new level for the little one.

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6. Graduation Plush Bear

Plush Bear Graduation

Include this adorable teddy bear with any gift to give your congratulations to the graduating student. Covered in fluffy and soft brown fur, the bear wears a black graduation cap with yellow tassel, a pair of black glasses and holds a diploma in his paws.

Simple and sweet, it makes a great graduation gift idea from grandparents, aunts, teachers and just about anyone else.

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7. I Wish You More

Book written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Preschool graduation may be the perfect time to share this inspirational book about nurturing one’s wonder and curiosity. Uplifting, insightful and entertaining, kids and parents both will enjoy reading it for many years to come.

You can make the gift more sentimental by personalizing the book and incorporating the new graduate’s name into it, thereby turning it into a keepsake they’ll cherish.

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Preschool Graduation Gift Buying Guide

Tiny graduates aren’t hard to shop
for and with these preschool graduation gift ideas, you’ll find the perfect way
to tell them they’ve done great work!

Considerations when choosing gifts for preschool graduates

Take a second to think about a few factors when planning a gift. This will help you strike the right note, regardless of your relationship to the graduate.


No matter how grown-up they feel, preschoolers are very young so any gift you choose should be age appropriate and able to be enjoyed. Whether it’s gift ideas like books or keepsakes or plush toys, ensure a gift is suitable by checking the manufacturer’s age recommendations.


When possible, go for fun ideas
that complement the little honoree’s interests. Around this age, kids start to
give their attention to specific topics. If you can pick a gift that’s in line
with outer space, fashion or art, it will be a hit.


Besides being age appropriate, please make sure that items are made from non-toxic materials, particularly stuffed animals.


You may be buying for a family member or a friend’s child. Parents and grandparents may opt for a really special gift, but every item on this list makes a wonderful graduation gift whether you’re an aunt, uncle, neighbor or friend.


The best graduation gifts aren’t expensive, they’re meaningful. If you need last-minute or low-cost items, a thoughtful book is something to consider as the right one can encourage and inspire the entire family.

Gift Ideas for Preschool Graduates


Ideal for any occasion, a thoughtful handwritten note can easily be included, making it a treasured gift for life. Look for books with stunning pictures and a positive message that encourages them to believe in themselves and the good in the world.


Kids do not turn down new toys, so
don’t expect them to turn their nose up at a toy for their preschool
graduation. Aim for a toy that develops their imagination or encourages the
little one to build something.

Customized T-Shirts

A personalized shirt that makes a statement is the kind of graduation gift they’ll never let go of. If you have artistic abilities, you can decorate it yourself to make it even more meaningful.

Celebrate Conquering Preschool!

With these preschool graduation gift ideas, you can give the perfect keepsake, toy or kit to preschool graduates that celebrates their first big educational achievement.

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