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Best High School Graduation Gifts for Him (2021 Guide)

Finding the best graduation gifts for that new college student, or that newly-minted adult finding a first apartment, can take some time and thought. Good graduation gift ideas either add to the celebration or are useful for one’s new life in the wider world.

To help you find the best gift, we have put together this useful list and guide of unique and creative high school graduation gifts for him.

10 High School Graduation Gifts for Him in 2021 

Here are ten unique gift ideas for the new grad heading into the real world.

1. NCAA Clothing Items

SportBuff NCAA Page

Share in the excitement with a hat, hoodie or t-shirt representing their college destination! Choose from a wide selection of authentic NCAA merchandise and get the whole family into the school spirit. The site has great deals on many NCAA items that are much more expensive at the school or during events, and it may be smart to stock up now for family and friends.

2. Design by Humans Pullover Hoodie

Humans Pullover Hoodie

The Design by Humans Pullover Hoodie is a great gift for those late nights studying, as well as time out with best friends. Comfortable, stylish, and relaxed – a high-quality hoodie is a versatile and highly usable clothing item that he can use throughout the school year in a variety of seasonal conditions. Design by Humans creates trendy and very high-quality clothing items that young adults flock to.

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3. Video Collaboration Kit

Wireless bluetooth headset

Whether starting a remote job, learning at home, or skyping with family and friends, this video/audio set makes sure he will be able to stay in contact at a professional level from anywhere in the world. This is an advanced webcam as well as a wireless Bluetooth® headset made for ensuring clarity in important meetings and calls. Whether they need to make calls or not, the wireless headphones and webcam are a great buy.

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4. High-Quality Vintage Posters (Metropolis)

Cool and fun poster of Metropolis

A cool and fun poster is often the perfect gift for a high school graduate going to a dorm room for the first time. Often they will manage to take care of these needs themselves, but giving them an extraordinary and unique poster of some of their favorite media creations can be an excellent way to leave a mark in their new place. As an example, we have chosen the hipster and film-buff favorite film poster for Metropolis – a 1926 German film.

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5. Comixology Gift Card

Gift card to Comixology

Young adults can be hard to shop for; luckily, a well-chosen gift card can go a long way. If you know the new grad loves comics, then a gift card to Comixology is going to be the best way to go. They have thousands of comic books from all of the top creators and will give him plenty to keep himself entertained while away from home.

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6. eCampus Gift Card

eCampus Gift Card $25

Another smart gift card to get the aspiring scholar is an eCampus gift card. eCampus has tons of discount textbooks and will be a tremendous asset for him when he gets his college books. The site is a premier online retailer of new, used and electronic textbooks as well as other study materials and supplies and will quickly become one of their go-to sources for required reading material.

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7. TRX Training Straps

TRX Training Straps page

TRX makes workout items that give you great options for home, outdoors, or road training. Their signature item is workout straps that can be utilized almost anywhere and will be an ideal grad gift to get a great workout when stuck in his dorm room or in-between study session. Even if he isn’t going to school, but is instead going to move into a new place, these make a great housewarming gift.

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8. Blue Apron Meals

Blue Apron Home page

Give them the gift of eating great, all the time. New grads are often faced with the dilemma of feeding themselves, but with Blue Apron they can have meals delivered to their door with step-by-step directions and recipes that allow them to learn new skills, as well as try new tastes. This won’t work if they don’t have their own kitchen. In such cases, care packages like those from Kind Snacks will be the way to go.

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9. Koa Premium Hawaiian Coffee

Premium Kona Coffee from Hawaii page

If your grad loves coffee, then they are sure to love Koa Premium Hawaiian coffee. Stock them up, and make sure they always have the supplies for a great cup of coffee when they need it. Whether getting up early for class, or staying up late to study, this is a gift they are sure to be using time and again. Loa has a wide selection, and it may be worth it to give him a selection of flavors to try.

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10. Gen 5 Smartwatch

Wear OS by Google watch

Give them a sign of class, as well as a functional piece of jewelry. Unlike traditional watches which had only one application (telling time of course), a smartwatch comes with the ability to utilize a ton of apps as well as operate as an accelerometer, altimeter, compass, and gyroscope. This design from Fossil is quite beautiful and is sure to catch the eye.

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Guide to High School Graduation Gifts for Him 

  • All gift guides for a great graduation gift need to stress that a new grad will need life’s most basic necessities- screwdrivers and frying pans and for sure a coffee maker. But they’ll still want things that are fun and exciting. These worlds rarely overlap, but you need to consider which to approach when getting them a gift.

Sometimes combining the practical with the fun in a two-parter might be the way to go. By getting them necessary toiletry items, uniquely wrapping them and putting them in the same bundle as a trendy pair of shoes or hat for example gives you the best of both worlds.

  • Whether we are talking high school or college graduation gifts, even a retirement gift, guys love gadgets. `These are cool ways to give them some fun and interesting items when you aren’t sure where else to go. Try and see what devices and items they like to use, and see what new compatible accessories go with it. Cool chargers are usually a good bet and many of the game devices these days have additional accessories you can get.
  • If you are looking to add fun to a graduation party, great food is always a winner. Plan ahead and order some unique treats from somewhere like bakemeawish.com (though they deliver overnight so you don’t have to plan too far ahead).
  • If you are getting them something for college, or a new apartment, then think more about comfort items as well as the practical. It is not rare to miss home, so a large amount of whatever they won’t have easy access to anymore might be really special.
  • Food and cleaning supplies are often more needed than anything else. A simple gift card for the basics is a good practical gift, then perhaps a game or accessory can make up the remainder of your gifting.

Buy High School Graduation Gifts for Him Today 

Finding gifts for young adults, let alone specifically high school graduation gifts can be a challenge. Hopefully, this list and guide has helped you wrap your head around the concept better.

Luckily everything on this list is ready for order today, so you can be ready with a fantastic gift in hand no matter how soon you are going to see the new high school grad!

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