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8 Pharmacy Graduation Gifts Ideas You Should Dispense

8 Pharmacy Graduation Gifts Ideas You Should Dispense

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

All kinds of time, money and effort are necessary to graduate from pharmacy school. Graduating with a PharmD or PhD degree deserves a celebration because it is a very big deal.

Graduation gifts are a great way to show how proud you are of graduating pharmacy students and that they have your support.

If you are looking for appropriate graduation gift ideas
that will be meaningful, helpful or bring a smile to the pharmacy technician or
medical school graduate’s face on their big day, you are in the right place.

Whichever gift you decide to get, it will surely be cherished by its recipient for many years to come.

The Best Pharmacy Graduation Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Apothecary Wood Desk Drawer

Wood desk drawer set

Pharmacist gifts like this apothecary desk acknowledge the olden days that led to the modern pharmacist’s role. Available in rustic brown or white, this 6-drawer desk set is a beautiful organizational tool as well as a useful storage option for holding office accessories and papers.

Whether they use it at home or in the office, this gift idea is a nice nod to pharmacy history and adds a touch of class to any room.

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2. Pharmacist Bangle Bracelet

Gold stainless steel with gold plated pewter charms

A gold stainless steel bracelet with gold-plated pewter weighing scale, mortar and pestle and RX charms, it is the perfect pharmacy school graduation gift for her. The bangle can be adjusted larger or smaller depending on the wearer’s needs and is quite beautiful.

The company even takes custom orders so you can get very specific about the charms to add even more meaning to a great gift.

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3. Letters to a Young Pharmacist Book of Tips and Advice

Book of Letters to a Young Pharmacist by Susan A. Cantrell

Finally starting their career is an exciting time for pharmacy students, but it is also quite scary. This book is a wonderful pharmacy school graduation gift packed with solid tips, advice and inspiration from accomplished pharmacists worthy of being role models.

The perfect complement to a t-shirt, congratulatory card or other small gift, it can help new pharmacists navigate professional opportunities and challenges that come their way.

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4. Custom First White Coat Hanger

Custom lab coat hanger

Pharmacy students have pictured themselves in their first white coat since the beginning of medical school, and now the time is finally here. The hanger is solid wood and the wire can be customized with absolutely any text. The first line can be used to enter the graduate’s name and the second line reads “1st white coat”.

Truly a thoughtful, fun and unique gift, doctor of pharmacy graduation gifts this awesome are going to make you a hero.

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5. Personalized Coffee Mug

Ceramic coffee mug

A tongue-in-cheek pharmacy gift that highlights the importance of filling their morning prescription of java, this coffee mug is designed to look like an RX bottle with fun text found all around the cup.

A great personalized pharmacy graduation gift, add the new pharmacist’s name to the coffee mug to make it even more special and to keep everyone else away from it at work.

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6. Pharmacist Patent Wall Art Prints

Unique decor wall art prints

One of the best pharmacy grad gift ideas, this set of six prints are all 8 x 10 inches and are printed on premium photo paper, which has been designed to last a lifetime. Easy to plaque or frame, this unique décor item is a fabulous addition to any office or home.

The prints are reproductions of real-life, original patents, which will make for some pretty fascinating conversation amongst other pharma professionals.

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7. Custom Pharmacy Print

Black frame personalized

Have a beautiful custom piece printed on heavyweight matte photo paper to celebrate the achievement of finishing pharmacy school. Add the newly-minted pharmacist’s name to the bottom of a print that spells out PharmD using elements of the periodic table.

You can choose to add a frame or let the recipient frame it themselves, one thing for sure, it will definitely be somewhere they can look at it often.

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8. The Pocket Chemist Organic Chemistry Stencil

The Pocket Chemist Organic Chemistry Stencil from Etsy is only the size of a credit card and made of stainless steel stencil. This gift is unique as it has molecule specific stencils, unit conversions and angles that would be great for anyone with an interest in chemistry like a pharmacy student, grad or qualified pharmacist.

Graduation Gifts for Pharmacy Students Guide

A friend or loved one is graduating from pharmacy school
soon and you have no idea what to get them.


Below you’ll find some tips, advice and ideas for graduation gifts that will be appreciated by the new pharmacist.

Know your pharmacist

Unless you’re putting a gift card in a card holder and
handing it over, buying the perfect pharma grad gift is about knowing who the
person is and what they like. When choosing graduation gifts, though, knowing
their career path and job type can help you get a grad gift that is spot-on.
Below are a few examples.

  • Clinical pharmacists work in hospitals or medical centers. Graduation gift ideas for them include a set of high-quality medical scrubs.
  • Pharmacists working in science labs to discover new drugs deal with huge challenges – like finding a substance to facilitate the body’s fight against cancer. Gift ideas that ease their mind, inject some laughter/fun or get their brain thinking in new ways could be helpful.
  • Retail pharmacists work in drugstores, preparing medications for patients to pick up. Think about how cold it is in these places or how they are on their feet all day. A quality pair of shoes or a jacket could be a hit.

Gift Ideas

Now that you have some background information about the graduate’s career and job, we can get into different gift ideas that pharm professionals tend to love.


Reference books are great graduation gifts for pharmacy students because their new job will require that they keep track of an overwhelming amount of information on various topics. Get them a small reference handbook or flashcards that can easily fit into their pocket.

New pharma grads don’t always know what to expect, so books
that give them advice, tips or anecdotal stories about day-to-day expectations
in their pharmacist life will be appreciated.

Try to pick a book based on their personality.

Apparel and knick knacks

Don’t kid yourself into thinking the graduating student does
not think that a bit of pharmacist humor with prescription coffee mugs or
novelty pill bottles are hilarious – they do. There are plenty of pharmacist
t-shirts, ties, jewelry for men and women and hoodies that have RX quotes,
sayings and images they’ll love – beaker shot glasses being a standout option.

Be careful, however. Although some people may love a shirt that says “legal drug dealer”, it may not be for everyone, but if you know a grad that will love it, get it!

Gifts for work

Practical gifts are amazing for a pharmacist graduation gift when you realize just how many pens they go through!

Gift ideas in this area are highlighters, pens, clipboards, counting trays and spatulas all are going to be greatly appreciated.

Celebrate PharmD Grads!

Thoughtful, practical and fun, these pharmacy graduation gift ideas will ensure you give a gift that graduates will really enjoy. Even better, these gifts will help them remember their accomplishments in hard times.

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