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7 Professional Law School Graduation Gift Ideas to Say Well Done

7 Professional Law School Graduation Gift Ideas to Say Well Done

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Successfully conquering grueling curriculum over the course of three years to become a lawyer is truly a proud moment for law school graduates. Finding the right gift for huge moments like a law school graduation can be hard for a few people.

Gift ideas like a funny coffee mug or a silly t-shirt may
not leave the impression you want, but gifts that focus on two traits every law
student shares – intelligence and hard work – are a great way to make a big
impact on the big day.

For law school graduation gifts ideas that add to a law student’s happiness while still meaning something special, the ideas below make the perfect gift for law school graduations or for lawyers who have passed the bar.

The Best Law Graduation Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Bonded Leather Desk Set

Leather Desk Set

Nothing exudes authority quite like this complete desk set for a new lawyer’s office. Beautiful, impressive and incredibly luxurious, the 5-piece set includes a 30 x 18 desk pad, business card holder, pencil cup, letter tray and memo holder – everything needed to keep a desk organized in style.

The bonded leather pieces are all of very high quality and look much more expensive than they really are.

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2. Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

Men briefcase laptop bag

Former law school students are ready to switch their backpacks out for this finely crafted messenger bag that will definitely help them make a great first impression. Consisting of 3 huge interior compartments, 2 of which feature zippered pockets, and 3 exterior pockets, it can easily fit essentials and a little more.

Constructed from strong goat leather and study canvas lining for a long-lasting, durable bag, it is a great male and female law school graduation gift.

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3. Framed Declaration of Independence

Art Black Wood Framed Poster

In a high-quality black wood frame sits the Declaration of Independence. Law school graduates know that out of the 56 signatories, a whopping 25 were attorneys.

One of the best law school graduation gifts, it’s safe to say that a framed copy of this foundational document will be cherished by new lawyers who have not yet passed the bar exam and for those who have.

4. Personalized Wood Pens

Case and Two Pens

Old and new lawyers know the importance of tracking thoughts and staying prepared; having a set of gorgeous pens will help remind them to do just that.

Two pens, one roller ball and the other ball point, and one case can be personalized for free. The case features the scales of justice and the lawyer’s name and the pens can be engraved with the graduate’s name as well.

5. Chambord French Press

 French press coffee maker

Law students have a short period of time to enjoy graduation because many of them will be studying for the bar exam soon and that means long hours of studying and a need for coffee. In just 4 minutes, this Chambord French press can brew a premium cup of coffee, full with subtle flavors and aromatic oils, for an energy boost on demand.

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6. Scales of Justice Canvas Print

Decor stretched gallery canvas wrap giclee print

The scales of justice and a gavel compose this canvas print.

A 16 x 24 inch print of supreme quality, it has been stretched and stapled to a frame that is shrink resistant and very durable and is a great gift that will look great as office décor or hanging on a wall at home.

When new lawyers look at it, they will remember their special day as well as how much more they want to accomplish.

7. Superfight Card Game

Card game of absurd arguments

A truly unique law school graduation gift, Superfight will test a law school graduate’s debating skills. Combine cards to create peculiar characters with different weaknesses and strengths. What next? Everyone makes the case for why their character would be victorious in a fight.

Will a weather-controlling Chuck Norris and his tin foil hat beat Willy Wonka’s kung fu and beer goggles? The fun had from hours of trying to convince each other is the only sure thing.

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Law School Graduation Gift Guide

Don’t let the future income of a lawyer blind you to the fact that graduation law students are typically broke and burdened by debt.

So while picture frames and paperweight keepsakes definitely have their place, here are some graduation gift ideas that help graduates get off to a good start.

Business apparel

Law students have only recently decided to upgrade their Ramen diet so most aren’t exactly ready to go out and buy a completely new wardrobe. Instead of relying on high school and college suits and shoes, buying them a suit (or two) after graduation will be a great relief.

Professional clothing is a boost to the closet and will also make law school graduates hold their heads a little higher – there’s no price anyone can put on a confidence boost.

Office equipment

You may think that personalized pens and other equipment may sound very extravagant but they go a long way to reducing a recent grad’s feelings of being an imposter, and a bare office, regardless of industry, has never lifted anyone’s spirits.

Writing notes with a fountain pen is classy, and new leather totes or messenger bags are welcome to add a bit of gravitas as well.

Bar exam prep materials

The first thing that comes to your mind may not be passing the bar, but it is on the mind of many law grads and may be exactly what they need.

Great gifts for law school graduation can help graduates
navigate the next phase of their professional lives successfully and without
spending any more money. It doesn’t have to cost too much money for you,
either, as tutoring, books and prep course fees aren’t a necessity – quality
outlines to study for the bar can be found online. Just some time, internet and
a printer are needed!

Contribute to their bar trip

A bar trip may be unfamiliar to you, but it is a getaway between the time a law student takes the bar and starts working in the upcoming fall. The bar exam is not easy and it makes complete sense why successfully passing it warrants a trip.

You can give them a great trip or simply contribute money to
participate and enjoy this time-honored tradition.

Honor Law School Graduates!

With these great law school graduation gifts, you’ll acknowledge a graduate’s accomplishments while also letting them know they aren’t alone in the upcoming phase of their life.

Other Graduation Gift Ideas

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