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Save on Wardrobe Essentials and Unique Fashion at Uniqlo (2021 Review)

Where can you go shop wardrobe staples these days? Whether it’s a new down jacket for the winter or a basic pair of jeans, everyone needs a few essentials in their closet. Uniqlo is known for its on trend, simple but quality and affordable collection for men, women, kids and babies.

With fashion trends constantly trying to “reinvent the wheel”, it feels like finding that “basic item” is becoming more and more challenging. Lucky for us, we know where the goods are and we’re going to let you in on a little secret: Uniqlo.

What is Uniqlo?

Uniqlo store in Tokyo, Japan

Founded in 1998, Uniqlo is a casual wear clothing brand that opened its flagship store in Tokyo, Japan. It didn’t take long for the company to gain popularity and expand to all major cities in Japan. By 2001, Uniqlo had over 500 locations nationwide. In 2005, the brand came to the United States.

Uniqlo specializes in clothing basics and at reasonable prices. All of their wardrobe pieces are functional and serve as true wardrobe staples. Don’t let the term “basic” fool you; they’re known for keeping up with trends in the arts communities and use those trends as a basis for many of their in-store designs. Additionally, they often partner with top fashion designers to ensure their casual wear is always on-trend.

If you have ever stepped into a Uniqlo store, then you know this brand prides itself on presenting items in a hyper-organized manner. Clothing displays are all inspired by patterns and artistic rhythms to ensure customers are greeted by unique aesthetics. 

How to Get the Best Deals at Uniqlo

Woman and Man wearing uniqlo clothing

Like most clothing brands, Uniqlo offers a wide range of clearance items in every department year-round. They also offer online and app-only prices that are sure to get you excited to shop.

Shoppers can download the Uniqlo app, which serves as a “membership card” that gives you access to exclusive coupons, new arrivals, sales, and limited edition items. The app also provides a complete purchase history as well as auto-email receipt options. Uniqlo offers a $3 incentive for new members to download their app and shop.

Current Sales at Uniqlo

Uniqlo in outerwear including trench coats, jacket and sweaters

Right now, the Uniqlo clearance section is overflowing with a wide array of sales, featuring items from women’s clothing to baby needs, and even 20% off outerwear, including trench coats, down jackets, and sweaters — all great options to keep you warm this winter.

More Fashion, More Savings

Shop, Save & Give Back with Uniqlo

True to their name, Uniqlo takes a unique approach to provide top-of-the-line clothing items that complement any style and wardrobe — and has become a favorite quality casual wear brand. With so many options and prices you can’t beat, you can’t afford not to see everything they have to offer. 

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