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Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’

Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Many companies today recognize the important roles they can play in their communities. As a result, many offer incentives to their customers, such as donating a portion or percentage of their purchase to support specific non-profit organizations. This makes it easy for customers to give back and lend a hand in a way that really makes a difference.

But when it comes to being passionate about social causes, there are only a select few companies who go above and beyond. One such company is Nisolo footwear

What It Means to Be a B Corp

Certified B Corporation

Founded in 2011, Nisolo is a B Corporation. This means that Nisolo is a for-profit brand that develops business objectives, principles, and values around operating at a higher standard for the greater good, and dedicates its resources to this mission. 

Living Wages

With business roots in Mexico, Kenya, and Peru, CEO and co-founder Patrick Woodyard is all too familiar with the struggles of underprivileged factory workers. As such, Nisolo genuinely believes in the success of its workers and proves it through action. The company pays all suppliers and every Nisolo employee living wages along with a plethora of other incredible incentives, such as in-house financial literacy training, education opportunities, skill training, gender equality incentives, and proper healthcare.

Carbon Neutral Certification

In addition to the ethical treatment of employees, Nisolo also values the ethical treatment of our environment. Nisolo is one of the elite companies that have received the Carbon Neutral Certification, which demonstrates their dedication to sustainability and low carbon emissions. Nisolo credits their shoppers with helping to protect 138,180 trees from getting uprooted. Learn more about how Nisolo is off-setting their carbon emissions on their blog.

Fashion that Values People and the Planet

Ladies in Nisolo models

Nisolo is much more than the average footwear brand. They also produce quality and ethically-sourced leather goods, handcrafted shoes, jewelry, accessories — and now masks. 

Mask Marketplace

Man wearing mask using Nisolo

New to their line of ethically-sourced goods, Nisolo is now offering a variety of eco-friendly masks through their Mask Marketplace. Each mask comes with a description and rating system indicating comfort, sustainability, breathability, style, and function. They offer a variety of styles, materials, and colors designed for every preference and lifestyle.

Amalia All-Weather Boot 

Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’ Image 1

The Amalia All-Weather boot is the quintessential shoe for any modern lady on the go. With enough durability to withstand a hike and a sleek appearance you could wear to the office, this is truly the staple shoe to any woman’s wardrobe.  

The Amalia All-Weather boot features a rubber sole, which acts as a grip aid for rocky terrain and a gusseted tongue to keep out water or snow. Known for its high quality, you’ll likely be wearing them for more than one season.

Lima Slip On

Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’ Image 2

Originally designed as a comfy pair of slippers, the Lima Slip On is a simplistic shoe style that is comfortable enough to wear around the house or on a night out with the girls. With its easy-on, easy-off nature, this shoe is perfect for traveling. Simply slip them on and go.

Elayna Sneaker

Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’ Image 3

The Elayna Sneaker is the perfect example of practicality meeting simplicity. Available in a variety of neutral colors, this shoe offers extreme comfort and ease and can fit with nearly any daytime style.

Huarache Sandal

Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’ Image 4

The Huarache Sandal provides flair to your favorite gentleman’s feet. Inspired by pre-Columbian Mexico style, this sandal is perfect for summertime BBQs, a day at the beach, or travel. With beautifully-crafted, ethically-sourced pieces of leather woven together in a unique design, this shoe fits comfortably and offers sufficient ventilation for warm weather.  

How Nisolo Gives Back (and you can too)

Nisolo intentionally designs their products with more than profits in mind. They offer fair prices that enable them to not only support their employees but also give back to the communities they’re connected to. With its strong sense of responsibility, Nisolo presents a notable example of a company doing right by its workers — and the environment.

Nisolo also offers a program where customers can donate shoes to have them repurposed into a fresh, new product. Additionally, with their partnership with Soles4Souls, each donated shoe is then given to micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries who are then able to repair and resell them locally. 

Tip: Shop using Giving Assistant and select Soles4Souls as your preferred nonprofit. Then each time you shop with Nisolo you can make an impact!

Save the Most at Nisolo

There are always ways to save when shopping at Nisolo. And the more you save, the more you can help to give back.

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All of these reasons makes Nisolo a brand that significantly aligns with Giving Assistant’s mission – which is to transform everyday shopping into charitable giving. Shopping with eco-conscious brands that give back empower all shoppers to help make a difference with every purchase.