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What’s New at Lacoste and How to Get the Best Deals

What’s New at Lacoste and How to Get the Best Deals

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

The Lacoste brand is immediately recognized by the little, green crocodile. In fact, the crocodile over the heart made Lacoste the first brand to display a visible logo on an article of clothing. 

Lacoste has been well known for quality and style for many years. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice affordability. Find out what is new at Lacoste and how you can get in style by saving the most this season.

About Lacoste

What is Lacoste

Once Upon a Crocodile

It all started with a crocodile… Although Lacoste is a French brand, the birth of Lacoste began in Boston in 1923. Lacoste was one of the first brands to use a visual emblem on their products. 

But why the crocodile, you ask? Nineteen-year-old tennis player, René Lacoste was promised by his team captain that if he won his upcoming match, his captain would purchase the crocodile leather suitcase that Lacoste admired in a store window. Lacoste didn’t win the match, but he did earn the nickname “crocodile” by a journalist to describe his determination while on the court.

Several years later, René Lacoste had the crocodile embroidered on his line of blazers, which led to the birth of the iconic polo. What began as primarily a men’s clothing brand, Lacoste expanded its product offering to women, and further evolving into a family brand in the late 1980s. Today, Lacoste offers sophisticated, clean, elegant yet comfortable clothing and accessories, and athletic wear for men, women, and children of all ages.

How to Get the Best Deals at Lacoste

Although Lacoste is an elegant and sophisticated French brand with elite prices, you can find everything that Lacoste has to offer and support the American Red Cross. Currently, Lacoste is offering the “Polo merci” polo. All “Polo merci” sales will support the American Red Cross, specifically providing volunteers in over 23 countries with health protection programs.

In addition to the “Polo merci” polo shirt line, Lacoste also offers regular sales for men, women, and children. Lacoste also offers the “Croco Series” sale, which features various favorite and fun clothing pieces and accessories, such as sportswear T-shirts, polos, hats, shoes, swim shorts, and more, all featuring the iconic croc for even less.  

Save the most at Lacoste

Lacoste Sales & Deals Men

Lacoste for Him

Right now, Lacoste is offering up to 30 to 40% off all men’s polo shirts, linen shirts, T-shirts, V-necks, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, and more. Whether you are still looking for those left-over summer sales or gearing up for the fall season, you can save big—and earn cash back—by shopping for your manly needs at Lacoste. 

Lacoste Sales & Deals Women

Lacoste for Her

Calling all Lacoste Ladies! Although Lacoste is known for its extensive line of unisex clothing, Lacoste does offer some female-specific favorites, such as wide-cropped cotton pants, the slim-fit polo, the slim-fit V-neck, jackets, fleece sweatshirts, and more. Lacoste is also offering a 30 to 40% off sale on all women’s clothing and accessories.  

Lacoste Sales & Deals Kids

Lacoste for Kids

Lacoste is also offering a 30 to 40% off sale on all kid’s clothing and accessories, including polos, T-shirts, shoes, cotton polo dresses, fleece pants, sweatshirts, jackets, and more. If you are still searching for those last-minute back-to-school deals or stocking up for the fall and winter seasons, you can find everything you need for the kids and more at Lacoste.

What’s New at Lacoste?

The New Horizon Collection

Lacoste The New Horizon Collection

A new season lies ahead with the New Horizon Collection. From sunny yellow color blocking to deconstructed and vintage styles. Recycled cashmere V-necks, wool blends, fleece sweatshirts and more.

If you’re looking for a sleek fashion refresh this autumn, Lacoste has you covered with the New Horizons Collection. Find fresh yellows, blues, and other bolder colors across a new line of sweaters, jackets, tracksuits, dresses, shirts, and more. It’s the perfect collection to broaden your fall fashion horizons with something simple and upscale.

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Shop, Save, and Give Back when you Shop Lacoste 

Although Lacoste is a French brand, it has been a staple in American culture for almost 100 years. Lacoste has been a go-to brand for polo shirts, sweaters, and casual and comfortable activewear for decades. 

Lacoste offers some serious savings that you can really sink your teeth into! And what better way to get what you need for the whole family and support an awesome cause? You can support Lacoste and your favorite nonprofit by browsing their product selections and shopping online. Giving Assistant shoppers can save even more by earning up to 8% cash back at Lacoste, and use these savings to support nonprofits. Look for a $5 bonus when you sign up!

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