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MR PORTER Offers Top Wardrobe Essentials For The Modern Man

MR PORTER Offers Top Wardrobe Essentials For The Modern Man

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Spring is a time of the year marked by renewal, and when it comes to fashion; your wardrobe also benefits from a fresh start – making this the perfect time to reevaluate your closet. Choosing clothing and accessories made for the man with a contemporary sense of style means keeping up with the pulse of the fashion industry. And, it doesn’t mean flipping through magazines or seeking advice from the runway. We’re here to help. This season, you’ll see a warm welcome for bold prints and colors joined by resilient trends aiming to reclaim your respect. Let’s rejuvenate your apparel options with the following on-point spring trends from MR PORTER and don’t forget to check out MR PORTER cash back on Giving Assistant so you don’t miss out on even more savings.

The Right Spring Patterns on Deck? Check!

Checks are a fashion trend that never really disappears. Waiting in the wings and constantly reinventing itself…they’re ready to pull together a casual look for an evening out; striking date-night ensemble, or clean-cut, workplace attire at a moment’s notice. But, not so fast! With plenty of variations, you can still indulge in the wrong type of check. Small checks are cool, but this is the season for larger patterns. We’re talkin’ Prince of Wales and windowpane styles that make knitwear, suit jackets and trousers demand a second glance. Having a few checked ties and socks on hand is also suggested for this spring.

Don’t Let a Little Extra Care ‘Dis-Suede’ You

Suede is enjoying a massive wave of popularity this season, but it’s often overlooked because the material is slightly more delicate…meaning proper upkeep and care is a must to ensure longevity. But, how can you resist? Everywhere you turn, the number of suede styles continues to skyrocket. A pair of trousers here…a sharp, blue suede belt there. How about suede bomber and trucker jackets that provide ultra- fashionable cover for a chilly spring day?

And, let’s not forget about the footwear! You can go the formal route with suede loafers, slippers or driving shoes…or opt for something more casual like suede chukkas. Slim-fit jeans have proven to be the most flattering look for a pair of suede Chelsea boots. And, desert boots offer a hard-to-ignore, polished, daytime look when paired with a collared jacket or button-down shirt.


Channel Your Inner Hawaii Five-0

Be bold, young man! Hit the scene with statement prints and let your wardrobe leave a trail of confidence wherever you stroll…especially with the bright, vividness of tropical and island styles. Don’t be afraid to dive deep into a sea of color, like the Hawaiian floral prints that’s currently a fixture at runway shows. The bolder the print, the better it looks against a black or dark blue shirt. To break up the overall look, choose a tropical print polo with a lil’ something extra…an added distraction, like detailed buttons or stripe-trimmed cuffs. Not diggin’ the floral look? Large leaf prints are in, too. And, for this spring, you’re better off ditching the jeans, and rocking the Aloha vibe with wide-leg pants or shorts.

Washed-Out Colors = A So Fresh and So Clean Look

On one end of the spring trend spectrum, you’ll find bright, bold colors…while the opposite end presents muted colors with a distinct voice of their own. MR PORTER has dubbed this trend, ‘washed-out colours’, and they represent the softer side of the season. This includes lightweight linen, cotton, silk, and cotton-twill threads in sage-green, cream, pink, lilac, mulberry, beige, sand, and plum.

This season, take a casual walk on the vintage side with faded plaid paired with washed denim. A navy blue, short-sleeve plus faded grey bottoms are a stylish combination for a day by the water. On club-hopping nights, hit the town cloaked in outerwear with celebrity clout…like the army green Fear of God Paint-Splattered Selvedge Denim Jacket that’s earned David Beckham and Jay-Z’s seal of approval.

Roll Them Cuffs Up and Rock a Pair of Loafers

Save your two cents for a rainy day, and opt for a pair of loafers with tassels – one of this season’s trends to watch. Horsebit accents and fringed trim also impress. Overall, penny loafers are pretty versatile. And, this classic footwear option has been riding the style roller-coaster ever since arou nd the early 1930s. They have a reputation for smartening up a casual look (like blue jeans and a white tee), as well as complementing suits for special occasions. Thanks to designer brands, like Gucci, you’ll be seeing more ways to flex your fashion muscles with a pair of loafers at MR PORTER This spring, we suggest unleashing your ankles and embracing a sock-free style with chino shorts or cuffed, slim-fit trousers.


Slide into a Pair of Sandals

What elevates the look of a pair of linen pants in the springtime? Need something to help avoid beach grit beneath your feet? Let your toes breathe with a pair of slides or sandals from MR PORTER that look just as good poolside as they do kicking pavement on city streets. Prada leather sandals (made fit for sand or concrete) are outfitted with sturdy rubber soles. Shout out your favorite brands with logo-inspired gems from Balenciaga , Gucci, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Nike, and Valentino. And, for those sporting that laidback athletic swag, you can always wear socks with sides and sweatpants.

A Clothing Trend that Works Overtime

Borrowing a few style cues from the more industrial side of style, turn workwear clothing steeped in durability and necessity into an elevated version of this straightforward, practical fashion statement. This spring, consider the trend that echoes the clothing typically worn by the likes of hard-working fishermen, steelworkers, and lumberjacks– a look where military pea coats, utilitarian button-downs, flannel shirts, and heavy sweaters rule.

A few ways to follow this trend involves pairing:

  • corduroy trousers with a crisp white shirt
  • wide-leg twill trousers with high-top sneakers
  • poplin shorts with button-down, cotton-drill shirts

Go Big or Go Home with Seventies Eyewear

Get ready to shield your eyes from all the glowing compliments you’ll get on your wardrobe this spring with a look that pays homage to the 70s. The right kind of eyewear transforms an average outfit into a commanding presence with booming personality. Go incognito with large aviators. And yes, they are bigger and better than ever with standouts from the likes of Gucci, Tom Ford and Saint Laurent. Choose lenses with a yellow tint for that ultra-laidback, kind of cool. And, don’t dismiss the potential of expressing yourself with shades of grey-, blue-, and green-hued frames; these colors have genuine, mood-changing possibilities.


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