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Best Made in the USA Watches Review

While many people keep track of the time on their cell phones nowadays, there are still people who want a nice Made in the USA watch on their wrist. Wrist watches made in the USA are high quality, attractive watches that stand out.

So, which American-made watches are designed to keep up with the times – and the time? Here’s a look at some of the most popular ones currently on the market.

The Best Made in the USA Watches in 2023

1. Shinola Runwell 47mm American Watch with Slate Dial and Deep Brown Leather Strap

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Shinola is one of the highest class American made, Swiss style watch companies that you can connect with. With a slate dial, stainless steel casing, and a beautiful leather strap, this 47mm watch is the very definition of elegance.

Inside the watch is a double curve, sapphire crystal. The movement in this Shinola watch is quartz, made from Detroit-built Argonite. Every piece is designed in the United States, and they are hand-built in Detroit so that every piece looks the same and works the same.

2. Weiss Watch Co- Standard Issue Field Watch – White/Olive

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Mechanical movement watches are not what they used to be, but Weiss Watch’s Field Watch makes it easy to incorporate one of these watches into your life. With a case and caseback designed from one solid piece of stainless steel and hand-polished, this Standard Issue watch looks great and goes with almost any outfit.

The olive green canvas strap is made from one piece of canvas, so the entire piece looks uniform and lasts a very long time. The movement in this limited edition watch is made up of Swiss components finished and assembled by hand in Los Angeles, plus it comes with an American made, numbered California pine wood box. If you want a timepiece that you can be proud of and that is one of a kind, Weiss Watch Company can provide it.

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3. ORION Calamity Black Steel 12 Hour

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Orion is a made in the USA watch company that specializes in thin dive watches. It’s important for divers and other water enthusiasts to have accurate watches and other controls that they can keep an eye on.

Most dive watches are large and clunky, but this American watchmaker’s Calamity watch is sleek and low profile, with polished edges, accents, and bevels. This particular Calamity style is completely monochromatic, which makes it stand out against other dive watches as well. The face is clear, making it an easy to read timepiece.

4. Brew Mastergraph – Universal

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Brew Watches, an American watch brand, has come into the limelight lately because of just how unique their watchmaking is, and the Mastergraph is no different. Made from high grade stainless steel, this watch is based on chronograph watches of the 1930’s which had special marks that reminded watch users that they needed to add another coin to the telephone.

The Mastergraph also has those little tick marks, but they serve a different purpose. This particular American watch was designed for baristas and espresso enthusiasts. You can use the tick marks on this timepiece to keep an eye on your espresso, froth, or other coffee timers.

5. Keaton Myrick 1 in 30 Series Watch

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Keaton Myrick is one of the United States’ premiere watch makers. Every single one of his watches is handmade in the state of Oregon, and he only does a limited number of his timepieces every year. He also takes care of restoring and repairing all sorts of different American watches, not just his own.

The 1 in 30 series is the first series of watches that Myrick has produced, with the hope of producing more and more as time goes on. While the first run of these made in America watches were cased in 42 mm Fricker cases, he now designs and hand finishes his own cases as well. The three-quarter plate and bridges are made from silver, the leather is high quality, and it utilizes jewels and screws to give it a polished look.

6. Bertucci A-6A Experior Drab Silver

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Bertucci indicates Italian excellence in watch making, but it’s an American watch company! This beautiful Bertucci watch is made from durable, yet light weight, anodized aluminum. Designed in the US, some pieces of the watch are American made, but it does have Swiss movement and the case is made in Asia.

The American-made band uses high-quality, woven cloth, and it can be utilized whether you’re enjoying the outdoors or you’re at work. The durability of the entire watch makes it perfect for any use you may have for it.

7. Martenero Kerrison 42

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Based in New York, Martenero has taken American watchmaking to a new level with their Kerrison watches. They are designed to be a reflection of the old-style, all-purpose sports watch that gentlemen used to wear. With large numbers at 3, 9, and 12, it’s relatively easy to glance at this watch and know what time it is.

There are 24 different jewels in the Martenero Kerrison 9015, along with a 42 hour power reserve, hacking seconds, and hand-winding options. This beautiful American watch is a great choice for any gentlemen looking to perfect their image.

How to Choose a High-Quality Watch

High-quality watches have a lot going for them, and they definitely look and feel different than lower quality watches do. Here are a few things to keep your eyes out for.

The watch company and brand

There are a lot of great watch companies and brands to choose from nowadays, and it’s essential to have a pretty good idea as to which ones are worth your time. Look into some of the brands we’ve talked about in this article, and see which one speaks to you.

American made materials

High-quality materials, including stainless steel, leather, brass, and other materials, should be at the core of your watch. You’re spending a lot of money to get a high quality, made in the USA watch, so it should most definitely be made from the best materials available.


When will you be wearing your watch? Is it a diving watch that you can use under the water? Or is it a professional style pocket watch? Knowing which style of watch you need can help to whittle down your choices so you find the best one.

You deserve to have a great-looking Swiss-style watch made in the USA. Find a watch company that you can trust and then see what a big difference it can make in regards to your confidence. You’ll be so proud to have a great watch to wear!

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