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Best Made in the USA Boots Review

A good pair of boots is well worth the money, and the best boots are boots made in the USA. These boots are typically quite durable and long-lasting – and they stand up to any sort of use. 

While some people go with brands like Wolverine or Danner, if you want American made, you may have to look deeper.

Whether you need rain boots or work boots made in USA, this list of boots we’ve curated has everything that you’re looking for.

The Best Made in the USA Boots in 2023

1. Men’s Belleville 590 Work Boots

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Tactical boots are versatile options that make it easy for you to get around. The Belleville 590 are designed to protect your entire foot and to keep your feel safe, no matter what climate you may be working in.

This boot’s craftsmanship balances stability with comfort. The outsole has a Vanguard construction, which is what is most commonly used in regards to stability. It also utilizes a lug pattern in order to ensure that the grip is the best that it can be. But, the insole of the boot is cushioned and made from polyurethane for ultimate comfort. If necessary, the insole can be removed.

2. Chippewa Waterproof Super Logger Work Boots – Steel Safety Toe Boots

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Steel toe boots made in USA are some of the best boots that you can get your hands on. Chippewa has designed these waterproof work boots to be both rugged and comfortable, which can be a big deal when you’re working on a job site or doing outdoor work of any sort. Even though some of the parts are global, the entire boot is designed and constructed in the United States.

These steel toe Super Logger boots go on easily, and the lace-up styling allows for you to get them secure relatively quickly. The leather construction is waterproof, and it contains Ruby DriLex 2000 lining. On top of all of that, it has a Texon 460 waterproof insole, which keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

3. Genuine Issue Black Tanker Boots from Cove Shoe Company

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Cove Shoe Company has shoes of all styles and sizes, but their Black Tanker Boots are something to be admired. Their unique look and “Spit Shineable” leather make them some of the most attractive options out there for boots.

These utilize the Garrison Army Munson Last, webbing reinforcement, and an extra wide double strap in order to help support your feet and ankles. Plus, the roller buckles are no-rust steel. The insole is the well-known Poron Permafresh Cushioned Insole, which keeps the soles of your feet comfortable as you move around. In short, these are slick looking boots that you can wear anytime, anywhere.

4. Standard 350 Cutter By White’s Boots

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White’s Boots has been around for awhile, and their boots have always been popular with the working class. Founder Otto White started off with high-topped, solid American made work boots that were designed for being outdoors for long periods of time.

The Standard 350 Cutter was designed for loggers that wanted something lighter that they could wear over the weekend. So, he cut 4 inches off of his 10-inch 400 moc toe Cutter boots, and now the 6-inch high 350 Cutter is a favorite of those who get outdoors and work or play hard daily.

5. Sloggers Women’s Bees Boot, 5020BEE

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Sloggers is an American made boot company that specializes in rain boots and garden boots (hence their name). These made in the USA boots, which have an adorable bee design, are designed for women of all sizes. Sloggers Boots are lower and wider than your traditional rain boot, so you can tuck your pants in or use them even if your calves are wider.

One of the things that Sloggers’ craftsmanship is best known for is their comfortable insoles. Most people think of rain boots and assume that they must be uncomfortable – but these ones are not designed that way. The insoles are soft and waterproof, so you can enjoy working outdoors for hours on end.

6. All Brown Roughout By Drew’s Boots

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Drew’s Boots were started in the Pacific Northwest during the early 1900s, which is where a lot of boot companies got their start. It got passed down through their family, and now Drew’s Boots is one of the most well-known companies for both outdoor gear and boots. They’re also a favorite of firefighters.

Their newest made in the USA work boot is a twist on the original Roughout boots. These are all brown Roughout boots, 10” high and made from all leather materials. It has a high arch, which makes it easier for you to move around and prevents issues with fallen arches.

7. Standard Wesco Timber Caulks by Wesco Boots

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Wesco is another made in the USA boot brand with a long, storied history. Short for “West Coast” (due to being made in the state of Oregon), the company focuses on providing boots and shoes that can stand up against regular use and abuse.

The Standard Timber Caulks are made from top notch smooth, black leather. They have standard soft toes and replaceable calks, which makes it easy for you to take care of them for the long term. With 91 years of experience, it’s not surprising that Wesco is considered one of the best American boot brands out there.

Finding Great Boots Made in the USA

How do you know what exactly you need from American made rain or work boots? What traits should they have? Here are some of the important things that we think you should look for.


You never want to get boots that feel flimsy or allow your feet or ankles to turn while you’re wearing them. The sturdier that they are, the less likely that you’ll be to injure yourself when you’re working in your yard or the woods.


A great insole is well worth the extra money it may cost to get them. They end up being much more comfortable and you’re less likely to end up with swollen feet, bunions, or blisters.


You want a sturdy pair of boots that isn’t going to end up collapsing if you work too hard. High quality leather (or rubber, if you’re looking at rain boots) should be at the core of every pair of American made boots that you purchase.

Be willing to spend some extra cash on your American made boots and you’ll find that you’re in a much better position to determine what makes the most sense. You can find all sorts of work boots, rain boots, and more that are going to meet your needs.

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