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Best Made in the USA Clothing Review

Best Made in the USA Clothing Review

March 29, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

When you are shopping in a clothing store, you’ve probably noticed that most items you take off the rack or shelf are rarely made in the USA.

There are plenty of signs that this is starting to change as more consumers and groups have an increased desire to restore American manufacturing jobs, become less reliant on imported goods and be more conscious of the environment.

Brands like Todd Shelton, American Giant and All American Clothing Co. are well-known, but made in the USA clothing from smaller, lesser known companies need support too. Here are a few options from brands creating a range of American-made clothing.

The Best Made in the USA Clothing in 2023

1. Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Solid Dress Shirt

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Brooks Brothers has been creating menswear made for the stylish man for a long time and is one of the most trusted American brands. Their dress shirts, known for their high quality, last for years and can be found in offices across the country.

This non-iron shirt has an innovative finish that is wrinkle-resistant, single-button barrel cuffs, a forward-point collar and the company’s signature classic fit. It is an essential piece of any wardrobe.

2. Carhartt Duck Quilted Flannel Lined Active Jacket

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Everything made by Carhartt is designed in Dearborn, Michigan, and while most products are made overseas, their Born and Worn in the USA Collection is still made right here.

An exceptional piece of workwear, this Carhartt jacket will quickly become your favorite outwear. Crafted with cotton duck, it is wind-resistant and water-repellent. For added warmth, the hood and body of the jacket have been lined with quilted flannel – your body will feel like it’s been tucked into a warm bed, even when the wind is howling.

3. Women’s Hoodie Dress with Face Mask

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Made in the USA clothing rarely comes with a two for one, which is why this hoodie and face mask combination is so great.

This clothing company’s design takes women’s clothing to the next level by combining a short dress with a loose-fitting hoodie design. It cinches at the waist a bit, is longer in the back and is ultra stretchy and slinky. The face mask is non-medical grade, double layered and breathable.

4. High Waisted Linen Shorts

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This California-based clothing store decided to do something about the lack of simply designed and affordable shorts available to women and make their own. The minimal shorts they created are elegant and comfortable, featuring a high waist, loose fit, elastic waistband and side pockets.

With an excellent length that is neither too short or long, they look great with dress shirts or casual tops. Made in the USA, using high-quality, eco-friendly materials, these shorts keep their shape and are durable.

5. Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt

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Spread positivity with this handmade sweatshirt from a small boutique in Los Angeles, which reads “Be Kind Always”. Made for men and women, it has long sleeves, a loose fit and is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Made from polyester and cotton, it is crafted beautifully. The fit runs true to size, with customers singing praises of how perfectly it works for their shape. This is one company that is highlighting how American manufacturing should be done.

6. Floral Print Wrap Short Sleeve Blouse

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A playful top that will make you stand out, it has short flowing sleeves and a cropped waist for a look that is chic, yet classic. There’s an adjustable tie to keep the wrap shirt in place as you zip through your day.

Made in California by Petalo Fashion, this beautiful tropical floral print shirt is available in yellow, navy or coral with bright, contrasting florals. Great for any occasion, pair it with anything from denim jeans to a mini skirt.

7. USA Swimsuit

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Everyone will know you are American made at your next beach or pool outing with this swimsuit from a Florida boutique. It features a scoop neck, wide shoulder straps and a deep scoop back.

The perfect USA clothing for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, the red swimming suit is emblazoned with the words “Made in America” on the front. A classic piece of swimwear, you get to choose the coloring of the lettering and there are over 10 different options.

What to Know About Made in the USA Clothing Buying Guide

When you commit to buying clothing that has been made in America, it can feel more like a chore than the fun shopping experience you’re used to.

No longer can you simply pull something off the rack of a department store, and asking salespeople whether an item was made in the USA will result in blank stares.

Buying USA-made clothing brands can take some effort, but the rewards are great. Here are a few things to expect when sticking to made in the USA clothing.

You will spend time doing some research

When you begin searching for American-made products, get ready to become a detective. Type in the words “made in the USA” and you’ll quickly see that there are tons of products touting that they are made in the USA, but this can often be misleading. You have to dig deeper to confirm that a product really was made in the United States.

You will often notice that a website contains “made in the USA” copy and messaging and they may truly have American manufacturing facilities in the country. However, not all of their apparel is made in the USA, forcing you to look at the details of each item or only shopping select styles of their USA made product lines.

Plan ahead

Shopping in-store for made in USA clothing isn’t always possible; you will have to shop online at times, and planning ahead will help you a great deal. If there’s a special event approaching and you’ll need a dress or a high-quality pair of slacks, start looking today.

Give yourself time for research, shipping, returning and ordering replacements if necessary. As you can see, starting weeks or months in advance is sometimes essential.


It can be especially hard to find made in the USA clothing with American components and textiles. You won’t always find the exact item you want. If you can’t find the specific item you want, try buying clothing that is as close to made in the USA as possible or items that have been ethically produced.

You will buy less clothing, but it will be higher quality

American-made clothing costs more because American manufacturers have higher prices, which means your budget can only go so far, but the clothing will be well-crafted and beautifully designed. Also, because you are now shopping more thoughtfully, you’ll end up with less clothing that you actually love a lot more.


The made in the USA clothing brands above are proof that American manufacturing is still making some of the best in women and menswear.

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