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Best Made in the USA Shoes Review

The reduced costs of material and labor in countries overseas have seen many U.S. industries come and go due to cheaper manufacturing. Recently, however, it seems as if the tide is turning when it comes to footwear.

Shoe production in the U.S. has a long history, once having manufacturers littered across the country across every category. Today, the industry is much smaller, but there are a number of old brands, like Wolverine and artisan brands you’ve probably never heard of.

For those interested in supporting American craftsmanship and manufacturing, here are a few choices for shoes in the USA.

The Best Made in the USA Shoes in 2023

1. Frye Made in the USA Collection

Frye Campus Boot Made in the USA shoes

An American symbol of rebellion and freedom, The Campus 14L is Frye’s quintessential icon. Crafted from their signature crunch leather, this boot is well-known both on and off campus. The handcrafted silhouette and chunky toe paired with a stacked heel will get you to your destination, come rain or shine. Made in USA and sourced from domestic and imported products.

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2. Allen Edmonds Howard Lace-up Sneaker

Allen Edmonds lace up sneaker

Since 1922 Allen Edmonds has been producing American made shoes, making dress shoes for World War II officers, along the way. Known for its classic footwear, this Wisconsin-based men’s shoe brand brings its rich history of design and style to this handsome Venetian driving moccasin.

Handsewn and made with premium leather, it is extremely comfortable and stylish. The moc toe loafer is easy to slide into, and whether you decide to wear socks or not, it will always have a relaxed fit.

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3. Wolverine Original 1000 Mile Boot

Best Made in the USA Shoes Review Image 1

Wolverine has been producing work books in Michigan for 135 years. Starting in a tannery, it soon began to produce tough, long-lasting boots. Today, the production for the majority of its work boot styles occurs overseas, but select styles are still made in Rockford, Michigan. One such select style is its iconic 1000 mile lifestyle/casual line – the original work boot.

Designed in Rockford and handcrafted in the United Sates, every pair are meticulously detailed and built to stand the test of time.

4. New Balance Women’s Made in USA 990V5

Best Made in the USA Shoes Review Image 2

Though it is a small percentage of the total amount of their footwear production, New Balance has a sizeable number of select styles made in the USA. One line in particular is the Made in US line, which features a number of timeless go-to sneaker styles.

The 990V5 blends stability and cushioning for a devastatingly comfortable running shoe that looks and feels good. Lace these shoes up for a short jog, long training session or a quick trip to the store.

5. Sloggers Waterproof Garden Shoe

Best Made in the USA Shoes Review Image 3

Based in California, Sloggers is highly regarded for their molded rain boots and garden footwear. Today, this American company is a leader in sustainability, creating waterproof shoes from recycled materials.

These men’s garden shoes are made from 100% recyclable, medical-grade material that doesn’t compromise one bit on design. The matte surface and brown leather print look like dress shoes, so men can wear them in the garden or to the office on a rainy day.

6. P.W. Minor Leather Low Top Lace Up

Best Made in the USA Shoes Review Image 4

One of the oldest footwear manufacturers in the USA, P.W. Minor is based in New York and focused on providing shoes that were comfortable and stylish, and are known for their orthopedic shoes as well.

Though they closed their doors recently, their shoes are still some of the best in made in the USA shoes for those who are on their feet for long hours out of the day.  

7. Okabashi Maui Flip Flops

okabashi made in the usa maui sandal

A family-run operation in Georgia, the entire collection of sandals and flip flops made by Okabashi happens stateside. With a focus on wellness and health, their shoes are inspired by the Japanese concepts of design and reflexology.

The Okabashi Maui Women’s Flip Flop is their best selling women’s flip flop. Many reviewers share that the footbed eases their foot pain from plantar fasciitis, flat feet and high arches.

The Maui thong sandal is 100% vegan and made with completely recyclable materials. This sandal is also non-slip, flexible, machine washable, and supportive, making it a great post workout recovery shoe, as well as perfect for everyday wear. 

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8. San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS) Siesta Moc Toe Shoe

Best Made in the USA Shoes Review Image 5

SAS was founded in Texas in 1976 and has focused on producing comfortable men’s and women’s shoes since the very beginning.

The Siesta Moc Toe has fun blending its genuine moccasin construction with a retro style. Available in four colors, these lace ups will surround your feet in comfort, as they follow the natural shape of your foot. Made with a padded arch, cushioned interior lining and a soft heel, every step you take will feel like the first one did.

Made in the USA Shoes Buying Guide

There’s nothing wrong with having your shoes produced anywhere other than the United States, but when you choose American made shoes, you do get a few benefits.

Shoes made in the USA are popular for their style, fit and quality, and are positively received by consumers.

Excellent craftsmanship

The whimsical design and superior craftsmanship are what have made American-made shoes stand out over the years. A unique style you can only find in the US is expressed through shoemaking, with many designs appealing to the many different population segments.

Consumers that enjoy distinction, enjoy the way American shoes look and make them feel. American shoes reflect the norms and values of its people.

Large selection

Shoes made in the USA come in different sizes, fabrics, styles and types to offer consumers the height of choice. You can find signature styles for women, men and kids that will always meet the expectations and needs of these groups, whether its sneakers for basketball, boots for hiking or flip flops for the beach.

Especially when handmade, shoes made in the United States are truly personalized, meaning you can contribute a lot of yourself into the shoes by choosing materials and color combinations you want to have on your feet. Even when it isn’t a total customization, buying sneakers made in the US tend to give customers a greater number of options to choose from.

High quality

Buyers choose shoes made in the USA because they want quality and American manufactured shoes are associated with the highest of quality. American manufacturing processes are regulated to guarantee that products produced are safe for customers and that working conditions are humane for workers.

High-quality materials are used by professional artisans that give American-made shoes unmatched value. Durable and beautifully made, you know the shoes you get will last years, if not decades.

Lower carbon footprint

American-made shoes tend to have a lower carbon footprint and negligible amounts of environmental impact.

When made in the US, shoes are subjected to US environmental regulations and laws that must be complied with for minimizing their carbon footprint. Okabashi’s shoes, for instance, only travel 7% as far as the average shoe imported into the U.S., preventing 10,000 miles of would-be carbon emissions that could have come from trucks, planes and ships to transport shoes to the US.


It can seem like footwear made in the USA is tougher than it is. While many companies are manufacturing overseas, the brands above are still here making high-quality shoes.

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