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Best Made in the USA Gifts Guide

Best Made in the USA Gifts Guide

February 2, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Supporting products made in the USA is easier said than done, especially when it comes to finding a great gift.

An interest in American-made products is steadily growing, and while it may take some time to shift American manufacturing back into high gear, there are plenty of American businesses that sell amazing made in the USA gifts.

From century-old names to innovative new brands blazing their own trails, America is still making boots, watches, candles, furniture and baubles of all kinds – the perfect stocking stuffers.

With every purchase of the made in the USA gifts below, you will be supporting U.S. employment, fair working conditions, and the environment, to name a few things.

21 Quality Made in the USA Gifts

1. Hand-Stamped Coffee Spoon

Vintage silverplated teaspoon

A vintage silverplated teaspoon with a hand-stamped saying of your choice is going to be the absolute perfect gift for the tea or coffee lover in your life.

Made in the United States, the company gives you a rather large number of sayings to choose from that are sure to warm the heart or cause fits of laughter with every use. A truly unique pieces of flatware, it’s décor as much as a utensil.

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2. Stainless Steel Tumbler

Stainless steel tumbler in 20ounce

It’s not clear how many tumblers one person needs, but it’s safe to say the person in mind would like one more, especially when it’s this chic.

The 20-ounce stainless steel tumbler is handmade and comes in a ton of colors, but the marble and rose gold are definitely standouts, not to mention trending styles in the young adult world. They are double walled for ultimate insulation, keep condensation far away and come with matching straws and lids.

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3. Hawaiian Face Scarf

Made in USA bandana face scarf

Made with a great Hawaiian design, this face scarf will travel everywhere with its recipient. The tube-like design makes it useful in all seasons. In the summer, you can wet it and drape it on the face for cooling effects, and in cooler temps it can trap in a bit of heat in style.

Whether used as protection against the elements or a reminder not to touch the face so much, this made in the USA bandana is going to be a unique gift.

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4. Avocado Tree Project Ultra Moisturizing Sampler Set

Avocado moisturizing sample bath set

From a Saint Petersburg, FL company, this beautiful gift set will help the recipient do a little self-care when the hectic day is over.

The gift set includes whipped avocado body lotion, avocado body soap and lip balm that will replenish her skin and turn her DIY bath time into a session of full-out pampering. It comes beautifully packaged, ready for to be handed over to that special someone.

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5. Literary Tote Bag

Environmental floral tote

A unique gift for those who love books, the floral tote is hand-screened and handsewn in Brooklyn, New York. Printed with environmentally friendly, water-based inks free from PVC and phthalates, the colors gorgeous blend with the premium natural cotton canvas and is soft to touch.

Slim and elegant, the tote has 24-inch black straps and an interior pocket, roomy enough for all of day’s essentials.

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6. American Flag Shirt

Made in the USA t-shirt

Whether it’s sports, a college or university or your homeland, we all love t-shirts that proudly proclaim a part of our identity. For many, there is nothing better than getting a t-shirt with “made in the USA” stamped right on the front.

The design, in red lettering, is on a short-sleeve heather gray shirt, but if you don’t like that option, there are five other options to choose from. Made from cotton and poly blend, they are very soft, comfortable to wear and are durable.

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7. Old English Number Necklace

Customized necklace

A great gift that she can wear every day, this necklace comes in a finish of sterling silver or gold filled. You can make this piece of jewelry even more special by customizing it with the name of the recipient or a date or word that is meaningful to her.

Made in New York, the necklace uses the Old English font to dramatic effect, and also makes a great gift for Mother’s Day.

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8. Personalized Ocean Marble Glass Cutting Board

Pebbled-texture tempered glass cutting board

Cooking just got much more fun with this beautiful glass cutting board. Constructed from pebbled-textured tempered glass, you cannot help but be mesmerized by this gorgeous kitchen item’s swirling blue and gray.

Looking more like kitchen décor than an actual item to chop on, it can also be monogrammed for an even bigger impact. A fantastic gift idea for weddings or housewarmings, it is sure to be a hit on any tabletop it finds rest on.

9. Patriotic USA Hat

Smooth black background hat set

Made in the USA hats are not exactly hard to find, but it is hard finding one that looks good enough to be given as a gift to someone you care about. This hat, by Sugared Doughnuts Co, is a bit different in that it is a bucket hat, the ultimate symbol of chill.

“USA” is printed in a simple, clean font in large letters on the front of the hat set on a smooth black background. The combination of 80s and 90s nostalgia with the endless versatility of a bucket hat makes it a great gift. 

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10. Bushel and Peck Six Pack Hot Sauce Rainbow

Rainbow of hot sauce from Wisconsin company

A rainbow of hot sauce may just be the unique gift you’ve been looking for, and this small Wisconsin company has heard your call. The company specializes in producing small batches of preserved food that use ingredients native to the Midwest, and many coming from their very own organic farm.

Types of hot sauce in the gift set include Sweet Chili, Fatalii, Sriracha, Tomatillo, Sante Fe Smoke and Mango Habanero and will surely make the next barbecue one to remember.

11. Set of 3 Air Plant Holder

High quality air plants to the stones

You can tell that these air plants are high quality because they do not glue the air plant to the stones or crystals, instead delicately wrapping them in gold or silver wire on the crystal’s edge.

Tabletop décor that will also bring a bit of calm, the miniature amethyst crystals are gold dipped and look perfect on an office cubicle, mantle or bedroom side table. A unique gift hailing from a California-based company, it’s a gift idea that promotes peace and balance.

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12. Custom Folded Book Art

Recycled folded book art

If you’ve never heard of or seen folded book art before, it’s a unique gift that is sure to intrigue and delight its recipient. Made in America by a Langhorne, Pennsylvania company, this product is made using recycled books, salvaged from library sales and thrift stores.

Completely handmade, the pages of the book are folded into the name or word of your choosing for a gift made with mind-boggling care and detail.

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13. Custom Baking Pan

Lovely personalized glass baking pan

Personalized cookware is so beloved the different pieces sometimes become heirlooms. For the special person on your list, this lovely glass baking pan is sure to put a smile on their face.

The engraved baking dish features a snowman in top hat, scarf and broom for good measure and can even be engraved with your grandmother, mother or neighbor’s name. The Wisconsin-based business uses Pyrex so you know this baking dish is going to be in the family for a long time.

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14. Cade and Co Baby Moccasins

Handmade leather baby shoes

A Utah company that makes handmade, leather baby shoes and other luxury goods, Cade & Co’s products feature creative and original designs. These adorable baby shoes are proof that they are very good at what they do. The two-tone checkerboard ribbon pattern sits on a base of all-natural tan leather, with cream-colored trim and a genuine suede sole.

These made in the USA shoes come in children sizes ranging from infants to toddlers, making them an absolutely fantastic made in the USA gift for new parents or an upcoming birthday gift for a niece or nephew.

15. Customized Baseball Bat Mug

Wooden mug in bat shape

A great Father’s Day or birthday gift for the best dad in the world, this is a unique gift that will delight him much more than another pair of socks or cufflinks will. The wooden mug can hold 12 ounces of hot or cold liquid, has four wood stains to choose from and can be customized with your message.

Handmade and personalized in Massachusetts, you can tell your dad how much you love him by honoring him with a mug in the shape of his favorite sport.

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16. Rose Leather Name Belt

Beauty rose leather name belt

The rose leather name belt is a beauty. Each rose and its leaves are hand-painted for a one-of-a-kind touch, and you are given four color options of red, yellow, turquoise or pink. The perfect gift for graduation or a birthday, the belt can be engraved with the recipient’s name and comes with a leather keeper.

One of the most beautiful made in the USA belts, the recipient will enjoy having a high-quality belt that is sure to last for years to come.

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17. Personalized Wedding Music Canvas

Musical notes canvass

An absolutely touching gift idea for your spouse or your parents’ anniversary, simply send the artist and song title you want printed and this business will create a print of the song, complete with musical notes, the names and date of the special day.

It will be a gift that the couple will never forget, and works for any occasion where you know someone’s favorite song!

18. Sheepskin Boot Slippers

High-quality sheepskin slippers for kids

Comfort is always a good gift idea, which is why getting the recipient a pair of these gorgeous slippers is a winner. Having made in the USA boots to slide in around the house is the epitome of luxury, and these high-quality sheepskin slippers deliver.

Available in kids, men and women sizes, its construction includes a suede outer finish, durable sheepskin and a composite foam sole that makes them tough enough to wear outdoors to run a few errands.

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19. Bldwn Faye Pant

High-quality jeans from Bldwn

When you want made in USA jeans, Bldwn is a go-to maker of high-quality jeans. A made in the USA gift that she probably won’t see coming, the Faye Pant’s overall construction features a regular straight leg fit, fitted waist and adjustable shoulder straps that intersect through the back. The zipper fly includes a closure of multiple top buttons, which also go a long way in adding a bit of style.

An absolutely killer look for a casual night out or an office presentation, the recipient will love it.

20. Schaefer Outfitters Mesquite Western Cowboy Vest

Gorgeous western vest from Shaefer Outfitters

This men’s western vest is made by one of the most trusted denim brands in the industry, Schaefer Outfitters. The design of this gorgeous vest, like all of their made in the USA clothing, is based on that of the working cowboy.

A rare gem, this vest has six front pockets and an inside left pocket that the working man can stow just about everything a demanding day could call for. Made with 15 ounces of Brushcloth, it is specifically designed to handle harsh hunting, riding and working conditions.

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21. Bulova Men’s Classic Leather Strap Watch

Handsome leather watch made in the USA

Time is a gift that anyone can appreciate, especially when it looks this good. Made in the USA, watches by Bulova are perfect to give on Father’s Day. This handsome leather watch comes from their Classic collection and will perfectly complement his sophisticated and understated sense of style.

A gold-tone stainless steel case, brown crocodile-embossed leather strap and gold detailing only elevate its elegance even more. The watch also fully displays the day of the week and the date.

A Guide to Buying the Best American-Made Gifts

If you’ve been looking for made in the USA gifts, and products in general, you aren’t alone. A majority of Americans would rather buy products made in the United States rather than one that has been imported, with 80% willing to pay the higher price that will usually accompany a tag of “made in the USA”.

That doesn’t mean that it is easy finding a perfume gift set or the type of flatware you know your best friend wants for her new place. Unfortunately, it can be easy to think that something is American made, when in fact, it is not.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the best made in the USA gifts for your loved ones.

There are levels of American-made

Is that sterling silver necklace actually made in America? There are three parts to the picture that you should know about. First, there is American ownership of a company. Second is where they manufacture and assemble a product and finally, there’s where the parts are sourced.

You’ll find that customers are typically the ones who have to research a product themselves to put the three pieces together for a truly made in the USA gift. There are some companies who will claim they create an American-made product, even if the only thing that happened on American soil is that the product was assembled.

Words mean things

Be on the lookout for the wording of product labels. “Assembled in the USA” is a very different phrase than “Made in the USA”, and you should treat them differently. Manufacturers use the word “assembled” to indicate where the final product was made, conveniently failing to tell potential customers that the majority of the product was made somewhere else.

Buying products labeled as “assembled in the USA” means you are still supporting the USA, however. The label can only be used on products that, on their arrival into the country, were transformed significantly, so you are supporting American jobs, which is a great thing.

The label that requires a lot of research is “Made in America” as this label includes products made in Canada and Mexico. “Made in the USA” is the wording that guarantees a product was entirely made on American soil.

Stickers shouldn’t be trusted

While the government regulates “made in the USA” and “assembled in the USA” stickers, there are plenty of stickers they don’t regulate. There’s also a very long list of exceptions to products that require mandatory levels, all of which can become very confusing, very quickly.

Read the label

A good way to know where an item was made is to look at its label and accompanying materials. The instructions, warranties or labels included with that cookware set or tabletop are less likely to contain grammar, syntax or spelling mistakes if it is a genuine American-made product. Chances are, someone overseas would let obvious errors slip by, but an American factory would catch it.

Does the price match the production?

Paying for a made in the USA gift is generally going to cost you more than getting that item from another country. Anytime the price of a product seems to be good to be true, it’s safe to assume that it is. If the price of a high-quality item seems too low, it probably wasn’t made in America. If there’s ever any doubt, a little bit of research will help you decide if that is a purchase you want to make.

Don’t fall for the flag label

Companies are well aware of the fact that more consumers are willing to pay for goods made in America, and overseas manufacturers want in on the action. One way companies have tried to get their products included in the resurgence of American good is with the flag label or sticker.

This marketing tactic takes advantage of the customers, knowing that they will automatically assume that the product they’re buying is American made. The thing is, there is no oversight committee or governing body over using the flag label at all.

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