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Best Natural Perfume Brands Review

Best Natural Perfume Brands Review

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Your skin absorbs between 50
and 80% of what you apply to it. This means that the thousands of chemicals
(and petroleum-based scents) that make up most modern perfumes begin seeping
into your skin before the smell hits your nose. What kind of impact are all of
those chemicals and toxins having on your body? Can we even begin to recognize
the impact?

All of these concerns are driving more and more consumers to look for natural perfume brands that will harm the environment or their bodies, and that are sustainably-made and cruelty-free.

Fortunately for us, businesses are taking notice. Many traditional perfume brands are offering natural and organic lines for conscientious consumers. But, perhaps the more exciting development has been the entry of entirely new brands. Perfume brands that are fully committed to sustainability at every level.

The Best Natural Perfumes in 2023


Skylar hypoallergenic scents

Started by a former employee of
The Honest Company, Skylar has positioned itself as a fragrance company that
seeks to craft chemical-free scents that smell fresh and sophisticated. To
accomplish this task, their designers follow a strict philosophy, banning six
categories of ingredients: parabens, SLS, phthalates, allergens, synthetic
dyes, and any animal byproducts.

They are committed to creating
clean, hypoallergenic scents that are produced with natural ingredients. In all
of their ingredients and packaging choices are made with environmental
friendliness in mind. Every perfume is made using 80% natural ingredients with
the other 20% being hypoallergenic, synthetic ingredients that pass their
strict safety screening.

And with six different scents to choose from as well as a scent club to join, Skyler is a great option if you’re looking to try out some high-quality, all-natural perfumes.

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IME Natural perfume

IME Natural Perfume is
dedicated to approaching the development of fragrances from a holistic
perspective. Its founder’s background as a master perfumer has helped make it a
leading name among natural perfume brands.

All of IME Natural Perfume’s
lines are created using 100% natural ingredients from the highest quality plant
sources available. Using essential oils, absolutes, and balsams sourced from
around the world, along with pure alcohol from local distilleries, these
perfumes will hit your skin and create a personalized scent that is pleasant,
and never overpowering.

And since they are certified cruelty free, toxin-free, organic, and 100% natural, you can have complete confidence when you buy one of IME Natural Perfume’s eight women’s or two men’s fragrances.

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One seed perfume brand

One Seed has been designing and
producing perfumes since 2009. They believe that our world has provided
everything we need to create high quality, natural smelling fragrances. And it
is this belief that drives many of the decisions that they make regarding how
to create their scents. They use materials that are pure, plant-based, and
completely cruelty-free. And every item is made with at least 80% organic
material, high standard for perfume brands.

One seed offers a variety of
different blends, from woody to floral, and fresh Oriental. There is something
available for everyone. And they are committed to more than just sustainability
in their ingredient decisions. They conduct all business with transparency and
honesty at the forefront.

And if that wasn’t enough, they donate 10% of their profits to organizations like Collective Shout, an initiative that fights sex trafficking. All of this adds up to making One Seed one of the most responsible and environmentally friendly natural perfume brands on the market. And their scents smell great too!

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Lurk perfume

LURK is committed to creating
the perfect, all-natural fragrance, using only organic, wildcrafted ingredients
(and eco-friendly packaging to boot!). They include zero synthetic ingredients
or chemicals. Instead, they start with 100% pure essential oils, dilute them,
engineer them, and fractionate them. And every fragrance is blended in a USDA
certified organic jojoba oil base.

Their whole production process
is designed to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. And they utilize
hand production in every step where it’s available. As a result, their quality
control is lightyears ahead of much of the competition.

Perhaps, this is the reason that they’ve been featured in such magazines as Vogue and Elle.

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Phlur's fragrances

One of PHLUR’s core values is a
commitment to “conscious choices.” They believe that we should be mindful of
the way things are and ask the question, “Why?” Then, we should be willing to
look for better solutions.

This is what’s led them to
develop beautiful smelling fragrances that are environmentally conscious – and
affordable. They allow their experienced perfumers to spend more time developing
their fragrances so that they can get every scent just right. And they use
ingredients that never harm your skin, so your perfume feels as good as it
smells. When they package their products, they do so with recycled glass, as
yet another sign of their commitment to sustainability.

These are some of the reasons that PHLUR has become a leader in the natural perfume sector. And they show no signs of slowing down.

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Smell Good, Feel Good, Do Good

We all want a perfume that’s save
the environment and our own bodies. And most of us are concerned about the use
of animals in the testing of products like makeup and fragrances. But did you
know that there may be another reason to prefer all-natural fragrances over
traditional, chemically-created scents?

One of the unique things about
natural perfume brands is their ability to evolve when they come into contact
with your skin. Since they’re free of overpowering chemicals, they’re able to
combine with your body chemistry to create a complementary fragrance that is
all your own.

These are questions that many
consumers are concerned about as they search for their next perfume. But they
aren’t the only concerns people have on their minds. Many others are concerned
about the treatment of animals in the beauty and fragrance industries. They
want to enjoy the benefits of modern scents without compromising their ethics.
Still, others wonder about the environmental impact that the manufacturing
process has, including potential pollution of water and air.

And that’s just more reasons
that you should consider one of the above (or one of the dozens of other)
natural perfume brands. Not only are they better for you and the environment, but
they’ll also offer a fresh, pleasant scent that’s unlike any other.