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8 Best Gifts for Uncles Guide

Everyone knows that uncles are the cooler version of dads, and for the really lucky nieces and nephews out there, when you have a good bond with an uncle, it can feel as if you have a second father.

Uncles are great to kick back with over a weekend, have a heart to heart or let their funcle flag fly at the summer BBQ, yet they make it a priority to protect, guide and love you without ever expecting anything in return other than the time you share together.

When you want to thank your favorite uncle for all they’ve done or just make sure you get them the best Father’s Day or Christmas gift possible, here are some thoughtful, funny and cool gift ideas the best uncle ever is sure to enjoy.

The Best Gift Ideas for Uncles for 2023

1. Flaviar Gift Set (for the Whiskey lover)

Flaviar Gift Set

Create an unforgettable gift for your uncle who appreciates tasting spirits. Enjoy whiskey, bourbon, rhye, vodka and more. Flaviar’s themed Tasting Boxes come with a carefully-selected array of drinks that showcase the flavor range of each category and make it even easier for your friend or relative to try even more.

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2. Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set

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In addition to craft beer, your uncle undoubtedly loves a good Moscow Mule. He probably even has a secret ingredient he adds to give them that little extra kick. Get him this set of 4 mugs as an uncle gift to let him know just how highly you think of his drink recipe and him.

With a clean and stylish look (the brass handles are awesome), the mugs are copper, feature a hand-hammered design and come with 4 copper straws, a shot glass and a recipe booklet.

3. Emergency Hand Crank Solar Radio

8 Best Gifts for Uncles Guide Image 2

There’s nothing this compact radio can’t do. An absolute necessity it an emergency, this unique gift provides AM/FM and NOAA for the latest hazard information in the area, but it also has a powerful LED flashlight that makes in perfect for outdoor activities and is a charging bank for smartphones.

It can be charged via USB, a manual hand crank that winds the internal battery or through solar charging. The perfect birthday gift idea, he’ll love showing it off.

4. Engraved Picture Frame

8 Best Gifts for Uncles Guide Image 3

“The only thing better than having you as my brother is my children having you as their uncle” are the words engraved at the top and bottom of this simple, yet stylish picture frame that lets your brother know that he is the best uncle ever to your children.

A Father’s Day or Christmas gift that will make him tear up, add a picture of him and the kids together for a keepsake he’ll cherish forever.

5. Men’s Shawl Collar Fleece Bathrobe

8 Best Gifts for Uncles Guide Image 4

Super soft and comfortable, this robe is one of the best gifts you can give your favorite uncle. Made from coral fleece, it’s an uncle gift that makes him feel like the king of the castle while he lounges around the house or comes home from a long day of work.

It has an adjustable belt to securely close it and front pockets for anything he may need while he is relaxing around the house or at the spa.

6. Magnetic Bottle Holder

8 Best Gifts for Uncles Guide Image 5

The perfect gift for craft beer lovers, these magnets will save space in the refrigerator, but honestly, they are also just so cool. There are two strips, each with 3 magnets and each magnet can hold up to a bottle weighing as much as 1.5 pounds. Stick it to the fridge ceiling, or any dry surface in the kitchen, and hang bottles from the magnets.

High in quality, these magnets are strong enough to hold anything with a metal top or lid.

7. Personalized Coffee Mug

8 Best Gifts for Uncles Guide Image 6

Are you tired of competing with your siblings and cousins for the number one spot on your uncle’s favorite niece list? Take away his freedom to choose with this mug that boldly states “my favorite niece gave me this mug”.

A funny gift for a fun uncle, he is sure to know how much you enjoy spending time with him every time he uses it for his morning coffee.

8. T-Shirt

8 Best Gifts for Uncles Guide Image 7

This shirt reads “only the best brothers get promoted to uncle”, and while that is not true by any means, the sentiment is beyond sweet. Available in six different colors, you’ll be able to choose a color he likes (or, at least, doesn’t hate).

A great gift for an awesome brother or uncle, let’s just hope the other uncles in the family don’t see your favorite uncle wearing it.

Tips for Buying Gifts for Uncles: A Gift Guide

You may have one uncle or you may have six. So what are the rules when it comes to getting them gifts? Honestly, there isn’t much written about the topic, but here are a few common sense pieces of advice that you may want to keep in mind.

1. Don’t guilt yourself into buying gifts for every uncle

The great thing about being the niece or nephew, is that you are the niece or nephew. No uncle expects you to give them a gift ever, and you definitely don’t have to. Not even a Father’s Day gift.

Whether you have a big budget or a smaller one, give gifts when you mean it. You don’t have to do it for every uncle that you have, nor should you. Focus your gift-giving on the uncle(s) that have made a difference in your life or who you spend a considerable amount of time with.

If that isn’t clear enough: only give gifts to uncles you really want to give gifts too. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone, the uncles who aren’t getting gifts understand.

2. Consider pooling resources

There’s the one crazy uncle who is so much fun that every kid loves him. For that uncle, you may want to get him something really special – so does everyone else.

This is a great time to ask your siblings and cousins to pool your money together so you can afford a really awesome gift that will melt your favorite uncle’s heart and fill him with excitement. There’s no need to go broke all by yourself to get him a gift he’ll love.

That leads to tip number three…

3. You don’t need to go broke to show your uncle you care

Uncles do a job that no one asks them to do because they genuinely care about you. The same way your grandparents get googly-eyed when you gave them a popsicle stick with a smiley face drawn on it, your uncle will be delighted with any gift that you give them.

Don’t let price tags start to become the priority when finding gifts for uncles. The priority should always be expressing your love, appreciation and well wishes.

4. Never miss an opportunity to have some fun

They don’t call them funcles for no reason. When getting gifts for your uncle, indulge the fun side of your relationship. There are motorized coolers, golfer leg side tables, silly t-shirts and sweatshirts and a host of other utterly ridiculous gifts that you both will get a good laugh over.

He’s probably one of the few people that you can give gag and novelty gifts to with no fear of it falling flat – because he’s awesome.

Wrap Up

No matter which of the ideas you land on, these thoughtful gifts for uncles will get your message of love across. The best uncle ever deserves nothing less.

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