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8 Gifts for Sisters That Say You’d Choose Her as a Friend

8 Gifts for Sisters That Say You’d Choose Her as a Friend

February 1, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

You <3 your sister. Maybe it wasn’t the case when you were growing up…but you can’t imagine life without her!

She may have been the best friend you shared every secret with or the only person who has ever seen you cry during the Lion King, so it’s no surprise that you want any gift you give her to show just how much she means to you. Let your little or big sis know how important she is with a gift that doesn’t break the bank. (She doesn’t have to know that part, though.)

The Best Gift Ideas for Sisters for 2023

1. Alex and Ani Sisters Bracelet

Alex and Ani Sisters Bracelet

This Expandable Wire Bangle features a two-sided charm that says “Sister” on the front, and “Woven together by unbreakable bonds” on the back. Available finishes: Shiny Antique Silver, Shiny Antique Gold
Nickel-free. Show sis how much you appreciate her with this beautiful Alex and Ani Sister bracelet.

Savings Tip: Get Alex and Ani coupon codes for the best deals.

2. Vintage Metal & Glass Jewelry Case

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This gorgeous display case features a brass metal frame for a stylish and trendy look. It has a hinged top compartment and a pull-out bottom compartment, both which have mirrored bases.

Your sister will love her new elegant storage curio box where she can highlight and protect her favorite pieces of jewelry or showcase keepsakes and knickknacks. One of the best gifts for sisters with sophisticated tastes, it will elevate anything put into it.

3. Bath & Wine Relaxation Gift Set

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When your sister is your best friend, you know how tiring her life can be, especially if she’s also a mother, which is why this bath and wine set will make a great gift. One of the more unique gifts, it includes a wine glass tumbler, soy candle and four bath bombs in various scents.

The stainless-steel tumbler is insulated and will keep any drink hot or cold while she soaks in the bathtub after a long day of being the amazing person she is.

4. Hammock Chair

8 Gifts for Sisters That Say You'd Choose Her as a Friend Image 3

The perfect gift for the sister who loves to have fun, hang out and relax, this hanging swing chair is the gift she would never guess you’d get her. She can conveniently hang it on a tree branch outside or in her bedroom.

A unique gift for sisters of any age, it is safe and strong, capable of holding up to 350 pounds. It’s a great gift she didn’t know she needed.

5. Echo Glow

8 Gifts for Sisters That Say You'd Choose Her as a Friend Image 4

A smart lamp for kids, she can control the brightness and color of it with her voice as long as there’s a compatible Alexa device in the house. Your sister can even use it to set a timer so she doesn’t miss dinner while she’s focused on reading or absorbed in her coloring book.

A simple gift for a sister that will make her feel like a big kid, she will love starting her very own light show while Alexa plays her favorite songs.

6. Engraved Wooden Recipe Cutting Board

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The cutting board is made of thick bamboo and makes a beautiful serving tray when she’s not cutting up cheese to pair with her glass of wine. The board features a really cool charred engraving design that you can customize!

Finally give your sister your guacamole recipe that she adores but always forgets, or simply give a message of love. Even better is that the engraving is in your handwriting!

7. Personalized Bracelets

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A set of two, the bracelets have a rope chain with a silver-plated metal bar. The bar can be customized with names, birthdates, coordinates or a special message for only you two.

A great sister to sister gift, this pair of unisex bracelets makes a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a sister and is something you both will treasure for a lifetime and will never want to take off.

8. Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Protect your sister’s well-being with these anti-blue light glasses. Made from unbreakable, eco-friendly plastic and super-chic, with these glasses she can work on her laptop or scroll through her social media accounts on her smartphone for hours on end without dealing with the eyestrain and disrupted natural sleep patterns that usually come along with so much screen time.

How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Your Sister

It can be hard to find the right gift for anyone, but it can be especially hard if that precious person is your sister. With this gift guide, however, you will be able to think of great gift ideas for her no matter her age or your budget.

Adult sisters

It can be tricky to get something for your sister when she already has so many things, but sisterhood gives you the advantage of knowing personal details about her and you should use them.

Does she have a stressful job or been very anxious lately? Try getting her an adult coloring book and a nice set of colored pencils to bring out her creative side or an essential oils diffuser to create a relaxing vibe in her home. You can even combine these things for a thoughtful DIY basket.

Traditional gifts are always great if that’s your sister’s personality. Jewelry is great and you can always incorporate her birthstone, and there is absolutely no sister who is going to turn down the handbag of her dreams.

Don’t forget nostalgia here – a Polaroid camera or her favorite childhood board game may score you extra sibling points!


At this age, she is still figuring herself out (you may be too if you are close in age), so a really smart thing to do is to sneak in her room and check out the things she has already. Also think about how she spends her time.

If she’s environmentally minded, having a tree planted in her name would be special. If she just recovered from a bad breakout, give her a skincare gift set to aid in her recovery and make her feel good. If she’s into comics, get her a t-shirt or one-of-a-kind poster for her wall.

Your sister isn’t always your best friend and that’s fine. In those cases, go shopping with her one day and let her lead the way. Watch what stores she goes in and what she looks like. If there’s a tote or watch she loves or dress she can’t afford, sneak away or come back another day and buy it.


Little sisters are awesome, but they aren’t super responsible and their tastes are going to change in the next month, so avoid buying them anything that costs a lot of money.

Take the time to think about her interests, avoiding clothing unless you really know what she likes. Plush toys or accessories for her favorite doll or dollhouse would make you her hero.

At this age, however, just about anything with her name on it is going to fill her with delight. Get her a nice water bottle with her name or picture of you two on it and it will be the only cup she uses for years.

Give Your Sis a Gift She’ll Never Forget

Whether you are shopping for Christmas, a birthday gift or even an appreciation present, your sister will be thrilled to have just about any of these gifts, as long as they are coming from you.

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