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7 Perfect Gifts for Cousins of All Kinds

7 Perfect Gifts for Cousins of All Kinds

February 1, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

There’s no doubt that cousins are usually the coolest family members, especially when you’re close in age. But they can still be puzzling to shop for!

Maybe you didn’t grow up with them but you want to send something personal. Or maybe you know them SO well you can’t imagine what else they need. Whether your cousins are more like friends you’re related to or someone you only see on Christmas, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 7 of our favorite holiday, birthday and anytime gifts for cousins. Find one that lets them know they’re the best cousin (we won’t tell the others!).

The Best Gift Ideas for Cousins for 2023

1. Cuff Bracelet and Hair Tie Holder

7 Perfect Gifts for Cousins of All Kinds Image 1

This bangle is the cousin gift she didn’t know she needed but won’t be able to live without. Functional and stylish, instead of carrying unsightly hair ties around her wrist that completely mess up her style, this cuff bangle does the heavy lifting for her.

Made from lightweight aluminum, it is sturdy and adjustable to most wrist sizes. A must-have for the workout warrior, this is a great gift that will always remind her that you have been paying attention.

2. 64 Ounce Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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You may think that getting a water bottle for a birthday gift isn’t a good idea, but you’d be wrong, especially when this will be the only one that they need for years to come.

Very high-quality, this double wall insulated bottle is leakproof, able to keep drinks cold for hours and comes with a stainless-steel handle lid and regular lid. Available in a ton of colorways, they’ll love the sleek look and cool pattern you get.

3. Plaque Cousin Gift

7 Perfect Gifts for Cousins of All Kinds Image 3

Seriously, cousins are often your best friends, and there’s no better way to let them know that the relationship is real than with this wall art that reads “cousins by chance, best friends by choice”.

Made with quality wood, it has a distressed rustic look that gives off a handmade vibe. A cute novelty item that carries a load of meaning, it’s a great alternative to a picture frame.

4. Stainless Steel Aromatherapy Locket

7 Perfect Gifts for Cousins of All Kinds Image 4

A pendant that is thoughtful, sweet and practical, your cousin will enjoy this more than any other family gift they get. The back of the pendant has the words “cousins forever, apart maybe in distance, but never in heart”, and truer words have never been spoken about the bond cousins share.

It comes with 8 washable pads as it is also an essential oil diffuser, so if she could benefit from a little calm, this cousin jewelry makes for a cool birthday gift she’ll treasure.

5. Clip Photo Mobile

7 Perfect Gifts for Cousins of All Kinds Image 5

A gift idea if you’re looking for a cousin family gift or something for your little cousin, this mobile is the way to go. Made from stainless steel, it can be used as classic décor in a baby’s room or anywhere in the house.

Add a personal touch by adding your very own family photos or let your cousin turn it into some cool, fun décor themselves. The photo mobile comes with a set of 10 clips for hanging items and is made sturdy to last your cousin a long time.

6. Silicone Rubber Bottle Caps

7 Perfect Gifts for Cousins of All Kinds Image 6

Can a t-shirt save your cousin’s beer from going flat? Not at all. This rubber bottle cap can though. It’s the world’s first silicone beer bottle cap that helps beer stay fresh once it’s been opened. A set of 6 durable and stretchy silicone caps feature a charming cap design and fun colors are the perfect gift for the beer-lover.

Especially great for those who brew beer at home, the caps keep beer bottles sterile and clean before bottling.

7. Best Cousin Ever Coffee Mug

7 Perfect Gifts for Cousins of All Kinds Image 7

No list of cousin gifts would be complete without at least one coffee mug. An inexpensive option, nothing more needs to be said when you give them this Christmas gift because the cup says it all very clearly.

It holds 11 ounces of liquid and features a black interior and black handle for a twist on the boring old coffee mug. Just a great keepsake that every best cousin should have, if they haven’t told them they’re the best yet, here’s your chance. 

Gifts for Cousins Buying Guide

There’s nothing wrong with a handmade gift, but as we get older it is harder to find the time to make one and it can sometimes feel inappropriate for your favorite cousin (if your skills aren’t that great, at least).

Instead, use this gift guide to help you put some thoughtful consideration and a few hours into searching for gift ideas that honor the relationship you have with your cousin.

Have a goal in mind

Think about the kind of relationship you have with your cousin before buying anything. Depending on what you are trying to express, it will determine the kind of gift you may want to look for.

If you want to simply express that they were on your mind during the holiday season, a thoughtful card or gag gift does the trick. If you two aren’t always so great about communicating your feelings, something like a t-shirt or sweatshirt with a “love you” is the perfect gift; they will definitely understand the sentiment.

If you have a cousin that you want to build a better relationship with, get something that lets them know you have been paying attention to their needs.

How personal do you want to get?

Most cousins don’t expect a gift, even if you are super close, so there is a lot of leeway when deciding on how much money you want to spend.

For example, if you are very close a gift for cousins that is more personalized to their lives make sense. You may know the anxieties they have, the accomplishments they’re racking up or the hobby they have always wanted to try. Well, there’s no better time to shine than at gift-giving time.

But if they are a bit more distant, a family gift can be a great way to show that you keep them in mind. These kinds of gifts can be a picture frame containing a family photo, a wine glass or a gift basket for the whole family to share.

Every cousin doesn’t need a gift

Some families have far too many cousins to even buy everyone a family gift. Don’t guilt yourself into buying something for every cousin, even if that has been what you’ve done in the past.

See if the more distant cousins are okay with doing a grab bag that sets a price limit so you all can share in the love without going broke.

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