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7 Gifts for Aunts Who Are Like Second Moms

No one will love you like an Aunt. She may be your aunt by blood, marriage or choice, all you know is that she has had your back forever and always will. That’s why you need to look no further to find something special in this list of gifts for Aunts.

From helping with math homework to cosigning a school loan, she’s like your mom, except she trusts you way more for some reason.

That’s why you already know that she does not want nor need another candle.

While the best gift idea to your honorary second mom on Mother’s Day, birthdays or Christmas will always be quality time, it’s understandable if you want to get your favorite aunt something a little special on top of that to let her know she’s the best aunt ever (and to ensure you retain “favorite” status). The gift ideas below should be a great start.

The Best Gift Ideas for Aunts for 2023

1. Hydrate & Glow Skincare Collection

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Give your favorite aunt an excuse to indulge in herself with this hydrating gift set from Herbivore which includes brighten glow mask, moisturizing crème, hydrating mist and facial oil. It’s great for all skin types and brings life back into skin that has been neglected from long hours at work.

If she is a new aunt that has been helping you out with babysitting, this is a great gift that both thanks and reenergizes her.

2. Monogrammed Disc Necklace

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You wouldn’t get your best friend a coffee mug, so why would you do that to your favorite aunt? Instead give her a necklace full of meaning. Made from solid 14k small yellow gold cubic zirconia, this is a great gift that will literally be next to her heart.

A unique gift, there’s nothing more personal than a message of love or personalized pendant. A great Mother’s Day or Christmas gift, it is sure to bring a tear to her eye (and make your parents jealous).

3. Rivet Modern Angled Stoneware Vase

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This vase is the epitome of an aunt gift. Cool and chic, the angles and folds of the vase add contemporary style to any décor.

One of the best gifts because it provides a fair amount of flexibility, she can display it on its own or add flowers if she wants. It is big enough to be noticed all on its own but small enough to move around the house. Either way, she’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good it looks.

4. Custom Morse Code Bracelet

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Give the best aunt ever this keepsake of small dots and lines and she’ll truly know how much you love her.

Strung around a sterling silver chain or 14 karat gold fill is the message you decide on, spelled out in Morse code. You can write her name, your name or a loving message, but the results will be the same: utter disbelief at such a thoughtful and unique gift. Even better, only you two will know what it says.

5. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

7 Gifts for Aunts Who Are Like Second Moms Image 5

Relaxing items like bath bombs and wine get consumed, but this diffuser is an auntie gift that provides her with relaxation and peaceful vibes over and over again.

It illuminates with 7 different colors to match the décor or her mood, runs quietly and has 4 timer settings and automatic shutoff. All she needs is all-natural essential oils for a spa-like environment right in her home.

6. Mini Smart Plug

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Women’s homes have lots of appliances in them and your aunt is probably no different. With this Wi-Fi enabled mini smart plug, she can control the lights and appliances right from her phone or her voice using Google Assistant, Alexa or Apple Home.

Before she gets out of bed in the morning, she can have her coffee mug filled with coffee or her lamps synced to turn on.

7. Belkin Leather Tassel with USB

7 Gifts for Aunts Who Are Like Second Moms Image 7

The perfect gift for the aunt that is always in motion, this tassel contains braided lighting charging cables that look good and can be taken with her wherever she goes. She can add the tassel to a tote, keychain or her luggage.

A great gift that lets her know you genuinely understand her needs, it’s a gift that is practical, yet oh so stylish.

A Buying Guide to Great Gifts for Aunts

Aunts play a unique role in most kids’ lives and it continues well into adult hood. They will always see you as a small child, and thank goodness because you will always need their love and compassion.

Being an aunt is a special calling, some are your best friend, mentor or teacher, providing an extraordinary kind of love that is unexplainable. They advise, teach and spoil you so it is only right that you care so much about getting them the perfect gift.

A gift should be meaningful

While it’s easy to make light of traditional aunt gifts like coffee mugs, t-shirts and picture frames, they do mean a lot to your aunt. If she doesn’t have them already, they should be the first thing you get her, but try to get a bit creative with it.

You should personalize any coffee mug with a picture of you two or her name and for picture frames, consider getting her a digital one that can show multiple pictures. A really cool idea would be a custom puzzle of a photo of you two together. There’s nothing traditional about that and it just may bring her to tears.

Gifts should be useful

This is where you can have some fun. This is the best aunt ever so you definitely know the kind of things she likes, yet hasn’t made the time to buy for herself or simply doesn’t know exist. Put those young people skills to use and blow her mind away with an awesome tech gadget that makes her life easier.

Gift ideas that help her unwind after a long day will also avoid being stuffed in a corner never to be seen again (though she’d never do that to you). Does she have a habit of losing her car keys? Get her a Tile to track her keys or anything else she misplaces easily. If she works out, get her a personalized tumbler.

Make it a surprise

Aunt gifts ideas can be bad or good – she’ll love them either way so go ahead and make it a surprise. Don’t let her know she’s getting a Mother’s Day present or even a Christmas gift, just spring it on her the day before or after.

Aunts do not ever think about receiving anything from you; they are givers. That means the element of surprise is on your side.

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