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The 18 Best Sneakers for Women (Review)

The 18 Best Sneakers for Women (Review)

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Did you know, that sneakers were designed to be comfortable, safe, fit right, and most of all to be quiet. Hence, the name sneakers, so that people could sneak around without making a sound.

Today, you might not be too worried about how much noise your sneakers make, but you do want them to be trendy, functional and top quality materials from brands that you love.

So, whether you’re looking for a pair of female sneakers for:

  • Fashion
  • Comfort
  • Specialty styles
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Working Out

We’ve got all the top rated sneakers for women listed below.

We reviewed what are the best women’s sneakers that are available to buy online that come in a range of sizes to suit small or larger feet.

The Best Sneakers for Women to Buy for 2023

1. Reebok Women’s Classic Renaissance Sneaker

classic renaissance white sneaker

If you’re going to be first on the list, it’s not just about being stylish or comfortable, trendy or flexible; it’s about being everything.

That’s why these Reebok shoes are the best white sneakers you can find. Their classic beveled heel is ideal for improved walking.

They also include a memory foam sock and soft leather uppers for more cushion and shock absorption.

Reebok is always engineering the latest in comfort and shoe technology into their designs.

This means that whether you’re running an errand or running a marathon, this sneaker will always have the perfect fit.

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2. PUMA Women’s Incite Knit Sneaker

fashion pink sneakers from puma

Let’s talk about popular sneakers. One word: Puma.

Puma has been creating the comfortable, yet stylish sneakers you love for years, and they continue to impress.

The Women’s Incite Knit Sneaker successfully blends fashion and sport to give you a breathable, lightweight, knit shoe, ideal for sport or leisure. They are great for running, walking and anything else you can do with two feet.

If you’re going from the gym to the coffee shop, you want your sneakers to be as comfortable as they are trendy, and with 3 color options, these sneakers are it.

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3. Vans Women’s Slip-on Core Classics

vans women slip-on core classics

Sometimes the best sneakers for women are the ones that make life the easiest.

Women’s slip-on sneakers might not seem like the most fashion-forward, but when they’re Vans, they are.

Everyone loves Vans. They’re the classic, canvas, go-to sneaker with tons of color options to match any outfit. These sneakers have a rubber sole with fabric linings, but the best part is the dual goring panels for easy on and off that will outlast the entire life of the shoe.

These slip-ons are as comfortable as they are cool with a cushioned footbed for added comfort.

The hardest decision you’ll make is picking your favorite color.

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4. New Balance Ralaxa

new balance ralaxa sneaker

The new Ralaxa sneaker features innovative CUSH+ technology which provides responsive cushioning and comfort without sacrificing durability or stability.

In other words this is an all-day, good looking sneaker that provides comfort all day, every day.

When it comes to dealing with plantar fasciitis — women should seriously consider the Ralaxa.

If you suffer from this condition, it’s not about finding just any walking shoe, but the perfect walking shoe.

That’s why New Balance’s trend-right and athletic design features soft plus satisfying technology to give your feet the relief they need.

5. Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh Work and Food Service Shoe

Skechers ghenter bronaugh work sneaker

Every shoe list needs to include the best black sneakers, and the Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh is exactly that sneaker.

Whether you work in food service, retail, or any other industry, a common uniform go-to and requirement is the non-slip black shoe.

These might not sound like the most stylish sneakers, but when they’re Skechers, they can be.

This shoe features the famous “S” you love about every Skechers, a rubber sole, laces, and mesh fabric upper.

Skechers knows that you’re a busy woman who needs a reliable shoe to count on.

Whether you’re working, picking up the kids from school, or going on a relaxing stroll, there’s just no better choice than this classic black sneaker.

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6. Adidas Ultraboost

adidas ultraboost sneaker

We can all appreciate walking, but no list of best sneakers for women would be complete without a top pick for workouts.

The best workouts for women start with the best shoes, and Adidas now features their Ultra Boost shoe for an ultra workout.

For the first time in shoe history, Adidas used the ARAMIS system to measure vibration, design, and ergonomics needed to create one of the best workout sneakers for women.

The sneaker has a webbed outsole for stability and adaptability to the foot. It also uses Primeknit material which is breathable and stylish.

The elastic and stretch-heel construction supports the natural movement of the Achilles, which helps prevent injury.

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7. Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Sneaker

Black rubber shoes from Saucony

If you’ve never heard of Saucony, then you’ve never researched the best women’s walking sneakers.

Saucony is as practical as it gets. It offers comfort in places you never knew your foot needed.

For example, the forefoot stretch zone provides a comfortable and forgiving forefoot cushion. Then, proGrid cushioning gives you extra cushioning in a lightweight format.

Finally the non-marking rubber outsole provides the shock absorption you need, while also making the shoe safe for indoor or outdoor use, never leaving a single skid mark.

You can go far in these Saucony sneakers and sometimes the best sneakers for women is about how far you can walk in them.

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8. Puma CELL Phase

pink training sneakers from puma

Puma does it again. With their newest training sneakers for women, it doesn’t matter what you’re training for, these shoes are stability.

The CELL Phase shoe uses their newest CELL technology to create stable cushioning with a street design wrapped in a sleek silhouette.

You’ll notice instant comfort and steadiness that comes in an ideal lightweight shoe.

The rubber outsole also provides maximum traction and durability. This means that finally your sneaker can go as fast, hard, and long as you can. With Puma, as always you can also rely on style.

The suede outsole offers a smooth finish, while the variety of color options will fit any personality.

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9. ASICS GT-2000 7 Trail

Trail running sneakers from Asics

Sometimes when you walk, you have to take a step on the wild side and hit the trails.

This requires the perfect trail running sneakers for women, and ASICS has just the shoe.

If you’re a trail runner you know that this activity combines running with steep gradients and unpaved roads.

It’s an excellent form of physical activity, but it is important to be mindful of your feet. The wrong shoe can mean an easily sprained ankle or worse.

That’s why ASICS has several benefits to make your trail running safer such as Lyte Technology, Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning, as well as Dynamic Duomix Support System.

With these shoes you can hit the trails with comfort and confidence.

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10. KEEN Women’s Flint Low (Steel Toe)

keen flint low steel toe

If you never thought a sneaker could protect your feet and look good at work, then you’ve never tried a KEEN sneaker.

These are the ideal sneakers for women that work hard. Foot safety is a growing concern in the workplace, so if you’re a working woman, you might want to start with a KEEN.

With their patented toe protection, the shoe outsoles wrap up and over the toes for ultimate protection.

The toe is specifically made of steel, aluminum, and uses a composite design to provide a roomier but safer toe.

The toe isn’t the only important part however, this shoe also provides excellent arch support and cradles the natural contours of your foot.

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11. Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 3.0

Trendy sneakers from Skechers

Don’t be fooled; trendy sneakers and comfortable sneakers can be one and the same.

It’s no surprise that one of our favorite women’s fashion sneakers is by Skechers.

This brand is known to be stylish, yet comfy and the Women’s Empire sneaker does not disappoint.

This shoe features a smooth, woven mesh fabric upper and a faux leather heel panel.

The slip-on bungee lace is sporty, yet convenient for taking on and off. While their long-lasting quality will impress, so will the attention to detail with the metallic interwoven pattern on the uppers, stitching accents, and the classic “S” logo.

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12. ZGR Women’s Canvas Sneakers High Top Lace Ups

Classic black and white high-top sneakers

Running, biking, and hiking is fun, but sometimes you just need to take a walk.

That’s why ZGR knows how important it is to make the best sneakers for walking. It’s also important to use top-quality canvas when making an all canvas shoe; ZGR does that too.

These women’s high-top sneakers have a classic style that can be paired with any outfit.

With these sneakers you get all the durability of canvas, with comfort and breathability too.

The thick rubber sole is anti-slip so that while these shoes were made for walking, you could pick up the pace and run comfortably too.

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13. Adidas Superstar Shoe

Classic sneakers from Adidas

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that Adidas shoes aren’t going out of style anytime soon, especially not Superstars like these.

These classic sneakers will surely give you all the nostalgia, since their design has been in style since 1969.

Featuring Adidas’ iconic three-stripes along the side, they have a smooth leather upper riding and leather console, as well as breathable mesh lining.

Black and white is always a reliable go-to combination, but the Superstar Shoe is also available in other colors to match your every fashion need. Adidas are comfy and casual, but most of all – cool.

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14. Converse Chuck Taylor 70s OX

Classic Chuck Taylors pink sneakers

Converse Chuck Taylors are a classic.

These low-tops are perfect as summer comes to an end and will keep your fashion sense going strong the whole year round.

In true Converse fashion, these sneakers are made of 100% canvas with a rubber outsole, and vulcanized outsole.

This color combination includes red canvas, off-white rubber, with subtle rubber black striping.

If you don’t own Converse Chuck Taylors, it’s certainly a surprise, but there’s never a bad time to start.

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15. SODA Taylor Hidden Fashion Wedge Sneaker

soda taylor hidden fashion wedge sneaker

The best sneakers for women should be made expressly for women, which means there’s always room for a wedge.

Women’s wedge sneakers like these SODAs are hard to find. These sneakers are expertly crafted be as sporty as they are sexy.

Can your other sneakers do that?

This sneaker is also designed to be safe with a rubber sole; and convenient with the fully functional outer zipper.

It uses a combination of imitation suede, Nylon camouflage, and a man made leather. More height means more confidence, that’s why women love the added wedge heel design.

The best part is that you could still walk comfortably for miles.

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16. Superga Women’s 2750 Cotu Sneaker

Womens casual sneakers from Superga

The modern woman is as professional as she is casual.

That’s why Superga has created their own women’s casual sneakers.

This classic sneaker has canvas all the way around, making it easy to wear, but easy to wash too.

This fabric is fully washable and fully breathable. Eyelets along the sides allow for maximum comfort and functionality.

This means that air can easily flow through, while the laces also conveniently attach as well.

The Superga Cotu casual sneakers come in more color varieties than you can imagine. This proves that just because it’s a sneaker, does not mean it can’t be trendy and comfortable.

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17. Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

The 18 Best Sneakers for Women (Review) Image 1

Now, your bed isn’t the only thing that can have memory foam.

Skechers does it again with their D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker.

This shoe has a true memory foam cushioned insole that gives you that ahhh feeling every time you place your root in it.

It also has a padded tongue and fabric lining, with mesh fabric panels for a cooling effect.

This product had a two-tone heel, but is more lightweight than you can imagine.

Lastly, the sneaker is shock absorbing so that each step you take is gentle on the foot.

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18. Brooks Women’s Ghost 12

Brooks womens ghost sneaker

Any best sneakers for women guide should always include a choice for the best sneakers for running, and ours is the superb Brooks Women’s Ghost Sneaker, because it is as one of a kind as it gets.

When you shop Brooks, you’re shopping top quality footwear.

This sneaker has easy flexibility, long-lasting durability and a reliable outsole grip; everything you love about Brooks.

All this together gives you a smooth ride – or rather a smooth stride in every step. When it comes to footwear technology, Brooks comes first.

The shoe also includes BioMoGo responsive Brooks DNA, a full length segmented crash pad, and Omega Flex Grooves.

What does all this mean for you? A footwear experience like no other.

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How to Choose the Best Sneakers

Choosing the best sneaker for you isn’t always about purchasing the most expensive, the trendiest, or the most popular.

You should base your purchase on other key factors which will influence which range of sneakers might be better suited for you.

1. What Activity Will You Being Doing?

What do you plan to do the most when wearing your sneakers?If you think your regular sneakers can do anything, you might want to think again.

Running sneakers are designed differently than hiking ones, and even more so than volleyball ones. Sure they’re all sneakers, but shoe manufacturers specifically engineer their sneakers (with science) to prevent injury in the most successful way possible, based on your foot’s activity.

For example, hiking or trail running shoes are typically heavier, sturdier, and feature more support around the ankle. You wouldn’t exactly want this for taking a light stroll around the park; too heavy.

2. How Long Will You Be Wearing Them?

Will you be wearing them for a short or long period of time?

Slipping on those trendy sneakers, which you know nothing about, might be tolerable for a 15 minute walk, but walking a few miles could take a toll on your foot.

Before purchasing a sneaker, ask yourself how often you will be wearing the shoe? Daily? Weekly? How many hours a day? Time will indicate how sturdy and supportive your sneaker needs to be.

3. Does the Shoe Fit?

Do you have the correct shoe size for your feet?

We’re not asking if it looks good or feels good; you must know, does the sneaker truly fit your foot? You’ve heard it all before: leave some wiggle room, try a half-size bigger or smaller, wear socks.

These are all common tips given when purchasing shoes, but it’s hard to determine which advice is the best.

Instead, your best bet is to get fitted by a professional to know which shoe size is best for you. Tell them about any foot pain you typically experience and if you are trying to address any foot issues specifically. They will also be able to determine your arch level, which is a major part of buying the right sneaker. In fact, you might think you know your shoe size, but you should get fitted every two years.

4. What Is Your Age?

How old are you and do you have any foot conditions?

While your favorite athlete might look great in that brand new, sporty, sneaker, if you’re not also in your 20’s your foot might not feel as glamorous. Age says a lot about our feet. It can affect the weight on your feet and thus the amount of pressure placed on them when you walk. Age can also increase common foot problems in general, ankle problems, or a number of other conditions.

Just because a sneaker review says it’s ‘comfortable’ don’t always be convinced it’s comfortable for your age group.

5. What Type of Sole Is Needed?

Do you need a special type of sole on your shoe?

Every sneaker owner should have a sneaker sole mate. In fact, you can almost assume you’re buying the shoe, simply for the sole alone.

The sole of a sneaker is the bottom part that comes into direct contact with the ground. This makes a difference with every step you take because the sole can be smooth or have traction, be shock absorbing or thin as paper. You wouldn’t wear ballroom shoes with smooth soles on a mountain trail – you’d slip all over.

When buying a sneaker, take a good look at the sole and ask yourself if it’s the one for you.

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