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15 Teen-Approved Gifts for Teenage Girls

15 Teen-Approved Gifts for Teenage Girls

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Finding good gifts for teenage girls can be tricky. On the one hand, you may know what they were interested in a few years ago, giving you an idea of which direction to take. However, teenagers are notoriously difficult and have often moved on from something they were passionate about just a short time ago.

Don’t despair, though! We’ve got you covered with fifteen amazing products for teenage girls from various categories and interests. From the fashionista to the gamer, give the gift the teenage girls in your life deserve!

The Best Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls for 2023

1. Custom Pictogram Mug

Generic coffee mug

Why settle for a boring, generic coffee mug when you can customize your gift with special pictures of your favorite teenage girl? With the popularity of coffee and tea booming nowadays, you can be sure this gift will go over well. Customize the mug with pictures from Instagram or your collection and watch a smile form with her morning cup of coffee.

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2. Animoto Video Creator

Custom Video using Animoto

If you’re like us, you have plenty of videos of you and your favorite teenage girl. Why not take it a step further and cut a custom video using Animoto? You can easily drag and drop your creations into simple templates to take your videos to the next level. The best part is that it’s all digital, meaning she can show it off wherever she might be!

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3. Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait

Many teenage girls have pets that they sometimes love more than other people in their lives. You can allow them to display their love for their furry friend with a custom pet portrait. It’s an incredibly genuine and thoughtful gift you can give, and any teenage girl would be happy to hang it in their room.

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4. Birth Flower Jewelry

Custom birth flower jewelry

While everyone’s giving out gifts to do with star signs and zodiac symbols, you can stand out from the pack with custom birth flower jewelry. Pick from twelve different beautiful flowers, hand-drawn and imprinted onto high-quality jewelry made with gold, rose-gold, or silver. You can even stack different flowers together so she can always keep yours by her heart!

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5. Yoga Direct Essentials Kit

Yoga Direct Essentials Kit

Yoga is becoming a super popular way to keep yourself fit and active, especially among teenage girls. If your teenage girl is interested in yoga but hasn’t committed to practicing yet, grab her a Yoga Direct Essentials Kit. It’s got everything she needs to start on the path to enlightenment, including a yoga mat, yoga blanket, strap, and foam pads.

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6. Birchbox Subscription Gift Card

Birchbox Subscription Gift Card

Buying makeup for teenage girls is hard. Why guess what they like when you can get them a gift card so they can choose? The Birchbox Subscription Gift card is an excellent way for any teenage girl to showcase her creativity in her special way. She can customize the makeup she gets from the service, allowing her to mix and match until she finds her unique style.

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7. Nook by Barnes and Noble

Nook by Barnes and Noble

It’s no secret that reading is on the decline. However, you can help fight back the tide by gifting a Nook by Barnes and Noble. It’s super easy to download books from every genre imaginable. Expand the mind of the young woman in your life to help broaden her horizons and prepare her for whatever life has to throw at her.

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8. Nutri Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja Single Serve Blender

Fitness is more than a trend. It’s a lifestyle. Give the teenage girl in your life the gift of health with the incredible Nutri Ninja Single-Serve Blender. She can blend fruits and vegetables into healthy juices and smoothies for her and her friends.

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9. Apple Watch

Fashionable Apple Watch

One of the best gifts you can give is technology that helps keep you connected, and the fashionable Apple Watch is just that. She can link her iPhone to it and conveniently keep track of any notifications she might get with just a glance at her wrist. There are a plethora of features available, so you can be sure she’ll love it!

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10. Revlon Hair Dryer/Hot Air Brush

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

Looking into a teenage girl’s bathroom might come as a bit of a shock. There’s often a multitude of beauty products and tools lying around that it can be hard to keep track. With the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush, you can give her the gift of two beauty tools in one.

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11. Casetify Custom iPhone Case

Custom iPhone case from Casetify

Gone are the days where generic phone cases dominated every smartphone in the land. Gift the teenage girl in your life with a custom iPhone case from Casetify. They’re incredibly impact-resistant and anti-microbial, meaning she could drop it in the gutter, and it would come out perfectly fine. Print your pictures on it too!

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12. Gemvara Custom Zodiac Jewelry

Luxurious 14K gold Jewelry

Hop on the trend of zodiac signs and get your lovely teenage girl a custom piece of jewelry with her star sign. Gemvara designs incredible accessories that any zodiac will love. Choose from luxurious 14K gold or silver jewelry that will show her just how much you care about her unique personality!

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13. Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

Not every teenage girl loves jewelry and makeup. For the budding gamer girl in your life, the Oculus Quest 2 is a new and amazing virtual reality system with a plethora of games. It’s a cutting-edge piece of technology, so she’ll probably be the first of her friends to get one. Everyone will fight over a turn in this virtual playground!

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14. Grammarly Premium Account

Grammarly Premium

If she’s in school, then odds are she’s writing papers. One of the best tools around for improving writing skills is Grammarly, a grammar, spelling, and tone-checker that does it all. Grammarly Premium has extra features that can take that B to an A in no time. Give her the gift of learning with this incredible online tool.

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15. Rayban Wayfarer II Classic

Rayban Wayfarer II Classic

Nothing beats a classic, and when that classic is Rayban, you know it’s going to make a great gift. The new and improved design of the Wayfarer II Classic is a chic and modern take on these legendary sunglasses. Getting her a pair is guaranteed to up your style points in her book, making her friends and even her family jealous for sure!

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