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7 Best Gifts for Veterans to Honor Their Service

7 Best Gifts for Veterans to Honor Their Service

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Honoring military veterans may only happen on Veteran’s Day
for some, but for many others, veterans are loved ones, their mothers, fathers,
siblings or grandparents.

No matter the occasion, whether it is Christmas, a birthday
or celebrating a veteran returning from or heading back to active duty, putting
some time into finding gifts for veterans they’ll enjoy is the best idea.

Featured on this list are gift ideas that will be great for
military veterans of every branch.

Whether you’re struggling to find thank you gifts for
veterans or that perfect gift that will finally wow a service member in your
family, these suggestions will get the ball rolling.

The Best Gift Ideas for Veterans and Service Members for 2023

1. Whiskey Decanter Set

Whiskey decanter set
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Expertly handcrafted, the lead-free decanter sits atop a wooden holder. Attached to the decanter is a stainless faucet that is rust and leak-proof, locking the flavor of their favorite spirit in tight. If this isn’t special enough, a handcrafted ship, intricately designed sits inside the decanter.

One of the coolest gifts for navy and marine veterans, this
handmade gem will transport them back to their finest days away from dry land.

2. Personalized Military Blanket

Personalized blanked with american flag
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Avoid the traditional patriotic gifts for veterans by getting personal. This blanket is custom-made-to-order, comes in 3 different sizes, is extremely high-quality and can be made with the name of any female service member in your life.

Personalized gifts for veterans are always touching, and
this is one of the best gifts for Veteran’s Day, Christmas or to acknowledge
all they’ve done for the United States.

3. Superhero Metal Bookend

7 Best Gifts for Veterans to Honor Their Service Image 1
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Want to let an active duty service member know they’re special? This bookend will do the trick for army, navy, air force and marine vets. A great gift for avid readers, it’s a surprising and charming way to keep you close. Sturdy and artistic, the silhouette saves books everywhere!

We all know by now that superheroes don’t wear capes, they
wear dog tags, but this is a great gift idea for veterans that they’ll let

4. 3 Row Challenge Coin Holder

Three rows coin holder
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Made from solid walnut, this handcrafted beauty has three rows to hold up to 19 challenge coins to proudly display. One of the most thoughtful gift ideas for Veteran’s Day, it shows you are interested in their hobbies.

Custom made in the USA, it has room to add an engraved name
plate in the front for an even more personalized, unique gift for veterans.

5. Bullet Pendant Keepsake

Bullet pendant keepsake
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Very versatile, this pendant makes a great gift for Veteran’s Day. It can be used as a piece of remembrance jewelry or as an urn for an active duty service member to keep a recent loss close to them.

However it is used, it makes for a deeply personal and quite
beautiful veteran gift. Available in five colors, it’ll please all.

6. U.S. WWII D-Day Signaling Cricket Clicker Clacker

7 Best Gifts for Veterans to Honor Their Service Image 2
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As far as awesome gifts for army veterans go, this is a touchdown. Sure to pleasantly surprise, they will recognize this piece of history used by US paratroopers to “talk” to other troops in the dead of night.

Wonderfully nostalgic, it features the correct brass and
steel construction, complete with US markings. Let’s see if that army vet is
brave enough to use it in an open office floor plan!

7. Northwest Territorial Mint Don’t Tread on Me Challenge Coin

Minted challenge coin
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Minted in brass alloy and imbued with double-sided enamel accents, the bold fighting spirit of America’s women and men is captured with this coin.

The strength of the strongest military forces in the world
makes for a great thank you gift for veterans, this coin will also make a great
Christmas gift and is the perfect Veteran’s Day gift for employees.

Choosing the Best Gifts for Veteran Guide

When you want to honor the veterans around you, there are
many ways to do it. For some that can be donating to charities, attending
Veteran’s Day events or hiring veteran speakers to talk to a group of people.

For others, that is buying a gift. There is no best way to
show appreciation for the military service these men and women have provided to
the country, but getting them a wonderful gift, for holidays or personal
reasons, will certainly be appreciated.

Here are a few tips to do right by the vets in your life.

1. Patriotism is a winner

Though you may not want to gift them with something every
other veteran may end up getting, gifts for veterans that flaunt red, white and
blue are welcome. It can be something as simple as a t-shirt or pencil or you
can go ahead and buy a custom-made American flag.

Bigger isn’t better in this instance (is it ever?) and they
will appreciate the show of love all the same.

2. Products made in the USA evoke national pride

Custom gifts that are made right here in the U.S.A. are going to make them puff out their chest.

It’s smart to take advantage of such knowledge and get them
a gift where it is clear that they, too, are a product of the USA. Examples of
this would include t-shirts that say “made in the USA”. You can imagine how
much fun and creativity you can have playing around with this.   

3. Search for products made by other veterans

Gifts for veterans that were made by other veterans are a way of showing service members in your life that you’re aware of what their service meant. They sacrificed time with their family and friends, entry-level positions that could have led to career advancement and competitive salaries.

The greatest gift is supporting veterans as they make their
own way in the world.

4. Camouflage

This is a no-brainer but camouflage items make good gifts
for Veteran’s Day. Only you know if someone would want it for Christmas,

5. Gifts unrelated to war

Not every veteran enjoys the experience of being asked about
their time serving.

Be sensitive about this and concentrate on the person as an individual, not a veteran. That simple acknowledgment of who they are is a gift within itself.

Thank you for your Service

Thanking veterans for their service is a great way to honor them, but along with that, finding the best gifts for veterans by taking the time to look for items with meaning is a worthwhile endeavor. It can make all the difference.

Consider donating to a Veteran Nonprofit or Charity.